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12 Fantastic St. Thomas Beaches [for 2023]

The US Known as the gateway to the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is a Caribbean island mostly known for its beaches which are some of the most beautiful in the Caribbean.

Which are an ideal place for long spectacular, wide beaches and amazing snorkeling. Whether you want to do water sports, be romantic, or just laze on the beach, St. Thomas has it all. You will find fine white sand on the beaches here, clear water, and good visibility and for snorkeling, There is rich marine life. Have a look at the list of St. Thomas Beaches and enjoy your vacation.

Please it is a good idea to double-check your requirements before your trip and be sure to follow all local guidelines to keep yourself and others safe! Thanks.

1. Limetree Beaches

St. Thomas Beaches

Photo by Ishan@seefromthesky on Unsplash

Limetree Beach is a lovely and popular beach located within the resort, aptly named Limetree Beach. This small but very lovely beach is known to be the ideal place to read a book and is an excellent spot to enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the exposed limestone shoreline.

Children are often entertained for hours here or combing the sand for pieces of coral, shells, and distinctively shaped rocks, all of which make it one of the best St.Thomas Beaches. If you want a little more adventure, there is also an Aqua Marine Dive Center within the resort that offers rentable snorkel gear or daily dives that you’ll enjoy.

2. Mermaid’s Chair

St. Thomas Beaches

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

As far as St Thomas goes westward, a thin strip of sand, no more than 30 feet wide, separates the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. This gorgeous beach is one of the most secluded places on St. Thomas as it is a bit difficult to get there.

However, if you can only overcome 1.5 miles downhill and the other 1.5 miles uphill, you’re in for a treat like no other in the Caribbean. Sure, it’s easy enough to reach other St. Thomas beaches.

But very few continue to offer stunning scenery, with a strange silence and serenity that can be enjoyed sitting on the mermaid’s chair. There are no facilities available at the beach, so if you do make sure to pack plenty of water, sunscreen, and a towel before you take the road to visit the pristine beach.

3. Hull Bay Beach

St. Thomas Beaches

Photo by sébastien Jermer on Unsplash

The idyllic beach at Hull Bay is considered one of the most popular beaches among local residents on the island’s north coast.

During the week, the sandy shores are relatively free of crowds, while some local rural fishermen may gather at sunset to enjoy a drink of wine after a day at the beach. During the winter months, as winds change, a major northerly swell rolls into the western edge of the bay.

Local surfers emerge from their summer hibernation and are always on the lookout for plenty of beach-goers. Getting to the beach is relatively easy via rental car or taxi, although the northern roads can be a bit bumpy.

Once there, it’s comfortable and easy to spend a few hours amid the beautiful beach, snack bar, and dive shop, which offers snorkel tours of the marine life within the shallow waters of the protected bay.

4. Lindquist Beach

St. Thomas Beaches

Photo by Chor Tsang on Unsplash

Located on the eastern end of St. Thomas, Lindquist Beach is one of the popular and most beautiful beaches on the island. It is considered part of a 21-acre protected area also known as Smith Bay Park. The crystal-clear azure waters are perfect for swimming and snorkeling making it a great destination.

You can also enjoy playing volleyball or frisbee on this soft beach, along with many more things to do here like build sandcastles The sand is bright white for long walks along the water. If you are keen on snorkeling then you can enjoy snorkeling on the east side of the beach. Coconut orchards and sea grape groves are present on both sides of the beach which provide you with pleasant shade.

The beach is equipped with a lifeguard, a bathroom, and picnic tables. The beach is crowded on weekends when local residents have picnics and parties that they come here to enjoy, but during the rest of the week, it is largely quiet.

5. Magen’s Bay Beach

St. Thomas Beaches

Photo by Mike Swigunski on Unsplash

One of St. Thomas’ top beaches – and one of the most beautiful nice beaches in the Caribbean – Magen’s Bay Beach on St. Thomas’ North Seashore is a gorgeous Bisal Cove backed with azure waters.

The beach is approximately one mile long with powdery soft white sand and ample space available for tourist-goers. Swimming in the warm sea, while the sun continues to shine through the pristine waters, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a real-life moment postcard from heaven.

The sandy sea level and calm sea make you a perfect and mesmerizing sight for families to swim and play on the beach. Restrooms, showers, many amenities for rent, and refreshments are available for a comfortable beach experience. Picnic tables and plenty of shade make it an easy and relaxing place to spend the whole day.

On your way to or from this beach from Charlotte Amalie, be sure to take a short detour at Drake’s Seat for a beautiful incredible view of the island. Be ready to be amazed by the beauty of the island with this panoramic view.

6. Honeymoon Beach

St. Thomas Beaches

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

Located on Water Island’s west coast, just off the coast of St. Thomas, lovely and popular, Honeymoon Beach is considered a nice and great place to go swimming and sunbathing or just to spend the day.

