Best Family Beaches in Pennsylvania

10 Best Family Beaches in Pennsylvania [for 2023]

Pennsylvania, better known as the Keystone State, is a hidden treasure for beach lovers. Despite its lack of coastline, the state boasts a collection of breathtaking lakes that offer stunning beaches and a plethora of fun activities. Whether you’re into boating, water skiing, scuba diving, motor boating, or fishing, Pennsylvania’s beaches have it all.

The picturesque landscapes surrounding these beaches create a serene environment, allowing you to swim in the pristine waters while being surrounded by lush greenery.

These family-friendly beaches in Pennsylvania promise an unforgettable experience for your loved ones, with memories that will last a lifetime. So prepare to be amazed as you discover the wonders of the best family beaches in Pennsylvania, where the beauty of nature and the enjoyment of beach activities come together seamlessly.

1. Beltzville State Park Beach, Lehighton

Best Family Beaches in Pennsylvania

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Beltzville State Park Beach is an exceptional destination for families seeking an enjoyable beach experience. With 525 feet of sandy shoreline, the beach is graced with a variety of water activities that cater to a variety of interests and ages. Whether you are a fan of boating, kayaking, water skiing, or paddle boating, this beach has a lot to offer for everyone.

If you want to relax on the beach and enjoy the sun, the soft sandy shoreline is perfect for a day of relaxing and sunbathing. The beach is ADA accessible, ensuring that individuals with mobility challenges, including elderly parents, can fully enjoy the beach experience.

To enhance your stay, consider the Carriage House Country Club’s proximity to Beltzville State Park Beach Consider it. This family-friendly resort in Pennsylvania offers comfortable and spacious family rooms, so you can relax and recharge after a day at the beach. And the resort features amenities such as a sauna and a children’s playground, ensuring that both parents and kids have plenty of options for relaxation and entertainment.

Make the most of your visit, to Beltzville State Park by taking advantage of the recreational programs that are offered as you are at one of the best family beaches in Pennsylvania. These programs include guided walks through scenic sites, allowing your family to explore the natural beauty of the park and activities that provide unique experiences for all ages.

 2. Mt. Gretna Lake and Beach, Mt. Gretna

Best Family Beaches in Pennsylvania

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If you’re looking for an unforgettable family beach vacation in Pennsylvania, look no further than Mount Gretna Lake and Beach. This stunning destination boasts 8 acres of sandy shorelines and carefully manicured lawns, making it one of the best family beaches in Pennsylvania. What separates Mount Gretna Lake and the Beach is its wide array of activities for teens.

There is a wide range. They can dive off the boards, take exhilarating overwater swing rides, and test their bravery by jumping from high dive platforms. Meanwhile, little ones can safely enjoy the separate Kids’ Dock, where the water is shallow and away from the more extreme activities.

There are plenty of fun things to do with kids here. Create beautiful memories by taking tons of photos, let them have a blast in the kids’ play area, join in the excitement as you push and pull them into the water as they ride their floaties, and build sand castles together Unleash your creativity.

To enhance your family experience, Mount Gretna Lake & Beach offers water tube, kayak, and canoe rentals. These affordable options allow you to have even more fun in the water, creating lasting memories for all.

3. Kohler Beach, Erie

Best Family Beaches in Pennsylvania

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Kohler Beach, located in Presque Isle State Park, is a great choice for families with young children because of its quiet and sheltered nature. As the safest beach in Pennsylvania, it is equipped with a variety of amenities that make it kid-friendly and enjoyable, and relaxing for the whole family.

One of its most attractive aspects is its wide and at the shoreline, which There is plenty of space for the little ones to play and explore. The gentle waters here have minimal waves, ensuring a peaceful and non-intimidating environment for young swimmers. And the presence of alert and watchful lifeguards provides an added layer of safety and reassurance. Its shallow waters are particularly notable because they contain some of the shallowest depths in the state.

The lack of sudden drop-offs or deep areas makes it an ideal place for kids to splash around and enjoy the water with ease. Parents can rest assured knowing that their little ones can safely wade in and play in the shallow waters. The beach also takes advantage of nearby playgrounds perfectly sized for kids. These play areas provide children with the opportunity to engage in additional outdoor activities, completing their beach experience and keeping them entertained.

