Best Breakfast in Richmond, VA

20 Best Breakfast in Richmond, VA

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Richmond, VA, a city that pulsates with culture, natural splendor, and a culinary scene that will leave you yearning for more. From casual family brunches to quick, delicious meals, Richmond’s breakfast spots cater to all tastes and preferences.

As an experienced travel writer and dedicated food lover, I bring to bear a wealth of knowledge about the gastronomic treasures of the city. Having personally tasted the offerings of these establishments, I assure you of a unique insight into Richmond’s dynamic culinary landscape.

Based on research and the history of top-tier dining venues, I carefully evaluate each location, taking into account not only the delicious fare but also the ambiance, service, and overall guest experience.

For an unforgettable breakfast adventure, let me be your trusted food guide in Richmond. Discover more below and enjoy the best breakfast experiences this river city has to offer.

1. Perly’s

Best Breakfast in Richmond, VA

Photo by Dana Tentis:

Perly’s, an iconic delicatessen established in 1961, stands as a symbol of culinary excellence in downtown Richmond, Virginia. This iconic eatery has mastered the art of blending traditional Jewish classics with contemporary flavors, tantalizing the tastebuds of guests for decades.

What sets Perly’s apart as an exceptional breakfast destination in Richmond is its unwavering commitment to creating delicious, made-from-scratch deli delights, dinners, and morning dishes. Step into Perly’s Step into a Time Capsule Just like entering, its retro and funky interiors are decorated with a wide range of vintage photographs.

This charming atmosphere adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the dining experience, transporting customers to a bygone era while savoring their food. The crown jewel of Perly’s breakfast offering is undoubtedly the Corned Beef Sandwich.

Every bite is an exquisite experience, as the tender, melt-in-your-mouth corned beef is sandwiched between slices of perfectly seasoned rye bread. The result is nothing short of magic on the taste buds. For those looking for comfort in a bowl, the Matzo Ball Soup is a must-try, offering warmth and nutrition in every spoonful.

2. The Daily Kitchen & Bar

In 2013, The Deli Kitchen emerged as a beloved brunch spot in Richmond, VA, captivating hearts with its delectable, eco-friendly, and health-conscious food. What sets it apart is not just the mouth-watering menu, but also its inviting ambiance, with an outdoor courtyard and open-air dining space that makes it a place to have a relaxed breakfast with friends.

Makes an ideal place. For health-conscious travelers, The Daily Kitchen offers a diverse range of delicious paleo and gluten-free options, ensuring everyone can indulge guilt-free.

Plus, their specialty cocktails are nothing short of extraordinary, including standouts like the Peanut Butter Old Fashioned and the Watermelon Kombucha Martini.

One dish that stands out among their offerings is the addictive blackened sh tacos. Filled with copious amounts of fresh vegetables and sh, these tacos are a flavor explosion, combining spiciness, creaminess, and umami in every bite. For those looking for the best breakfast in Richmond, VA, The Deli Kitchen is a must-visit spot of culinary bliss.

3. Country Style Donuts

Ideally located on West Broad Street, this locally owned gem is a paradise for donut enthusiasts. The shop offers a diverse range of classic donuts, aromatic coffee, and delicious cinnamon rolls.

What sets this place apart is its simple, no-frills ambiance that evokes a charming old-school feel. When craving donuts in the morning, this donut shop is the go-to spot. Their menu has an impressive variety, from jelly-filled treats to fully baked yeast doughnuts.

Each dish is carefully prepared, ensuring a fresh and flavorful experience with every bite. However, what really elevates this establishment is the warm and welcoming service.

The staff here exudes friendliness and patience, making every visit a pleasure. For those looking to dive into the classics, the Old Fashioned and Original Glazed Donuts are a must-try. The Old Fashioned option boasts a delightful density and a subtly tart favor prole that is completely irresistible.