The beautiful sandy beach is enthralled by the stately palm trees that provide soothing shade to make your day wonderful, with lush green hills in the background. With clear turquoise water, this beach is also the perfect place for snorkeling and swimming.

The bay is very popular with sailors, so here you will always find beautiful boats and sailboats that dot the landscape.

A short walk from the water you’ll find a charming restaurant miles away, and plenty of walk-up vendors offering you hot, locally made food. Public toilets are also provided on the beach.

7. Lindbergh Bay Beach

St. Thomas Beaches

Photo by Chalo Garcia on Unsplash

Many St. Thomas beaches feature their own waterfront bars and restaurants. They are everywhere. And often, these beaches are considered the busiest on a Caribbean island. However, as compared to the others, Lindbergh Beach always offers all the perks and it also seems to be much less crowded.

The beachfront overlooks the gleaming turquoise bay which is a sight to behold.

The coconut trees here act to provide shade. Watersports are readily available for rent, including jet skis, paddleboards, kayaks, and snorkeling gear. And your kids, here, in particular, will enjoy two playgrounds – one on the water and one on the beach. which makes it a good choice.

8. Brewers Bay Beach

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Photo by Eelco Böhtlingk on Unsplash

Brewer’s Bay is a popular and lovely beach located within the campus of the University of the Virgin Islands at the west end of the island that you’ll be happy to visit. Like so many St.

Thomas beaches, this one will also find pristine white sand and the place is wide and tall with calm waters, but it is the most lively, with street vendors selling homemade snacks, food, and drinks. will. There are tall palm trees scattered on the beach which provide you pleasant shade, which provides respite from the scorching sun.

The university staff maintains it well. There is no bathroom available here. Bring your snorkeling gear if you come here as the clear, calm waters are great for exploring.

9. Sapphire Bay Beach

St. Thomas Beaches

Photo by Ice Tea on Unsplash

Sapphire Bay is on the eastern side of the island and about a 5-minute drive from Red Hook. It’s the perfect quick getaway from the busy side of the island. The wonderful ethereal beach is considered ideal for soaking up the sun as well as being a haven for a lot of water sports enthusiasts.

There are several sports shacks along the coast where you have the option of renting kayaks, snorkeling gear, and windsurfing equipment near you which makes for an adventurous trip to the beach. For a real adrenaline rush, hire a jet ski to Vat or embark on a parasailing adventure from Sapphire Bay Marina.

Another fun aspect of the beach is also believed that it is not uncommon to see ducks roaming the shore or resident iguanas roaming around in the sun. And to top it off, you can spend hours snorkeling in rocky cliffs and cliffs that are buzzing with marine life.

10. Morning Star Beach

St. Thomas Beaches

Photo by Vitaly Sacred on Unsplash

Located on the south coast of St. Thomas, the spectacular and beautiful Morning Star Beach faces Frenchman’s Bay and is considered part of Frenchman’s Reef Beach Resort. The beach here has soft, white sand and calm surf, making it an ideal destination for swimming and snorkeling.

You will find miles of resorts and hotels near the beach as this beach is surrounded by a well-developed area and it also offers a lot of facilities. And along with the plentiful marine life, spectacular snorkeling is also offered. There is also a snack bar with cold drinks and snacks and local vendors selling homemade food on the beach.

The beach also has access to a public bathroom and a shop that rents out umbrellas and chairs on which you can relax. Due to the nearby resorts and other hotels, this beach is also very popular and often gets crowded.

11. Cowpet Beach

St. Thomas Beaches

Photo by Ishan Kahapola Arachchi on Unsplash

Situated in Cowpet Bay, is a lovely and charming Cowpet Beach that is surrounded by private homes, villas, and tennis courts. The warm shallow bay water makes it perfect for swimming.

The white, well-maintained sand and the pleasant shade of the surrounding palm trees make the beach a good spot for sunbathing.

St. Thomas Yacht Club, so you’ll see and enjoy the many luxury yachts anchored in the bay. This beach offers splendid views of the offshore sea which you will be delighted to see. The best snorkeling is on the reefs near Pettclip Point.

There is a charming restaurant situated right on the beach, which will give you the pleasure of eating out and also serves local specialties.

12. Coki Beach

St. Thomas Beaches

Photo by Stephen T King on Unsplash

This small and lovely one on the northeast coast of St. Thomas is the perfect beach. Whether you enjoy sunbathing or relaxing on the shore, if you are into snorkeling or want to go snorkeling, Koki Point could be an excellent option for you.

If you need to rent a chair and umbrella along with food, here you get miles on the beach with breakfast and drink huts also available. The serene atmosphere of the beach makes you feel good.

There are watersports, jet skis, snorkel gear, and stand-up paddleboards available for rent, and there is even a dive center.

Nearby is the Coral World Ocean Park which offers a fun up-close and personal experience with a variety of marine life such as dolphins, stingrays, sharks, turtles, and much more. A good choice if that’s all you want to see. It is possible.

A visit to Ocean Park along Koki Point Beach will fill you with joy.


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