Best Beaches in Fort Myers, FL

10 Best Beaches in Fort Myers, FL [for 2023]

Nestled in the embrace of Fort Myers are some of the most exquisite and enticing beaches that America has to offer. Whether you’re seeking tranquil seclusion or vibrant coastal energy, the range of beaches in and around Fort Myers is truly exceptional.

Prepare for a generous dose of Vitamin Sea as we unveil a curated selection of Fort Myers’ paramount beaches. Our expert tips are finely crafted to elevate your experience. Immerse yourself in the splendor of the best beaches in Fort Myers, FL, has to offer and indulge in a harmonious blend of sun, sand, and waves.

1. Bowditch Point Beach Park

Best Beaches in Fort Myers, FL

Photo by Maria Isabella Bernotti:

Encompassing a sprawling 17 acres, this year-round public park on Estero Island stands as a true gem.

Undoubtedly, Bowditch Point emerges as one of Fort Myers’ most enchanting beaches.

Adorned by nature itself, this beach park casts a spell with its pristine white sands, nestled mangroves, and artful driftwood.

But wait, there’s more!

For water enthusiasts, it’s a haven for paddleboarding and kayaking adventures.

Yet, the park’s allure extends beyond its beaches.

For an unforgettable coastal retreat, explore the park’s butterfly gardens and scenic walking trails.

Nature enthusiasts can delight in birdwatching, or partake in a complimentary guided tour to deepen their understanding of Florida’s captivating barrier islands.

2. Causeway Islands Park

Situated on a meticulously crafted island, this park adorned with swaying palms is a haven of sandy delights.

When seeking the paramount beaches in close proximity to Fort Myers, cast your gaze upon Causeway Islands Park.

Renowned for its invigorating breezes, this beach stands as a premier destination for exhilarating activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, and kitesurfing.

If angling beckons to you, venture to the time-worn causeway bridge, where a fishing haven awaits, promising fresh ocean treasures.

3. Bunche Beach

Honoring an African-American Nobel Prize laureate, this inlet captures hearts with its unspoiled, natural allure.

Seeking unblemished havens among Fort Myers’ beaches?

Look no further – this coastal gem demands a spot on your list of Fort Myers’ finest attractions.

Blessed with tranquil ripples and shallow depths, it’s the ultimate haven for families with young adventurers.

And, a noteworthy detail – its sunsets are nothing short of spectacular.

Yet, remember, Bunche Beach is minimalist in amenities and offerings.

Hence, pack your essentials – refreshments, sustenance, seating, and beach necessities – to ensure a seamless day of leisure.

4. Lynn Hall Memorial Park

Best Beaches in Fort Myers, FL

Photo by Jean Frenna:

Nestled adjacent to downtown’s vibrant “Times Square,” this oceanfront haven stands as one of Fort Myers’ beloved beaches.

Lynn Hall Memorial Park emerges as the epicenter of activity on Fort Myers Beach.

Beyond its pristine sands, it boasts an array of unparalleled amenities on Estero Island.

A fishing pier, concessions, volleyball courts, picnic areas, and kayak launch points enrich the experience.

For optimal comfort, arrive by 7 AM to secure a shaded oasis in the parking lot.

Alternatively, you can hop on the beach trolley for convenient access to this remarkable park.

5. Fort Myers Beach

Spanning a captivating 7-mile coastline, this Estero Island gem reigns supreme as one of the premier beaches in the region.

Fort Myers Beach radiates with boundless activity and excitement.

Embark on a journey into this coastal haven, where the canvas of adventure unfolds—hiking, kayaking amidst gentle manatees, and more.

Moreover, it’s adorned with an array of alluring eateries, charming cottages, and welcoming family-oriented resorts.

Indulge in a front-row seat to nature’s nightly spectacle at The Beached Whale or the Tiki Bar at Outrigger Beach Resort.

Then, venture to Times Square, where you can bask under the starlit sky, crafting a perfect finale to your day of enchantment.