Original glaze, on the other hand, offers a fluffy, airy texture that is absolutely mouth-watering. In the heart of Richmond, VA, this donut shop stands out as a prime spot for breakfast you’ll definitely love.

4. The Fancy Biscuit

The Fancy Biscuit is a breakfast spot known for its biscuit-centric menu. Differentiating itself from Country Style Donuts and The Deli Kitchen & Bar, this establishment offers a chic ambiance, delicious breakfast, and hot coffee to drink.

There is a range of both sweet and savory options for biscuit lovers. For those with creative talents, the option to make your own biscuits awaits. Additionally, offering scrumptious mimosa flights adds a touch of indulgence.

Among their standout dishes, Number 52 reigns supreme – an Eggs Benedict variation featuring Sriracha Hollandaise, hard-boiled eggs, pepper jack cheese, and ham, providing a mildly spicy and explosively flavorful experience. Fancy Biscuit promises to be a delightful rendezvous for breakfast lovers looking for extraordinary biscuit delights.

5. Eat 33

Located on Staples Mill Road, Eat 33 is a beloved, old-fashioned eatery in Richmond that serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch aficionados. What sets it apart is its commitment to providing delicious American comfort food.

Whether your taste buds crave eggs, meatloaf, or burgers, this eatery offers an extensive menu sure to satisfy. But it’s not just the food that makes Eat 33 special; The atmosphere is equally charming, offering a vibrant, beach-like ambiance with vibrant colors that transport diners to a more relaxed state of mind.

Among their standout dishes, the pressed pork chops caught everyone’s attention. These juicy chops are expertly fried to perfection, resulting in a crispy, mouth-watering exterior that is generously slathered in delicious gravy, creating an unforgettable dining experience.

6. Dot’s Back Inn

This charming old-school eatery is famous for its retro atmosphere and a menu full of comforting classics. Chef Jimmy Trasmouras leads the kitchen, ensuring that each dish is prepared with care and served in generous quantities.

The eatery has earned itself a place as a Richmond institution, attracting locals and visitors alike. What sets this eatery apart is its offering of custom-made dishes that allow guests to enjoy their comfort food Allows to create.

A standout option is the chicken with homemade pesto and feta, a delightful combination that reflects the kitchen’s commitment to flavor and quality. The real star of the menu is the Smithfield, a unique twist on the classic eggs Benedict.

This dish takes it to a whole new level with the addition of hard-boiled eggs, delicious country ham, and delicious hollandaise sauce. One bite of Smithfield’s is enough to understand why this eatery is considered one of the best breakfast spots in Richmond, VA. For those seeking an old-time dining experience and exceptional comfort food, this eatery is a must-visit.

7. Millie’s Diner

Since its opening in 1989, Millie’s Diner on East Main Street has held a special place in the hearts of locals. It’s a quintessential part of Richmond’s breakfast scene, and no compilation of the city’s best morning eateries is complete without it.

Set in a classic eatery setting, Millie’s distinguishes itself with its menu that blends traditional breakfast food with global influences, resulting in innovative and delightful plates. While you wait for your food, you can enjoy full-sized mimosas and the nostalgic touch of the mini jukebox.

Among their standout offerings is the famous “Devil’s Mess” – a harmonious explosion of flavors. This dish is made with a blend of spices, fresh vegetables, creamy avocado, and juicy sausage, providing a satisfying, filling, and delightfully spicy culinary experience. It’s a beautiful mess that captures the essence of Millie’s culinary prowess.

8. Joe’s Inn

For a taste of nostalgia and hearty comfort food, look no further than Joe’s Inn in Bon Air, an iconic family-owned restaurant since 1952. This Richmond gem has earned its spot on the list for its vintage bar and a menu that offers a whole lot of food.

Families, especially those with kids. When it comes to breakfast, this one doesn’t disappoint. Their two-egg breakfast is an excellent option, consisting of three perfectly crisp French toasts, a huge side of potatoes, delicious sausage links, and salty bacon.