To further enhance the convenience for families, Kohler Beach offers a variety of delicious snacks and Offers concessions selling beverages. This means parents don’t have to worry about packing heavy meals, as they can easily find refreshments to keep everyone energized and satisfied during their trip.

4. Bald Eagle State Park Beach, Howard

Best Family Beaches in Pennsylvania

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Bald Eagle State Park Beach, located in the heart of Pennsylvania, offers a remarkable shoreline that combines natural beauty with a plethora of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. Its long sandy beach is an ideal place for swimming, sunbathing, and simply relaxing by the water’s edge. But there’s a lot more to do at this beach than just swimming.

You outdoor enthusiast will delight in the variety of activities available. Boating and kayaking opportunities abound, allowing you to explore the calm waters and take in views of Bald Eagle Mountain’s picturesque landscape. Spring will be a prime season for fishing enthusiasts for their favorite pastime, with ample opportunities to catch fish. Hikers will nd themselves in paradise, as the nearby trails offer scenic trails and a chance to soak in the natural beauty of the surroundings.

The beach is filled with a number of amenities to enhance your experience. Families with children can take advantage of the playground, ensuring entertainment for the little ones. Snack bars offer tasty treats to satisfy any craving, while clean restrooms and changing areas provide convenience and comfort.

Autumn is the recommended time to visit this delectable beach. The fall season paints the landscape with vibrant colors, creating a truly stunning backdrop for kayaking adventures and birdwatching excursions. The beauty of the changing foliage along with the calmness of the water really makes this one of the best family beaches in Pennsylvania.

5. Poe Valley State Park Beach, Penn Township

Best Family Beaches in Pennsylvania

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This beach is an ideal choice for families with children due to its kid-friendly amenities and tranquil atmosphere. Poe Valley State Park Beach has a calm and attractive shoreline with minimal waves, making it a great place for youngsters to enjoy the water. It becomes a safe environment To ensure added safety, there is a designated roped-off area.

The beach’s shallow depth, with the deepest point only reaching 5 feet, provides peace of mind for parents while their kids splash around and play. The beach’s soft, powdery sand makes for sand castles, perfect for building sculptures and forts, allowing kids to unleash their creativity.

There’s also an on-site playground, providing additional entertainment options for youngsters who want to engage in land-based activities For those planning family events or festivities, Po Valley State Park offers convenient pavilion rentals. This mandap can accommodate up to 100 people, making them ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

One of the best family beaches in Pennsylvania with the beautiful lake as a backdrop and the beautiful surroundings of the park. And hosting a gathering in one of these pavilions adds an extra touch of charm to any event.

6. Harveys Lake Beach, Harveys Lake

Best Family Beaches in Pennsylvania

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Nestled on the shores of Pennsylvania’s largest natural lake, Harvey Lake Beach is a hidden gem that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and recreational activities. With its pristine sands and stunning backdrop, it has become a favorite spot for both locals and tourists alike.

One of the main reasons we highly recommend this beach is its wide range of activities for the whole family. is series. Whether you are a thrill seeker or prefer a relaxing day by the water, there is something to satisfy everyone here. Water skiing, motor boating, and scuba diving are popular options for thrill and adventure seekers.

If swimming isn’t your thing, you can still have a great time sunbathing or building sand castles with your kids on the beach. This beach understands the needs of families, which is why it’s voted Best Family Beach in Pennsylvania Beaches, and is equipped with facilities like a playground to keep the little ones entertained.

The beach also has several food concessions, ensuring you can satisfy your craving with hot and cold treats all day long. For those who have their own water vehicles, convenient boat launch sites are available. The beach hosts various exciting events throughout the year.

From carnivals to glass painting and art shows, there’s always something happening to make your visit extra special. We
recommend checking their online page or event calendar to plan your vacation to coincide with one of these exciting events.

7. Black Moshannon State Park Beach, Philipsburg

Best Family Beaches in Pennsylvania

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Offering a harmonious blend of sandy shores and dense forests, Black Moshanon State Park Beach is a true paradise for nature enthusiasts. It offers a wide variety of activities. Renting a pontoon boat or kayak allows you to explore the calm waters at a leisurely pace, while the serene beach invites you to relax and immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of nature.

