Fun Things to Do in St. Petersburg with Kids

15 Fun Things to Do in St. Petersburg with Kids [for 2023]

If you’re seeking an enchanting family getaway, look no further than St. Petersburg. This hidden treasure, affectionately dubbed Sunshine City, lives up to its name in more ways than one. I’ve waltzed along its artistic streets and crafted sandcastles on its immaculate beaches – an experience that’s truly a win for families with young adventurers.

Yet, hold tight, for St. Petersburg’s allure extends far beyond its sun-soaked shores. Bursting with ingenuity and a distinctive flair, this city boasts a repertoire unparalleled elsewhere. Picture interactive museums that beckon exploration, verdant parks perfect for leisurely strolls, and historic landmarks that weave stories both enlightening and enthralling – a recipe that prompts not just learning, but also elicits those cherished “Wow!” moments from your little ones.

And note, that we’ve rounded up fun things to do in St. Petersburg with kids Here is your definitive passport to the mix of bliss and challenges awaiting you in St. Petersburg, ensuring a holiday filled with hunches, discoveries, and shared memories.

1. Guided Segway Tour

Fun Things to Do in St. Petersburg with Kids

Photo by Gustavo Fring:

Unearth the treasures of downtown St. Petersburg effortlessly through an invigorating 2-hour Segway tour – a journey that promises unforgettable memories for families.

Why should families include this 2-hour Segway tour in their list of fun things to do in St. Petersburg with kids?

Let’s admit it, a sprinkle of curiosity, a splash of education, and a smooth ride create the perfect concoction for family bonding.

Unveil iconic highlights and tucked-away jewels without breaking a sweat.

And guess what?

Navigating Segways is even more intuitive than you might imagine, and the thrill?


Let the youngsters take the lead in capturing snapshots and firing away with questions.

Empower them to absorb the wealth of knowledge generously shared by our amicable guides.

And let’s not underestimate the pure exhilaration of mastering a Segway.

Watching your little ones evolve into adept riders?

Absolutely priceless.

Suggested Age Range

Speaking of age, I highly recommend this experience for those aged 10 years and older.

Keep in mind that Segways have a minimum weight requirement of 75 lbs.

But trust me, whether it’s your tweens, teenagers, or yes, even you, everyone is bound to revel in this.

2. Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops

In 2010, The Hyppo Gourmet sprouted from an unexpected encounter. A passerby, Stephen DiMare, was advised that he should introduce artisanal Mexican ice pops if he ever ventured into coffee shop ownership.

Crafted right on the premises, using the freshest seasonal fruits, Hyppo’s ice pops swiftly captivated the hearts of Floridians seeking a wholesome alternative to ice cream amidst the scorching summer heat.

Step in and indulge in a selection as diverse as it is delectable – spanning from zesty to saccharine to wonderfully eccentric.

A plethora of enjoyable and nourishing pops awaits, with flavors that shift with the changing seasons.

Suggested Age Range

Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops offers a health-conscious option for snack times, catering to kids aged 3 and above.

3. Morean Art Center Hot Shop

At the heart of artistic expression, The Morean Arts Center proudly exhibits an eclectic fusion of creations, spanning local, national, and international talents.

A special highlight awaits within their Hot Shop – a living canvas where artists wield their craft.

For inquisitive young minds and older kids with an artistic flair, the Hot Shop stands as an essential destination, especially after exploring the Chihuly Collection.

Here, the intricate process of fashioning captivating glass artworks unfolds before your very eyes.

Observe alongside your little ones as skilled glass artists unravel the science behind this captivating craft, while a knowledgeable assistant narrates the mesmerizing journey.

And don’t miss a visit to the Glass Studio Store, where handcrafted treasures by these artists find their home.

Feel free to secure a piece that captures your attention, serving as a cherished memento of your experience.

Suggested Age Range

This fusion of science and art serves as both an engaging and enlightening demonstration suitable for both adults and children aged 5 and above.

4. St. Petersburg’s Beaches

Nestled along the sun-drenched shores of Florida’s western coastline, St. Petersburg boasts an impressive collection of world-class beaches, consistently securing top spots among the nation’s finest.

With its prime location, it’s no surprise that St. Petersburg plays host to award-winning beaches adorned with the iconic snow-white sands of the state. These coastal havens offer an abundance of family-oriented activities, ensuring a memorable escapade.

Treasure Island Beach beckons beachcombers with its allure, while Sunset Beach stands as the ultimate haven for those seeking unmatched sunsets.

For nature enthusiasts, Maximo Beach unveils an enchanting tapestry of tropical vistas that captivate the senses.

Suggested Age Range

Be it a journey with a little one, a curious toddler, or an adventurous teenager, St. Petersburg’s splendid coastline guarantees a repertoire of family activities that cater to every age group, creating indelible memories by the water’s edge.

