Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV

16 Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV [for 2023]

Surely you would know that Charleston was blessed with ocean views, but you should also know that it is blessed with wonderful lake shores and river banks, healthful nature reserves, and home to many campsite facilities. is also. Charleston doesn’t have any beaches, but its home state, West Virginia, wasn’t nicknamed the Mountain State for nothing.

Its high peaks and hills have ancient water in the form of lakes, which sometimes resemble soft shiny sand. You will be glad to know that many of these destinations are quite easy to reach as you can reach them in about an hour. If you want to know more about the best beaches near Charleston, WV, keep checking our list.

1. Beech Fork State Park, Barboursville

Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV

Photo by Christian Bowen on Unsplash

Beech Fork State Park is nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of southwestern West Virginia, boasting approximately 3,144 acres of the lush natural landscape. Beech Fork State Park appeals to those who are fond of hiking and nature exploration. West Virginia’s rich terrain features numerous campsites where you can relax, and G-by offers a wealth of beach activities.

There is something for everyone here, whether you come here as an angler, hiker, camper, or parent, there are more than enough activities for you all at Forks. During the journey, if you have forgotten any essential items, then you do not need to worry if you need essential camping items.

The state park has everything you need, with the Campers Corner Store at the park’s headquarters sure to have everything you need be it food or drink.

 2. Summersville Lake, Summersville

Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV

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Summersville Lake claims to be the most beautiful and largest lake in West Virginia while maintaining its beauty spread over almost 2,7000 acres of water. With more than 60 miles of its coastline, it is a paradise for exhilarating waters and a variety of water activities.

Looking at its shape and size, you’ll be sure to feel confident as you enjoy relaxing on the water and camping in campsites and cabins at the surrounding Mountain Lake Campground. There is a very good arrangement to eat here, near Fat Eddie’s you can also taste the best taste of ice cream with hot dogs with your friends and dear ones. This place is very close to Battle Run.

3. Forked Run State Park, Reedsville

Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV

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Forked Run State Park is nestled in the spectacular rolling hills of Ohio, only an hour from Charleston. The area, untouched since the Ice Age, forms a major part of American Moon heritage, now known as Forked Run State Park.

You might be surprised to know that the park has a 100-foot sandy beach for swimming and sunbathing, as well as boating, and more than 200 camping sites, are found. There are three hiking trails that lead through the forest, and which change color according to the season.

The park boasts an ancient forest and lake, so history buffs will find plenty to do here. Places to visit include the Campus Martius State Memorial Museum and the Ohio River Museum and many more.

4. North Bend Park, Boydton

Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV

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North Bend Park is the largest and most beautiful park in its area, sitting on the 50,000-acre John H.K Reservoir. North Bend is equipped with its own characteristics, its shoreline looks like a beautiful and unspoiled coastline.

There is no dearth of recreational activities, here you can enjoy boating, picnicking, camping, swimming, as well as fishing, this place is located about 5 hour drive from Charleston.

If you are out to enjoy the weekend beach trips during your trip Memorial Day through Labor Day, after enjoying the beach go about a half mile to Joseph S.J. which is open to the public with several interpretive Organizes events, and one can also experience the Center for Environmental Education here.

5. Fox Fire KOA Campground, Milton

Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV

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Charleston If you’re looking for an exciting beach getaway for the whole family, you may have just found the Fox Fire KOA, which is located about an hour from Charleston. Here you can enjoy camping to the fullest as it is part of the world’s largest system of campgrounds.

The Fire Fox KOA is well-furnished and fully equipped. If you are with a group or family, you can enjoy a campfire, or go for a swim on the beach of this beautiful sandy lake. You can also do other fun activities here, like bouncing on a water trampoline or taking a crazy ride on a banana bike.

This place is sure to delight the whole family, especially during summer, and the kids will love it more than anything. There are children’s crafts and family movies scheduled every Saturday in the summer.

6. Jennings Randolph Lake, Elk Garden

Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV

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Jennings Randolph Lake is located right in the middle of Maryland and West Virginia, stretching for five miles with its natural beauty and 952 acres of stunning wilderness. Jennings Randolph Lake caters to everyone’s beach-friendly desire, no matter who comes.