6. Bonita Beach Dog Beach Park

Operating from dawn to dusk, this coastal haven stands as the sole county-owned waterfront attraction welcoming canine companions.

For those journeying with four-legged friends and seeking dog-friendly havens in Fort Myers, Florida, look no further. Dog Beach promises tail-wagging delights, offering off-leash play, spirited splashes, and carefree romps for your furry companions.

Even if your entourage lacks a canine companion, the joy of observing frolicsome dogs in the water is an experience in itself.

Convenient shower stations stand ready for pet rinsing, while portable toilets cater to dog owners.

While concessions are absent at this pet-friendly beach, pack a supply of sustenance, doggie treats, beverages, and essentials before embarking on your visit.

7. Matanzas Pass Preserve

More than just a cost-free attraction, this pristine 60-acre haven holds claim to one of Fort Myers’ most exceptional beachfronts.

Matanzas Pass Preserve emerges as a haven for nature enthusiasts, a sanctuary of untouched beauty.

Spanning 1.25 miles of trails, the preserve invites you on a nature-filled journey through its mangrove ecosystem.

Venture forth, and encounter a myriad of wildlife – turtles, owls, hawks, rabbits, and raccoons among them.

Notably, the preserve houses a beach boasting panoramic vistas.

Furthermore, this beach oasis is replete with amenities: grilling and picnic spots, culinary concessions, and a fishing pier – all awaiting your enjoyment.

Adding to its allure, the preserve is a distinguished locale along the Great Florida Birding Trail.

To ward off pesky bugs, bring along some insect repellent, especially after rain.

While free parking graces the preserve, it’s somewhat limited, so an early arrival secures your spot.

8. Newton Park

Best Beaches in Fort Myers, FL

Photo by Jill Wellington:

Nestled at 4650 Estero Boulevard, this public expanse once bore witness to the life of a Fort Myers legend.

Under the stewardship of Fort Myers Beach, this historic waterfront haven unfolds as an unparalleled gateway to beachfront serenity.

Among the charming Cheeki Huts, the park boasts an ensemble of amenities including drinking fountains, ample parking, invigorating showers, convenient restrooms, and inviting picnic tables.

Enhancing its allure, the park unveils a sweeping panorama of the Gulf of Mexico, an arresting backdrop that’s sure to enchant.

Venture to the nearby Publix, a sizable grocery store, to gather delectable sandwiches, snacks, and beverages, setting the stage for a perfect day by the sea.

9. Crescent Beach Family Park

Nestled beneath the graceful arch of Matanzas Bridge, this 2.25-acre haven extends a compelling invitation to families, adorned with its expansive 400-foot shoreline.

No compilation of Fort Myers, FL’s best beaches would be comprehensive without the inclusion of this coastal gem.

A haven for families, this park unfolds with a delightful array of recreational and practical amenities, encompassing volleyball courts and inviting picnic tables.

The allure continues with the caress of warm, glistening waters – a prime choice for swimming in Fort Myers.

Adding a touch of elegance, nearby upscale restaurants and bars offer an enticing night out.

Parking proves somewhat limited within this beachside oasis, but metered spots line the street along Estero Boulevard, providing ample options.

Alternatively, consider a secluded parking spot and embrace the convenience of the beach trolley for effortless access.

10. Lovers Key State Park

Best Beaches in Fort Myers, FL

Photo by carmela dinardo:

Encompassing a sprawling 712 acres, this enchanting state park on Lover’s Key claims affection for its breathtaking 2-mile stretch of pristine white sands.

Lovers Key State Park, once a haven of romance and solitude, retains its unspoiled, relaxed charm despite the influx of visitors.

Amidst its serene beauty, the park brims with an array of invigorating activities, inviting exploration through hiking, biking, and kayaking.

When preparing for your park excursion, there’s no need for an excessive load. A convenient concession stand awaits, offering rentals for beach chairs, bicycles, and more.

If a kayak expedition tempts you, it’s wise to give them a call ahead for a seamless experience.



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