5. Creative Clay

Fun Things to Do in St. Petersburg with Kids

Photo by Darya Sannikova:

Creative Clay stands as a radiant platform, placing individuals with disabilities firmly in the limelight, and allowing them to craft exceptional works of art.

Creative Clay’s gallery serves as a haven, adorned with a remarkable array of artworks ranging from paintings to ceramics and sculptures – all masterpieces lovingly crafted by artist-students with disabilities.

Even more wonderful? These cherished creations are available for purchase, allowing you to bring a piece of this unique artistry into your home.

Nurture the creative spark within your young artists by immersing them in the world of Creative Clay.

Unveil the boundless potential each individual possesses, regardless of any limitations, as long as they hold onto their dreams.

By acquiring a painting of your choosing or contributing to the collection of gently used art supplies, you can show unwavering support for these talented artists.

Suggested Age Range

A visit to Creative Clay offers a transformative opportunity for children aged 5 and above to learn about disabilities, embrace the concept of equal opportunities, and witness the incredible power of art to bridge gaps and unite hearts.

6. Great Explorations

Established in 1986, the Great Explorations Children’s Museum stands as a beacon of learning, aiming to ignite children’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge through boundless creativity and exploration.

For those spirited little ones who seem to possess an endless reservoir of energy, the Great Explorations undoubtedly reign supreme among the top places to take kids in St. Petersburg.

With a sprawling playground of unfathomable possibilities for enjoyment, this museum unveils a gateway for children to step into the wider world.

Unleash your child’s inner engineer, architect, agriculturist, artist, journalist, adventurer, scientist, veterinarian, and beyond, as you watch them roam freely through the museum’s captivating exhibits.

Suggested Age Range

The interactive displays and engaging activities at the Great Explorations Children’s Museum are meticulously crafted to cater to children aged 10 and under, ensuring an immersive experience tailored to their developmental stage.

7. Fort De Soto Park

Basking in the glory of its nickname “Sunshine City,” St. Petersburg takes pride in the gem known as Fort De Soto – a five-island park that promises to enrapture young history aficionados who also share a passion for the ocean.

Why Your Family Should Embark on this Journey
Nestled in the southwestern expanse of St. Petersburg, Fort De Soto Park proudly claims its title as the largest in the county’s park network.

Encompassing over 1,000 acres of thriving flora, this expansive haven offers an abundant tapestry of affordable family enjoyment, beckoning you and the little ones to venture forth.

Engaging Pursuits for Families
Fort De Soto Park unfolds as a treasure trove of the best family-friendly activities in St. Petersburg.

Tiny history enthusiasts can relish the allure of the historic fort and its accompanying museum.

Energetic souls will delight in swimming, biking, or traversing the nature trails that wind through the verdant surroundings.

For the daring, waterfront camping offers an enticingly adventurous option!

Suggested Age Range

This escapade into the embrace of the sea, weaving through the lush island landscapes, emerges as an unforgettable experience suitable for families with children aged 3 and above.

8. Sunken Gardens

For over a century, the Sunken Gardens has graced St. Petersburg’s landscape, a lush testament to its inception by an impassioned gardener and plumber back in 1903.

Within this botanical oasis lies a tranquil sanctuary, a haven away from the city’s bustling rhythms – a haven graced by the presence of more than 50,000 tropical flora.

Embark on a journey through the diverse landscapes of the Japanese garden, cactus garden, and butterfly garden, among others.

Young hearts will be captivated by the lively assembly of Chilean flamingos and the mesmerizing cascade of waterfalls.

For a comprehensive encounter, consider booking a guided garden tour.

Suggested Age Range

Sunken Gardens extends its most enchanting welcome to children aged 3 and older, providing them with an experience that’s as educational as it is captivating.

9. Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

Once a zoo and botanical garden, Boyd Hill Nature Preserve has undergone a transformative evolution into a sprawling natural habitat, flourishing with indigenous plants and untamed creatures.

Featuring an expansive lake, a delightful playground, immersive nature camps, serene picnic spots, and a vibrant tapestry of wildlife, Boyd Hill Nature Preserve emerges as the ultimate haven for families seeking outdoor wonders in St. Petersburg, especially those with toddlers who revel in the splendors of nature.

Embark on an expedition across the varied ecosystems encompassing the lake, swamp, pine woods, sand scrub, and hammock, each offering its unique allure.

Witness the wonders of wildlife, pay a visit to the aviary housing recuperating birds, and let your little ones expend their boundless energy at the playground.

Suggested Age Range

From babies to toddlers, older children to teenagers, Boyd Hill Nature Preserve offers an exploration teeming with discoveries that cater to every age group, ensuring an enchanting experience for the entire family.

10. Engine No. 9

Fun Things to Do in St. Petersburg with Kids

Photo by Valeria Boltneva:

Situated in the beating heart of St. Petersburg’s historic downtown district, Engine No. 9 emerges as a lauded, family-friendly burger sports bar, proudly under the ownership of the offspring of a Hockey Hall of Famer.