With its crystal clear water and white sand beach venue, the lake provides an opportunity to create enjoyable and memorable moments with your loved ones and family. While you enjoy classic beach activities at the lake, be prepared to indulge in a plethora of water activities as there are exciting activities like water skiing, boating, fishing, camping, birding, hiking, diving, picnicking, and even 3D archery activities you can enjoy.

From here you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of outdoor attractions, with the lake offering attractions from both West Virginia and Maryland. Here you can visit the Howell Run Picnic Area, experience the boat launch, Robert W. Craig Campground, Shaw Beach, and enjoy a spectacular trip to the Virginia Overlook and Maryland Overlook and the Maryland Boat Launch Are.

7. Sutton Lake, Sutton

Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV



Photo by Quan Nguyen on Unsplash

here you can enjoy a lot of activities together. Here you can enjoy playing water sports and there is also a playground. If you like picnicking then you will also nd many picnic areas here where you can enjoy picnicking.

There’s also plenty to do like trails, campgrounds, and wildlife encounters, making this one of the best beaches near Charleston, WV. There is plenty of space on this beach for you to just bring a favorite book and relax on the sandy beach. If you want to have a great experience on this gorgeous lake then you can rent a luxury houseboat here.

8. Tygart Lake State Park, Grafton

Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV

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Tygart Lake State Park draws visitors with its 10 miles of spectacular shoreline. If you are looking for a place that is packed with action along with a laid-back atmosphere, then you should feel free to visit You can go to Tygart Lake.

This luxurious property is surrounded by mountain views and lakeside accommodations, making it one of the best beach getaways near Charleston, WV. You can enjoy a wide range of activities here including canoeing, water skiing, and boating. When you’re tired of enjoying so many activities and a little hungry, a full menu awaits you at Tygart Lakes Public Golf Course.

9. Lake Stephens, Beckley

Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV

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Lake Stephens, near downtown Beckley, is located about a 1.5-mile drive from Charleston with beautiful lake views of approximately 270 acres. This lake beach is great for a safe family trip, as its shallow waters and presence of lifeguards make it quite safe, especially for children.

The park is equipped with many great recreational activities, there is a sprinkler splash pad, a water park, a marina, playgrounds, and a paintball park and if you are fond of horse riding, you can indulge in your hobby here.

Lake Stephens offers plenty of activities to thrill the whole family, including Tamarack, Burning Rock OffRoad Park, and Mountain State Miniature Golf, which offer scenic views of the surrounding area.

10. Lake Sherwood Beach, White Sulphur Springs

Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV

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Sherwood Lake is one of the best beaches near Charleston, WV and it is the perfect place to spend a blissful time with family or friends. You will feel peaceful when you visit here and appreciate its beautiful views with your friends in its serene environment.

You can enjoy a beachside snack bar, marina, sports court, campsites, swimming pool, and hiking trails here which makes it an even better option. The beach with its calm waters, picture-perfect backdrop and fresh air gives you a wonderful experience and parents can enjoy a lot of beach fishing. You can also visit the Monongahela National Forest and spot fascinating wildlife including coyotes, otters, and black bears.

11. Shavers Lake, Snowshoe

Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV

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Considered to be one of the highest beaches in the state, Shaver Lake is a great option for a relaxing family vacation where you make some lovely memories with your family. This wonderful resort is known for its white sand beauty, where you can enjoy building sand castles with your kids, or just spend some time reading your favorite book in comfort.

Here you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing to the fullest, and for adventurous families, exhilarating and exciting activities like horse sledding and paddleboarding await here. You can have a unique experience of a scenic lift ride here, which gives you a beautiful view of the lush green lush forests and lofty mountains surrounding it, which definitely makes for an amazing experience. You can also admire the mesmerizing panoramas and fascinating wildlife here.

