Beaches In Illinois

10 Best Beaches In Illinois [for 2023]

Illinois, nicknamed the Prairie State, is home to some of the best beaches in the entire country. Many of the beaches in Illinois are family-friendly and include playgrounds, volleyball courts, splash pads, and playgrounds.

Offers many recreational activities such as picnic areas. The shoreline is well-maintained and equipped with amenities for a family vacation. One of America’s largest cities on the coast of Chicago is home to some of Illinois’ best and brightest The beach is located mainly.

Get ready to go on an unforgettable trip with your family and loved ones and you can just end your search for some of the best family beaches in Illinois. And can make your holidays fun and wonderful with family.

1. Montrose Avenue Beach, Chicago

Beaches In Illinois

Photo by Elizeu Dias on Unsplash

Montrose Avenue Beach is Chicago’s largest and most beautiful beach and is known as Family Beach. One of the best family-friendly beaches in Illinois, it makes vacationing fun and convenient.

It has a beautiful walkway leading down to the water, which is a great option for a stroll. There is a volleyball court where you can Enjoy the game with your friends and loved ones. Enjoy delicious barbeque here, Montrose Avenue Beach is one of Chicago’s safe beaches, and lifeguards patrol the clock duty.

And paddleboard the water I keep watching everything closely, that’s why your family is completely safe on this beach. And rest assured that you can enjoy a holiday with your entire family. Montrose Avenue Beach is very popular, it gets crowded, so it is best to visit during the off-season.

2. Margaret T. Burroughs Beach, Chicago

Beaches In Illinois

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

Margaret T. Burroughs Beach, nestled between Prairie Shores and Lake Meadows, is a charming beach that was once 31st Street Beach. Margaret T. Burroughs Beach is a beautiful and luxurious beach that offers beautiful and panoramic views of the city.

This beach offers many recreational activities for children, attractive sandy beach Coast soft sand that can make castles and sculptures with children. And there is a wonderful playground for the kids to play in.

Other amenities at Margaret T. Burroughs Beach include lifeguards that are staffed on duty by the hour, an accessible parking lot to and from by car, and a great picnic area where you can enjoy your made-up macs and food.

You can enjoy many delicious dishes with your family and loved ones while listening to live music at the restaurants near the beach. Margaret T. Burroughs Beach is open from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., and lifeguards are on duty from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Swimming is permitted while the lifeguards are there.

3. 63rd Street Beach, Chicago

Beaches In Illinois

Photo by Queen Lj on Unsplash

Located in Jackson Park, 63rd Street Beach shows its visitors panoramic views of Lake Michigan. and offers a host of family-friendly amenities that make traveling with kids even more fun and interesting.

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly beach, you should definitely consider 63rd Street Beach. There are many fun and interesting options for kids to do on this shoreline in Illinois, such as building sand castles, playing in interactive fountains, or enjoying a swim in the freshwater.

63rd Street Beach has a great playground for kids to play in and a bar and grill where you can enjoy a drink while savoring delicious cuisine.

Be sure to take some time to explore the rest of Jackson Park and visit the many fun and engaging sights with your family, such as the flower garden full of colorful flowers that are worth a visit, walking along the lovely paths Let the mesmerizing views capture your eyes.

There is an 18-hole golf course, and basketball court available where you can take advantage of it with your loved ones.

4. Ohio Street Beach, Chicago

Beaches In Illinois

Photo by Ahmad Hamilton on Unsplash

Ohio Street Beach, one of the most unique beaches in Illinois, is located right next to the Navy Pier, overlooking the city’s beautiful and tall buildings.

Ohio Street Beach is a great and fun option if you’re looking for a kid- and family-friendly beach in Illinois. The water at this beach is shallow and calm, and the sand is very soft, making it a great option for kids to take swimming lessons.

You can enjoy building castles with your kids on the soft sand of Ohio Street Beach and lie on the powdery sand to enjoy the sun or have a barbecue picnic with the family.

In case you forgot to pack your lunch in a hurry, no worries as there are restaurants and cafes close to the beach Where you can enjoy food with your family.

5. North Avenue Beach, Chicago

Beaches In Illinois


Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

North Avenue Beach is a family-friendly beach with many attractions that are very popular with locals and tourists in Illinois. North Avenue Beach is located on Lake Michigan and offers fun activities for your loved ones to enjoy throughout their stay.

