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Top 11 New York Beaches 2023 That Make New York Even More Beautiful

New York is considered one of the most visited and beloved cities in the world. With tourists flocking to the extreme winter, the city’s attractions are such that visitors flock to visit Broadway, shop on 5th Avenue, pamper themselves at top Manhattan hotels, or visit New York’s famous museums and galleries. People come to visit.

There is less hype related to the beaches that New York boasts and attracts. While they receive the fewest visitors in winter, at times when temperatures can drop dangerously, there are coastal areas that attract crowds wanting to escape the city.

If you’re considering traveling to New York anytime from spring to early winter, here’s a list of the 11 best New York beaches that you might love to visit.

Please it is a good idea to double-check your requirements before your trip and be sure to follow all local guidelines to keep yourself and others safe! Thanks

1. Coney Island

New York Beaches

Photo by Matteo Dell’Oro on Unsplash

Coney Island is a lovely place where friends can gather to socialize. They can spend time on the boardwalk and enjoy sitting on the beach, talking, lying down, and sunbathing is an equally pleasant experience.

The sea is inviting at the height of summer, but it is not as warm as it is in the latitudes further south. However, after a few hours of sunshine, it gives you a refreshingly pleasant experience.

For decades, people have enjoyed roller coasters and food stalls alongside the old Ferris wheel, but without the boardwalk separating the beach from the beach there would be little space left.

2. Brighton Beach

New York Beaches

Photo by Marco Savastano on Unsplash

If you go to Coney Island and the Aquarium, a little farther east you’ll come to Brighton Beach, a neighborhood of the same name facing the Atlantic Ocean.

This beach is considered to be slightly less crowded than Coney Island, if you are looking for a slightly less crowded beach, may be a good option for you, and here you will find most of the locals enjoying the area with picnics and volleyball and spending time with each other.

You’ll find it here in the Brighton Beach area, the largest community of Eastern Europeans in the eastern United States, which means you’ll find grocery stores with Russian and Eastern European foods, and deli restaurants serving freshly made pierogi that you’ll love dearly. can enjoy.

Within walking distance of Brighton Beach, you’ll find the nicer and more secluded Manhattan Beach Park at the eastern end of the Brooklyn Peninsula. The park here offers tennis, basketball, and handball courts and two baseball fields that will give you plenty of fun. Also, the parking lot offers free movies throughout the summer, making it a great location.

3. Cooper’s Beach, Southampton

New York Beaches

Photo by Sean Oulashin on Unsplash

Cooper’s Beach in the Hamptons is often ranked among America’s most visited and popular beaches. Standing 500 feet tall on Long Island’s South Shore, this dazzling stretch boasts a beautiful backdrop of historic mansions you’ll love to visit, with expansive views of the sand dunes and ocean that are a delight to take along with a fun walk provides. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer.

Families with young children will especially enjoy the soft sand, and the sand is perfect for making castles that kids will enjoy, and the gentle waves found at Cooper’s Beach will give you peace of mind.

The beach also has a shower facility with fresh water. The beach does charge you some parking fees, as well as facilities such as concession stands, bathhouses, and umbrella and chair rentals that make it a nice place to visit.

4. Jones Beach, State Park, Long Island

New York Beaches

Photo by Sun on Unsplash

Jones Beach is considered one of the most popular and famous beaches in the New York metropolitan area. Spanning 6.5 miles, this well-maintained public beach in the village of Wantagh also features a two-mile boardwalk, and more such as an Art Deco bathhouse, multiple parking areas, and everything from mini-golf to shuffleboard You will find lots of fun activities till date.

You can also catch summer concerts at the Northwell Health Outdoor Arena, which features big names like Jimmy Buffett and Dave Matthews. Jones Beach State Park is home to the popular Bethpage Air Show with the Blue Angels every Memorial Day weekend, as is the July 4th Fireworks Show You’ll Be Delighted to See, and more.

Softball and volleyball tournaments and free entertainment in the bandshell. Hosts which is a good thing. Jones Beach can only be reached by car, boat, and bicycle, and there is a fee for vehicle use.

Keep in mind that it can be very crowded during the peak summer days; The best time to visit here is early in the morning or in the evening around sunset. Remember you are allowed to swim when the lifeguard is on duty here. In some places, you are also allowed to stand up paddleboarding, surf, and windsurf along the beach.