It’s a substantial and satisfying meal that sets the tone for a great day in Richmond. And if you’re looking for extra indulgence, don’t hesitate to add their delicious sausage gravy.

In addition to breakfast, Joe’s Inn continues to impress with its diverse dinner offerings, which include Greek salads, exotic dishes, and copious amounts of mouth-watering spaghetti dishes. Joe’s Inn is one of the best breakfast experiences in Richmond, VA.

With its welcoming atmosphere, family-friendly options, and delicious menu offerings, it’s no wonder why this beloved establishment has remained a local favorite for generations.

9. SB’s Lakeside Love Shack

SB’s Lakeside Love Shack, owned by the delightful Sarabeth Hagen, is a culinary gem that wins hearts with its warm hospitality, and delicious lunch and breakfast dishes that can satisfy even a hearty appetite.

What sets this establishment What sets it apart is its vibrant atmosphere, filled with pop culture themes and a playful, playful atmosphere. But it’s the generously distributed food that really steals the show. Each plate is a testament to their dedication to serving up an experience that leaves patrons satisfied and smiling.

A must-try dish that epitomizes the unique charm of Love Shack is the “Glitter on the Mattress.” This culinary marvel features a slab of golden Texas toast decorated with edible glitter, dipped in a scrumptious bacon gravy, and topped with delicious sausage.

It is a taste sensation that is both mouth-watering and whimsical, making it a must-try for any guest seeking a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

10. Whisk

Best Breakfast in Richmond, VA

Photo by Gil Goldman:

Established in 2015, Whiskey, located in Shockoe Bottom, has become a quintessential destination for lovers of delicious French pastries. This charming bakery earns its place on the list by offering customers an authentic taste of France through delicious dishes.

The ambiance is both casual and relaxing, creating the perfect backdrop to savor a variety of coffee and espresso options as well as their French-inspired sandwiches, as well as freshly baked bread, and pastries featuring old-fashioned American flavors.

A delightful mix. One must-try dish that stands out is their Quin Aman, a marvel of pastry expertise. The layers of this puff pastry are expertly crafted to achieve an excellent balance of buttery richness, subtle hints of saltiness, and a delightful interplay of sweetness and density.

For those seeking the best breakfast experience in Richmond, VA, Whiskey undoubtedly sets the standard with its exquisite French-inspired creations.

11. Sub Rosa Bakery

Located on North 25th Street, Sub Rosa Bakery stands out with its authentic, rustic charm and commitment to creating top-notch pastries.

This unique establishment is different from all the other bakeries in the city. What sets it apart is the use of a real wood-burning oven, resulting in old-world-style pastries and organic bread that are naturally leavened to perfection. Among their sumptuous offerings, the standout is undoubtedly their famous chocolate croissant.

Each one is a delectable masterpiece, generously filled with rich, molten chocolate, encased within impeccably flaky, buttery layers. Sab Rosa Bakery is truly a paradise for discerning pastry enthusiasts seeking a unique culinary experience.

12. 821 Cafe (Formerly 821 Bakery Cafe)

Located on West Cary Street, 821 Café is known for its diverse beers and delicious breakfast options. This Richmond institution offers a delightful retro diner charm, making it a perfect spot for a satisfying brunch or breakfast.

What really sets 821 apart is its commitment to a wholesome menu with a special focus on vegetarian and vegan offerings. Among his extraordinary dishes, fried artichokes take center stage.

This culinary masterpiece is an array of flavors, including crispy fried artichokes, creamy provolone, tangy spicy mustard, juicy tomatoes, and fresh spinach, all contained in a perfectly seasoned subroll. For those looking for the best breakfast in Richmond, VA, 821 Café undoubtedly offers an extraordinary and memorable dining experience.

13. Can Can Brasserie

Can Can, a lively bistro located on West Cary Street, takes inspiration from charming Parisian brasseries. Its charm lies not only in its lively lunches and dinners but also in the joy of its mornings. Between nine and eleven, the Brasserie serves a delectable range of French breakfast dishes.