12. Cacapon Resort State Park, Berkeley Springs

Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV

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Cacapon Resort State Park is one of the best family beaches in West Virginia. Cacapon Resort State Park is geared towards thrills for families and kids alike. This state park is the most kid-friendly beach in West Virginia, especially for kids. All of the activities here are great and family-friendly, with the park offering golf, hiking, and many other diversions.

You can expose your kids to nature by hiking the Laurel Trail with the whole family. From beautiful green tall trees to wildlife can also be seen. The area is rich in sites of spectacular natural beauty, Cacapon Resort State Park is only 2 miles long, and little kids will definitely love it.

13. ACE Adventure Resort, Oak Hill

Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV

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ACE Adventure Resort is a great destination for anyone looking for outdoor adventure and fun in the beautiful wilderness of Charleston. With its wide variety of activities and recreational activities, it is a great alternative to beach destinations in the United States.

The main attraction of this beach is that Ace Adventure Resort has all the qualities of an unforgettable beach getaway. It is a child-friendly beach, and there is a wide range of toys for children to play with, including inflatable activities.

There are many activities available for the most intrepid and adventurous teens and adults alike. It is known for its rafting trips that take you down the New River Gorge or the beautiful Gauley River, depending on the season. In addition to going rafting, you can also take part in a guided zipline tour that takes you through the jungle canopy, and you won’t want to miss the exciting activities here including horseback riding, paddle boarding, ATV tours, and fishing.

14. Virginia Beach Oceanfront, Virginia Beach

Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV

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Virginia Beach is a coastal city located in the southeastern region of the United States state of Virginia, it is one of the most popular in the beach area. This beach is truly worth visiting, attracting people from all corners of the globe with its sparkling water, and gorgeous golden sand. You’ll find no shortage of activities and amenities when it comes to your visit to the ocean, making this one of the best beaches near Charleston, WV.

You can also enjoy surfing at this beach and there is plenty of space for sunbathing and much more. If you want to stay here for a few days and enjoy your holidays, then you will find many luxurious hotels nearby where you can stay. While you’re here, don’t forget to visit the Virginia Aquarium and Ocean Breeze Waterpark.

15. Cape Charles Town Beach, Cape Charles

Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV

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If you want to celebrate your whole family vacation at the best beach in Charleston, then Cape Charles Town Beach is the best option for you. This beach with its best features awaits the whole family, situated on the east coast of the beach.

The question must be coming to your mind why Cape Charles beach is the best because it is a public beach. Parking fees are minimal, it’s a beautiful stretch of soft and white sand that stretches along the Chesapeake Bay, and the water is generally calm and shallow, which makes it great for swimming, sunbathing, and sand-surfing.

Makes a great beach to play in. The infrastructure of the beach is also very good, it has public toilets, benches to sit on and a picnic area for picnics, all these facilities are like a park. If you want to indulge in more activities here, you can go for a paddleboard or kayak ride on rent. Here you can shop for yourself and your family, and enjoy a variety of delicious food with the whole family. This is definitely one of the best beaches near Charleston, WV.

16. Greenbo Lake State Resort Park

Best Beaches Near Charleston, WV

Photo by Anita Denunzio on Unsplash

Greenbow Lake State Resort Park is located approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes drive from Charleston, WV, and is considered a beautiful natural oasis located in Northeast Kentucky. The park is the perfect place to spend a day and there is also a large lake known for its crystal-clear water.

You can easily rent boats, kayaks, and paddleboards here. The park also has sandy beaches as well as hiking trails and a great picnic area where you can enjoy a picnic. In fact, Greenbow Lake State Resort Park is the perfect destination for those seeking outdoor adventure and natural beauty.


1. Are there any entrance fees for these beaches?

Some of the state parks may have entrance fees, while others may be free. Check with the park beforehand for any fees or permits that may be required.

2. Can I rent boats or other watercraft at these beaches?

Many of these beaches offer rental options for boats, kayaks, and paddleboards. Check with the park or beach beforehand for availability and pricing.

3. Are pets allowed at these beaches?

Policies regarding pets vary by park and beach. Some may allow pets on a leash, while others may not allow pets at all. Check with the park or beach beforehand for their pet policies.



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