Yearning for a more gratifying culinary journey?

Imagine savoring burgers meticulously crafted from 8 oz of prime black Angus beef.

Engine No. 9 beckons you to experience the vibrant flavors of Florida, plated and ready to delight.

Indulge in a feast of inventive burger selections, mouthwatering hot dogs, refreshing salads, delectable sides, and a bounty of more options, all while immersing yourself in the thrill of sports games, made possible by the mini TV adorning each table.

Suggested Age Range

With an array of toppings for hot dogs that cater to various tastes and the electrifying spectacle of sports for the adults, Engine No. 9 stands as a haven for kids aged 7 and above to relish in, while the grown-ups unwind with sips of local craft brews.

11. Central Arts District

Nestled within St. Petersburg, the Central Arts District stands as a sanctuary for local independent artists, spanning an array of artistic disciplines.

For budding young artists, the Central Arts District in St. Petersburg serves as an enchanting haven, where art transcends boundaries – adorning outdoor spaces, indoor galleries, and even culinary delights!

Perplexed about what to engage in within St. Petersburg with art-loving kids?

Embark on a leisurely stroll through the Central Arts District, where outdoor walls metamorphose into canvases crafted by locals.

Explore galleries and studios, bask in the melody of live music, browse through craft emporiums, and indulge in innovative snacks.

Suggested Age Range

Children aged 3 and above will be enthralled by the captivating array of artistic expressions within this district, an immersive experience that promises to ignite their creativity and appreciation for all forms of art.

12. Cypress Breeze Farm

Cypress Breeze Farms, devoted to the well-being of its horses, offers families the joy of delightful horseback rides.

Whether you’ve harbored dreams of horseback journeys through woodlands or are intrigued by the notion of riding a horse partially immersed in the coastal tides, Cypress Breeze Farm promises an unparalleled equine adventure for you and your little ones.

Secure an appointment with Cypress Breeze Farms to embark on your horseback escapades.

Gallop through picturesque farms and shaded trails, partake in refreshing horse swims, delve into the art of horse whispering, or even try your hand at equine yoga!

Suggested Age Range

For horseback adventures, children must be aged 6 and above.

This activity, in particular, holds immense appeal for teenagers and children of school age, ensuring an experience that resonates with them on a personal level.

13. Salvador Dalí Museum

The museum’s façade mirrors the eccentricity of the artist it pays tribute to.

While the exterior boasts a delightful eccentricity, the interior of this museum is a marvel to behold. With its expansive glass entryway, awe-inspiring skylight, and captivating spiral staircase, the museum is a realm of visual splendor.

The exhibits themselves are a reflection of this eccentric yet undeniably captivating aesthetic – a testament to the intricate mind of Salvador Dalí.

Embark on a journey through the captivating and unconventional artistry of Salvador Dalí alongside the kids and those from newer generations who find inspiration in his creations.

This aesthetic extravaganza extends outdoors to the Avant Garden – an oasis of uniqueness that unexpectedly grants respite from the ordinary.

Suggested Age Range

Salvador Dalí’s museum offers an indelible experience for children aged 5 and above, creating lasting memories within the embrace of artistic wonders.

14. St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market

In 2002, the St. Petersburg community united to champion local farmers and their fresh produce, giving birth to a heartwarming tradition.

Each Saturday, the Morning Market springs to life, bustling with 170 vendors and a crowd of around 10,000, all seeking nourishing sustenance and delightful culinary treasures.

Here, cultural festivities blend seamlessly with craft stalls offering handmade treasures, making it a holistic experience for all.

Scouring for cost-free, family-friendly activities in St. Petersburg? Look no further.

Join in on the Morning Market festivities this weekend!

Savor a cup of organic coffee, browse through artisanal creations, or indulge your sweet tooth with a medley of pastries.

And the icing on the cake? Delight in the harmonious tunes of local musicians, serenading you with their talents, all free of charge.

Suggested Age Range

With an array of engaging activities, the Morning Market caters to children aged 3 and above, ensuring a bustling and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

15. James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art

Fun Things to Do in St. Petersburg with Kids

Photo by brcunel:

Established by entrepreneur Thomas James, this museum delves into the rich tapestry of the American West, delving into its indigenous inhabitants and its remarkable evolution.

With an interior reminiscent of the iconic Western canyons, the museum houses intricate sculptures, captivating paintings, and exquisite jewelry crafted by the Native Americans who call the West their home. It also proudly showcases artwork depicting the native wildlife. The journey then seamlessly transitions into the realm of cowboy culture.

Embark on a voyage through time, threading through one exhibit after another, as you delve into history dating back thousands of years. Together with your children, absorb the diverse narratives that shaped the American West.

Suggested Age Range

For a comprehensive appreciation of the historical and artistic treasures housed within, the museum is best suited for children aged 5 and above, who are at an age where they can grasp the nuances of history and art.


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