Best Breakfast in St Pete Beach, FL

20 Best Breakfast in St Pete Beach, FL

Start your breakfast adventure in St. Pete Beach, Florida’s charming resort town west of St. Petersburg. This coastal haven caters to every culinary desire, offering a diverse selection of breakfasts ranging from classic American staples like fluffy flapjacks and hearty omelets to globally inspired burritos and delicate croissants. St.

Pete Beach has a range of eateries to suit all preferences, ensuring an enjoyable experience for every food lover. Rely on the local culinary scene to improve your breakfast, and if you’re unsure where to start, my curated list will ensure you taste the best breakfast in St. Pete Beach, FL. Explore this coastal gem and give your taste buds an unforgettable morning treat.

1. Cafe Soleil

Best Breakfast in St Pete Beach, FL

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Located within the charming Dolphin Village, this eatery is the quintessential breakfast spot in St. Pete Beach, FL, offering an unmatched morning dining experience.

The charm of this establishment lies not only in its delectable food but also in its charming ambiance, which creates the perfect backdrop for an early morning rendezvous with loved ones. Imagine yourself swapping stories on the plush sofa, fostering a cordial atmosphere, or opting for an open environment surrounded by lush greenery, taking your social gatherings to unforgettable heights.

Undoubtedly, The star of the menu is the Roast Beef Toasted Croissant – a culinary masterpiece that exceeds expectations. The croissant, loaded with juicy roast beef, exudes an irresistible juiciness that mesmerizes the taste buds.

The symphony of flavors is complemented by a velvety layer of creamy cheese and a touch of spicy mustard, turning this dish into a complete dish. Enjoy a breakfast experience beyond the ordinary, making this eatery an excellent choice for the best breakfast in St. Pete Beach, FL.

2. Frog Pond

Located in the heart of St. Pete Beach’s Corey Avenue shopping district, this charming eatery is one of the premier breakfast destinations. Famous for its diverse selection of classic morning dishes, from delicious omelets to perfectly toasted bread, this place promises a delightful start to your day.

Even in the morning the hustle and bustle creates a lively atmosphere. As you savor your breakfast, the lively conversation of fellow diners and the friendly banter of the staff add to the energetic aura.

The undisputed star of the menu is the Eggs Benedict, a harmonious blend of flavors where English muffins, eggs, and Canadian bacon intertwine, complemented by the rich and velvety embrace of hollandaise sauce.

Enjoying this morning masterpiece ensures a culinary experience that will set a positive vibe for the rest of your day, making it a must-try.

3. La Casa del Pane

Featuring attractive outdoor seating, this bakery stands out as a premier breakfast spot, with a delicious menu that is a seamless blend of American classics and Italian-inspired dishes. Enhance your morning experience by enjoying the famous Maddalena Special.

Picture this: expertly blended fluffy eggs with aromatic basil, generously layered on soft bread, and complemented by the creamy richness of mozzarella. Each bite is a symphony of fresh, delicious flavors that dance on your palate, establishing this dish as the undisputed champion of breakfast in St. Pete Beach, FL. Embrace the magic of cooking amongst the tall green trees, making every moment a celebration of exquisite taste and charming ambiance.

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the best breakfast experience St. Pete Beach has to offer.

4. Paradise Grille

Enjoy culinary delights at this walk-up counter, a breakfast spot renowned as one of the best breakfasts in St. Pete Beach. Beyond just serving delicious omelets and classic breakfasts, this establishment offers a unique dining experience.

Picture enjoying your morning meal amid the open-air seating area, the gentle breeze of St. Pete Beach caressing your cheeks, and the awe-inspiring view of the beach and the expansive blue sky above. For an unforgettable breakfast, head to Paradise Omelet Attracts.

This divine creation effortlessly blends the vibrant flavors of tomatoes, green chilies, onions, and spinach on a single plate. The addition of cheddar cheese adds a creamy richness that takes this dish to extraordinary heights. Your taste buds are in for a treat, making each bite a moment etched in the memory of your culinary exploits.

5. Seahorse Restaurant

Best Breakfast in St Pete Beach, FL

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It is a hidden gem that boasts a rustic atmosphere that transports you to the Old West. With completely wooden walls, tables, and chairs, the ambiance resembles an authentic salon, creating a unique and charming ambiance to enjoy your meal. Step outside for a breathtaking view, where the majestic beach waters and lush greenery provide a picturesque backdrop. For a tantalizing taste, the Spicy Shrimp Omelette is a must-try.