Rent kayaks, wakeboards, and stand-up stand to make your family vacation memorable in Illinois. And try a relaxing activity like outdoor beach yoga.

Play in the calm and shallow waters of North Avenue Beach, and relax with your loved ones. You can also enjoy a game of volleyball on the court and rent equipment. You can also rent a paddle board, or jet ski and enjoy a lot of recreational activities.

There are many places to see around this beach, Like the Lincoln Park Zoo where you can visit the animal exhibits and beautiful gardens for your family and loved ones. Beach umbrellas and blouses can be rented and used to beat the scorching heat during summer.

6. 12th Street Beach, Chicago

Beaches In Illinois

Photo by Michelle Jimenez on Unsplash

12th Street Beach, An Evening View, is located next to North Island on the museum complex. This small-sized beach is family-friendly.

Compared to most beaches in Illinois, 12th Street Beach is a quiet and beautiful beach, offering a quiet and relaxing respite from the stressful life of your busy city life.

The beach is small and quiet and away from the crowd. Your kids can frolic in the shallow and calm waters under the careful supervision of attentive live guards.

If you want to sunbathe while lying on the beach, bring along Bring one and get ready for a relaxing day. 12th Street Beach is a very peaceful beach where you can enjoy reading a good novel while listening to the calm sound of the gentle waves.

One should try to reach early in the morning for parking at this beach.

7. Centennial Beach,  Naperville

Beaches In Illinois


Photo by Yannick Bakker on Unsplash

Centennial Beach, officially classified as a beach by the Illinois Department of Health, is situated as a pool-beach hybrid. You wish to spend your precious time at one of the state’s top recreational centers So it is considered one of the most amazing weekend family beaches in Illinois.

Centennial Beach has a beautiful sandy shoreline with bathrooms and washrooms, picnic tables for dining, and more. One of
the best beaches in Illinois, especially for kids, it features a sandy play area, waterslides, a beach volleyball court, floating rafts, diving boards, and tons of water play equipment your kids will love.

Offering a range of fun activities for people of all ages, your whole family is sure to do it. Centennial Beach can rent lockers to keep your belongings safe.

8. Glencoe Beach, Glencoe

Beaches In Illinois

Photo by Luke Michael on Unsplash

Glencoe Beach, the North Shore’s very own hidden gem, is a beach full of beauty and fun, with panoramic views and an expansive coastline. Glencoe Beach is one of the best family beaches in Illinois.

This beach is full of fun and exciting activities that are sure to satisfy your family and dear ones, there are volleyball courts, special pads, an awesome playground, and a concession stand. And for fun on the water, paddleboards, kayaks, and sailboats are also available for rent.

Lifeguards at the beach are only on duty during the season so you will have to supervise your children yourself if you visit the beach in the off-season.

9. Foster Avenue Beach, Chicago

Best Beaches In Illinois

Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash

Foster Avenue Beach is known for its beautiful shoreline and sparkling waters, and its expansive shoreline is lined with soft sand surrounded by a lush green landscape with tall trees. Foster Avenue Beach is considered to be one of the best family beaches in Illinois.

The shallow and clear sparkling water of this beach is a great option for swimming with your family and kids. There are many concessions along with delicious snacks and places to visit.

Bikes can be hired for this. There are other facilities at Bridge beach like showers and clean restrooms, a parking lot that is accessible for parking.

It gets very crowded on weekends and holidays, so get there as early as possible Try to reach in the

10. Loyola Park Beach, Chicago

Beaches In Illinois

Photo by Kelvin Han on Unsplash

Loyola Beach is the longest stretch of shoreline in Chicago and is highly regarded among locals and tourists as a beach with family-friendly amenities.

Loyola Beach is filled with tons of fun activities for family fun, and it has an extensive shoreline where you can enjoy activities like building sandcastles or burying each other.

There’s a jungle gym and volleyball court for your kids. Because its coastline is so extensive. The spectacular and picturesque view of Loyola Beach is definitely not to be missed, the views here will mesmerize you and make you forget that you are actually on a lake.

The beautiful well-maintained coastline along with the pristine and glistening waters here will make for a wonderful experience for your loved ones and family.

Loyola Park has a large fieldhouse that includes many fun things for your family to enjoy, including tennis and basketball courts, and baseball and softball fields for team play that attracts the youth.

The swimming area is restricted here, swimming beyond the point can be dangerous for you, as this area is out of sight of the lifeguards.


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