5. Main Beach, East Hampton

New York Beaches

Photo by Clay LeConey on Unsplash

Main Beach East Hampton is the most popular of the five beaches in East Hampton Village that boasts breathtaking North Atlantic Ocean views and is considered the top beach for enjoying water sports. And it is very close to Georgia and Viborg beaches.

The main beach is known for its long stretches of soft sand, rock-free sand, and clear water. It is also quite famous with celebrities. It is very close to the main city and you will find ample parking space.

To serve the food craving, it has several restaurants and pubs within a few miles of the beach that will keep you swooning and there is also a snack bar on the beach. It also comes with a host of features, such as a friendly lifeguard on constant alert.

6. Long Beach, Long Island

New York Beaches

Photo by Jetty Mon | | Mike Grahlfs on Unsplash

Just a 50-minute train ride from Manhattan to Long Island on the Rail Road (LIRR) takes you to the beautiful and popular Long Beach, where you can enjoy the soft, white sands of Long Beach where you can sunbathe You can also enjoy swimming, and catch some waves which will make you feel happy.

Chairs and umbrellas are provided for rent here by many organizations. While you can enjoy the 2.2-mile Long Beach Boardwalk, which was rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy in 2012, it’s free to use and the perfect spot for biking here.

There are also a number of eateries along the main road, including Brix and Barley Italian Restaurant and Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt which will give you a taste of the flavor. In the summer, there’s also a free concert series where you’ll enjoy melodious music, an Arts on the Boardwalk festival, and a farmers market at Kennedy Plaza on Saturdays.

If you’re keen on surfing, Skudin Surf Long Beach is located right on the beach. Access to the beach in summer requires a day pass for residents and non-residents for some fee. And there is also some exemption in fees for residents. LIRR sometimes also offers one-day getaway deals on the weekends that include participating in a train ride and a beach pass and a coupon to the local vendors who participate in the offering.

7. Manhattan Beach Brooklyn


Photo by Jeremy Ricketts on Unsplash

There is another beach in Brooklyn which we know as Manhattan Beach, which is generally quieter than other beaches. There are more Coney Island and Brighton Beach on the peninsula, but somehow Manhattan has never attracted so many people.

If you’re looking for a stretch of sand with a lot of people, maybe Manhattan might be a good choice for you? If you’re not too keen on the temperature of the water, you can enjoy sunbathing on the beach – splashes in the shallow water will still cool you down and give you pleasure. It is considered a nice and lovely beach for a weekend barbecue or picnic, and if you arrive early, you can pick up a prime spot and enjoy it.

8. Sandy Hook

New York Beaches

Photo by Anders Wideskott on Unsplash

Sandy Hook has often been overlooked and considered fashionable but it is an excellent day out from New York.

There are lifeguards patrolling the beach and there are many things you will love. If you love to go fishing or take a walk on nature trails, then you can enjoy them and you will get to see a lot more than just sunbathing here.

The lighthouse is over 250 years old. To get there, take a ferry from Downtown Manhattan and enjoy the 45-minute tour overlooking the city’s breathtaking skyline. If you’re not shy, you can visit Gunnison while you’re there – a nudist beach.

9. Fort Tilden Beach, Queens

New York Beaches

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

It is only on weekends during the summer that this beach in Queens shows many signs of exposure to human activity, even though it is very close to highly densely populated areas. It is ferries that take visitors closer to the shore and there are beach buses built for work.

There is little in the way of infrastructure and no lifeguards available, so you are on your own. You will need to take your own picnic supplies with you and some visitors actually eat them. The appeal of the beach is its seclusion, but you need to plan properly if you want to get everything you want from this place.

10. Rockaway Beach

New York Beaches

Photo by Malaya Sadler on Unsplash

Rockaway Beach not only offers great swimming, but it’s also a spectacular and beautiful beach, you can also surf
here, especially on the days when the waves are a bit bigger. It is also very popular, yet it is considered one of the very clean beaches.

You can also enjoy volleyball here, or simply explore something interesting to do with other people. can do. There are many options when it comes to food – everything from pizza to tacos can be found here. You can catch a train to Rockaway. Or Beach Buses There are two options which is a good thing.

11. Orchard Beach, Pelham Bay Park

New York Beaches

Photo by Michael Denning on Unsplash

It is the only popular and public beach in the Bronx whose shore was built by Robert Moses in the 1930s it is very lovely and spans a mile with an area of 115 acres. It is famous for its unique crescent shape and attracts thousands of New Yorkers who come in search of pleasure during the summer.

This beach can play volleyball, or also offers various sports activities like basketball and handball.



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