Picture fluffy eggs embracing perfectly cooked Cajun shrimp, creating a harmonious blend of textures and flavors. The addition of creamy cheese elevates the dish to the level of pure glory. Embark on a culinary journey that will not only satisfy your taste buds but also excite your visual senses in this unmatched breakfast paradise. Discover the best breakfast in St. Pete Beach, FL, and let this eatery redefine your morning dining experience.

6. Skidders Restaurant

Housed within a bright orange façade, this iconic family-owned restaurant stands as a beacon for breakfast lovers, offering a unique morning dining experience. Famous for its exceptional pancakes and a mix of American favorites.

The menu features an enticing range of sweet treats including fluffy pancakes and scrumptious waffles, sure to put a smile on the face of even the pickiest of eaters. Beyond the sweet charms, the breakfast spot satisfies savory cravings with generous portions of early-morning classics, providing hearty energy for the day ahead. A standout recommendation is the Florentine Benedict, a culinary masterpiece That is beyond the ordinary.

The English muffin serves as a canvas for a symphony of fresh flavors, matching perfectly with the delicious combination of spinach and eggs on top. Taking the dish to unparalleled heights is the excellent hollandaise sauce, which envelops each piece in creamy perfection that defines breakfast bliss.

7. Sea Turtle Restaurant

The best breakfast awaits you in St. Pete Beach, the charming confines of a blue brick structure. This eatery, with its charming ambiance, invites customers to enjoy a morning feast amidst vibrant blue walls adorned with whimsical fish decorations.

The pièce de résistance is the terrace, where an image of a giant turtle leads diners into an aquatic area, setting the perfect tone for the day. Enjoy the quintessential British delight, the Bacon and Eggs dish, a deliciously excellent masterpiece that mesmerizes the taste buds. Three perfectly crispy bacon strips complement the fluffy eggs, creating a harmonious blend of textures and flavors.

The meal is served with fries garnished with onions and accompanied by fresh bread, ending with a breakfast sensation that lingers in the memory. Make this eatery your breakfast destination for an unforgettable start to your day at the best breakfast in St. Pete Beach, FL.

8. La Croisette

This delectable eatery attracts breakfast lovers with its extraordinary aspect. Hailed as the ultimate morning paradise, it boasts an irresistible range of egg-centric delights, delicious sandwiches, and much more, all in a laid-back ambiance. Upon crossing the threshold, be mesmerized by the whimsical interiors. Be ready for.

The wooden walls decorated with carefully curated hand-drawn paintings and T-shirts create a gallery-like ambiance. The pièce de résistance is a massive centerpiece painting that transports diners to the serene shores of the beach and offers a feast for the eyes. For a breakfast experience beyond the ordinary, enjoy the Florida Omelets Croissant.

This culinary masterpiece combines flaky pastry enveloping a symphony of avocado, egg, and tomato, offering a harmonious blend of sweet and fresh flavors. Adding to the indulgence, the addition of cheddar cheese and sour cream turns your mid-morning meal into a truly extravagant affair.


Step into this IHOP paradise, one of a thriving network of over 80 locations in Florida, and embark on a breakfast journey that’s beyond the ordinary. The charm of this eatery, steeped in tradition, welcomes you as you settle into the comfortable booths, preparing to enjoy the classics. The famous Buttermilk Pancakes, a testament to IHOP’s heritage, captivate with their fluffy perfection.

Paired with a steaming cup of coffee, it’s a symphony for the senses. Don’t forget to capture the moment in front of the iconic blue A-frame, turning your breakfast into eternal memories. Now, the pièce de résistance: chocolate chip pancakes.

Enhance your taste buds with this exquisite creation – a chocolate-covered flapjack garnished with scrumptious chips. As you taste each bite, rich sweetness dances across your palate, enhanced by a luscious drizzle of chocolate syrup. It’s not just a dish; It’s a sweet symphony, a joyous song of breakfast perfection in St. Pete Beach, FL.