The water temperature is especially refreshing on a scorching summer day, perfect for a swim. To enhance your weekend family getaway in Pennsylvania, Black Moshannon State Park offers a variety of amenities. Campsites provide an opportunity to embrace the great outdoors and create lasting memories around the camp.

Horse riding can be enjoyed nearby, allowing you to experience the beauty of the surrounding landscape from a different perspective. For those who appreciate hiking, sightseeing in the park is a must. As you walk these trails with your family, you will be treated to breathtaking views and the opportunity to pick fresh blueberries along the way. Furthermore, the area boasts carnivorous plants, adding a unique element of discovery and wonder to your outdoor adventure.

8. Mauch Chunk Lake Park Beach, Jim Thorpe

Best Family Beaches in Pennsylvania

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Mauch Chunk Lake Park Beach is a beautiful beach where you can camp on your family vacations. The beach offers several reasons why it is a popular choice among people. One of the main attractions is the breathtaking views of Flagstaff Mountain, which add a beautiful backdrop to the entire beach experience. Beach Safety Top priority, as attentive lifeguards are on hand to ensure the well-being of all beachgoers.

Families can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their children are being closely supervised while they play on the sandy shoreline. The pristine waters add to the overall charm of the beach, providing a refreshing and enjoyable swimming experience. The park has convenient amenities that add to the convenience of a camping beach vacation.

Near the campground, there is a shop that is stocked with a wide range of products including camping supplies, firewood, tasty snacks, and novelty items. This eliminates the need for you to venture far from the beach area in search of necessary supplies, making the overall experience more convenient and enjoyable. Plan your trip to Mauch Chunk Lake Park Beach on a weekday rather than the weekend.

This allows you to avoid overly large crowds and enjoy the beach environment in a more calm and relaxed manner. By choosing a weekday trip, families can maximize their enjoyment of the beach, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, and create lasting memories.

9. Palmyra Township Public Beach, Hawley

Best Family Beaches in Pennsylvania

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Palmyra Township Public Beach is located on the picturesque shores of Lake Wallenpaupack and is one of the best family beaches in Pennsylvania. A recommended summer destination for individuals and families alike. One of the highlights of Palmyra Township Public Beach is the picnic and picnic area. It has an attractive atmosphere for barbeque.

You can take advantage of the provided grills and picnic tables to enjoy a delicious meal together in a beautiful lakeside setting. The calm and shallow waters near the shore make it safe for children to wade in and play, allowing families and to Sports enthusiasts can indulge in beach volleyball on the dedicated court. It provides an opportunity to engage in friendly competitions and bond over fun-lled games on the sand.

The Palmyra Township Public Beach presents a captivating experience as the day draws to a close. Guests can gather on the sandy shore and watch the breathtaking sunset over the lake, creating a memorable and serene moment for all.

The beach also offers swimming lessons for individuals of all ages An excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their swimming skills or ensure the safety of their loved ones in the water.

10. Gouldsboro State Park Beach, Gouldsboro

Best Family Beaches in Pennsylvania

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It is highly recommended for those looking to relax and unwind in a simplistic and serene coastal setting. The beach is equipped with a variety of activities to cater to different interests and preferences. You can rent a boat, kayak, or paddleboard to explore the waters here. Whether you prefer a leisurely paddle or an adventurous excursion, the beach offers opportunities for both.

If you just want to sunbathe and enjoy the beach, there are plenty of places to relax and work on your tan. Families with children can engage in building sand sculptures and enjoy quality time together. Sports enthusiasts will find plenty of options at Goldsboro State Park Beach.

You can bring a ball or a frisbee to play fun games with your loved ones or enjoy a game of tag on the spacious beach. If you’re interested in fishing, the beach offers the opportunity to teach your young ones how to catch a line or splash in the cool water. One of the best family beaches in Pennsylvania, you’ll find plenty of beachside fishing. To enhance the experience, the park offers convenient amenities.

There are several charcoal grills and picnic tables available for your use, making it easy to enjoy a meal in a comfortable setting overlooking the beach. The Prospect Trail is recommended for experienced hikers looking for a challenging trail, while Old Route 611 offers a more beginner-friendly hike, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty of the surroundings.


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