10. Gulfside Grill

Best Breakfast in St Pete Beach, FL

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Located within the limits of Rumfish Beach Resort, this hidden gem of an eatery offers a culinary experience like no other, especially during breakfast. Open-air seating allows patrons to enjoy their morning meal amidst the pleasant embrace of the gentle breeze of St.

Pete Beach creates an ideal atmosphere for relaxation. The prime location isn’t just about the fun atmosphere; It seamlessly combines gastronomic indulgence with a refreshing dip in the adjacent pool, promising an unforgettable morning routine. The star of the breakfast menu is, obviously, the Breakfast Burrito.

Picture a tortilla, a canvas of exquisite flavors, generously covering a harmonious blend of eggs, peppers, onions, and juicy sausage. Each bite is a symphony of textures and flavors, elevated by the crowning glory of pico de gallo and a dollop of velvety sour cream. The result is nothing short of divine – a breakfast masterpiece that transcends the ordinary, leaving a lasting satisfaction that calls you back for more.

11. Bermudas Restaurant

Located within the Tradewinds Resort, this breakfast haven turns out to be the ultimate bliss for foodies looking for a morning paradise. With blue walls adorned with palm tree murals, beach-themed art, and charming pineapple-accented chairs, the best breakfast atmosphere in St.

Pete Beach, FL immerses diners in a tropical escape that will keep patrons Leads to an island oasis. Step outside for a panoramic view of the mesmerizing blue sea and lush green surroundings that add to the tropical experience.

The Breakfast Monte Cristo emerges as a culinary masterpiece, consisting of French toast with two eggs and smoked Virginia ham. Strong, fresh flavors harmonize with the creamy notes of melted Swiss cheese, creating the palate-stimulating sensation that defines breakfast excellence. For those in St. Pete Beach, FL, this spot is clearly the best for a morning culinary excursion.

12. Rum Runners Bar and Grille

This remarkable breakfast haven is a culinary gem that captivates with its extraordinary potato bowls, delicious waffles, and timeless classics, all served in a cozy ambiance. Indulge in the morning feast while enjoying the breathtaking views, as the open-air setting, covered with tall trees, provides a tranquil respite from the bright morning sun.

The picturesque backdrop of blue waters and pristine white sands enhances the experience while mesmerizing your senses. For health enthusiasts, the Smart Start dish is a must-try, featuring chopped fresh fruits in honey yogurt sauce, providing a zesty kick to your palate. With homemade quinoa granola and blackberry oatmeal, it creates a nutritious and energizing breakfast symphony.

13. Buoy’s Waterfront Bar and Grill

This centrally located eatery stands out as a premier brunch destination, serving a delectable array of American classics in a captivating blue-themed ambiance.

The Sellers Sandwich emerges as a palate-pleasing masterpiece, featuring a harmonious blend of savory sausage, crisp bacon, and rich, creamy cheese wrapped in pillowy soft bread.

Best Breakfast in St. Pete Beach, FL As soon as you try this cheesy dish When you enjoy, choose a seat near the bar for a double experience – enjoy culinary delights while watching your favorite TV program.

Alternatively, enjoy the natural surroundings by dining al fresco surrounded by mesmerizing waters and vast blue skies. A visit to this breakfast spot is the perfect prelude to a day full of exciting adventures in St. Pete Beach, FL, making it an unrivaled choice for the best breakfast in town.

14. Toasted Monkey

Housed in a charming cottage-like structure, this St. Pete Beach eatery is a culinary gem, offering a delightful blend of flavors that makes it a local gastronomic mainstay. Specializing in breakfast, the lively atmosphere makes it the epitome of fun.

Picture this: As you savor the incredible egg and cheese sandwich, the soft bread harmonizes with the fluffy eggs and cheese, creating a mouth-watering symphony of fresh and creamy flavors. The choice of bacon, ham, or sausage elevates this dish to one in a million.

Enjoy your meal accompanied by performances from local artists, then start your day’s adventures with a refreshing swim at the nearby beach – the perfect start to a memorable day.

15. Sweet Brewnette

Best Breakfast in St Pete Beach, FL

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Step into the nostalgic heart of this St. Pete Beach culinary gem, where the ambiance of a bygone era complements a breakfast experience that’s beyond the ordinary. The retro diner, decorated with vibrant paintings and iconic red chairs reminiscent of 1900s America, inspires you to capture its timeless charm through your lens.

As the morning sunlight filters through a captivating chandelier, the restaurant transforms into a visual masterpiece, providing the perfect start to your day. Enjoy a veggie breakfast, a symphony of fresh tomatoes, spinach, pesto, and eggs on soft Cuban bread, filled with a luscious blend of creamy cheeses.

This morning’s delight promises to elevate your palate and make you smile, making it a must-see for anyone looking for the best breakfast in St. Pete Beach, FL.

16. The Boardwalk Grill

Located near the docks, the jungle-themed eatery offers a culinary experience in a vibrant oasis of flavors. Immerse yourself in the early morning jungle atmosphere while enjoying a delicious breakfast in an open-air hut decorated with nipa leaves and colorful pillars reminiscent of ancient civilizations.

Step outside, and lush greenery surrounds you, adding to the immersive experience. Join the Boardwalk Club, a culinary masterpiece where soft breads serve up a symphony of fresh turkey, ham, or tuna.

This double-decker delight, adorned with crispy bacon, goes beyond mere sustenance; It becomes a soul-nourishing journey through layers of flavors and textures. The jungle-themed eatery invites you to savor extraordinary flavors in every meal, a breakfast paradise where culinary artistry meets natural splendor.

17. Rick’s Reef

Housed within a captivating blue and green structure, this eatery among the best breakfasts in St. Pete Beach, FL, is a breakfast paradise famous for its delicious Benedicts, toasts, and an array of American favorites.

Early risers are in for a visual treat as the stunning interior decorated with blue colors, oversized fish decor and surfboards on the ceiling turn every moment into a photographic masterpiece.

However, the real star of the menu is the BBQ Pork Cinnamon Rolls, a culinary marvel that takes the flaky pastry to new heights. Filled with juicy pulled pork and garnished with luscious barbecue sauce, each piece is a harmonious symphony of flavors, making it a definite must-try.

Embark on a breakfast journey in this gem, capturing both your taste buds and your camera lens.

18. Dunkin’

Enjoy a breakfast experience at this famous donut haven that is celebrated not only for its delicious fried treats but also for an array of classic breakfast dishes. For dedicated donut enthusiasts, this eatery is a paradise with a wide selection ranging from timeless glazed varieties to avant-garde cornbread and apple fritter concoctions.

However, the piece de resistance is undoubtedly the blueberry cobbler donut. Enjoy the symphony of flavors as the pastry meets an exquisite blueberry glaze, providing a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness that will astonish your taste buds.

Enhance the experience by pairing this culinary masterpiece with a steaming cup of coffee, creating a morning meal that lingers in your memory long after the last delicious bite. This establishment goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring an unforgettable breakfast that caters to both donut enthusiasts and lovers of breakfast classics.

19. Waffle House

Step into the heart of nostalgia at this revered breakfast spot, where an array of flavors awaits you. Transport yourself to the charm of a 1900s American eatery amid flawless walls adorned with charming black and white snapshots showcasing the chain’s historical legacy.

The iconic galley kitchen, equipped with bold red chairs, adds to the time-travel experience. Indulge your taste buds in the culinary masterpiece Peanut Butter Chip Waffles. Immerse yourself in the ethereal bliss of its soft, heavenly texture, making each snack enjoy an exquisite journey through perfection.

Loaded with delicious peanut butter chips, this waffle transcends the ordinary flavor, making it a uniquely epic adventure. In the heart of St. Pete Beach, FL, this establishment reigns supreme as an unrivaled purveyor of the finest breakfast experience.

20. Fresh Factory

Best Breakfast in St Pete Beach, FL

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Enjoy a gastronomic masterpiece at this chic breakfast spot, a unique gem of morning bliss in St. Pete Beach, FL. The aesthetic appeal of its sleek, white, and gray interior is a feast for the eyes, creating a serene haven that effortlessly invigorates the mind.

Decorated with vibrant paintings of luscious fruits and potted plants, the eatery enhances your dining experience with a captivating burst of colors. Spice up your morning with the iconic Treasure Island Bowl, a culinary symphony combining acai, coconut, strawberry, and banana in a delightful dance of fresh flavors.

Dressed with a triple berry compote, this dish is more than just a snack; It’s a visual and gastronomic masterpiece that ensures this place claims the title of best breakfast in St. Pete Beach, FL.

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