The experience is enhanced by the pastry bakery and skilled baristas, ensuring a serene and gratifying start to your day. Among their culinary treasures, Croque Madame ranks supreme.

This divine creation is a symphony of flavors, consisting of a luscious, velvety sauce, and juicy ham, topped with a perfectly cooked sunny-side-up egg. Enjoy, and let your taste buds take you on a journey of pure bliss.

14. Lamplighter Coffee Roasters (Formerly Lamplighter Roasting Company)

Located on Scott’s Addison Street, this simple café in Richmond is a haven for early birds looking for delicious pastries and freshly brewed coffee. While it may not fit into the traditional definition of an eatery, it undoubtedly earns its place on the list for an enjoyable breakfast experience.

The ambiance exudes a laid-back charm, setting the stage for mornings filled with delicious breakfast sandwiches and expertly crafted cups of coffee.

A standout dish not to be missed is their Soy Chorizo Sandwich, which is a symphony of flavors featuring creamy Havarti, rm avocado, and tangy, spicy chorizo. For those looking for the best breakfast in Richmond, VA, this hidden gem is a must-see.

15. Lunch. | Supper!

Located on Summit Avenue since its inception in 2012, “Lunch or Supper” is a rustic gem that has captured the hearts of Richmond locals and visitors alike.

Although its name might suggest afternoon or evening hours, this charming spot meets expectations by offering a sumptuous breakfast menu until 3 p.m. It has earned its reputation as one of the premier breakfast destinations in the city.

The menu features an impressive array of delicious dishes, including everything from mouth-watering omelets to delicious breakfast sandwiches and many other culinary specialties. One standout dish that attracts customers time and again is the chicken and Wafe.

This dish is a true masterpiece, with the chicken achieving a perfect balance of juiciness on the inside and delicious crispiness on the outside. The crowning glory comes in the form of a delicious gravy that takes the dish to new heights.

Paired with waffles that strike a pleasant balance between richness and subtle sweetness, this ensemble is a culinary symphony that never fails to mesmerize diners.

16. Pop’s Market On Grace

Located in the charming confines of the former Cokesbury Bookstore, Pop’s Market on Grace has been a beloved spot in Downtown Richmond since 2015. This cozy deli may look ordinary from the outside, but step inside and you’ll discover a culinary gem known for its delicious, scratch-made brunch offerings.

The menu features a range of delicious dishes including heavenly rolls and freshly baked bread. Among the exceptional dishes, the Italian Grinder reigns supreme, comprising a harmonious blend of crisp vegetables, and juicy meat, nestled in a foundation of immaculately fresh bread.

The result is a symphony of flavors, with a fascinating interplay of spicy, sour, salty, and sweet notes. For those looking for the best breakfast in Richmond, VA, Pop’s Market on Grace is a must-visit.

17. McLeans Restaurant

This cherished culinary gem, proudly woman-owned, warmly embraces the spirit of everyday home-cooked goodness. From mouth-watering breakfast to delicious lunch, McLean’s has been a favorite spot in the community since its inception in 1965.

What sets this charming eatery apart is its unwavering dedication to serving delicious “home-style meals” to patrons from Monday to Friday. The comforting taste of tradition.

Even during the busy weekend rush, the efficiency of service ensures that you won’t have to wait impatiently for your food. Among their scrumptious offerings, pancakes have caught everyone’s attention.

Served with eggs, perfectly seasoned potatoes, and a generous plate of delicious sausages, this combination is a culinary masterpiece that demands a place on your must-try list. Each bite embodies the warmth and care of a home-cooked meal, making McLean’s a true treasure in Richmond’s food scene.

18. Nate’s Bagels

Nate’s Bagels, established in 2016 and located on South Allen Avenue, stands as a top breakfast spot in Richmond, VA. The eatery receives praise for its carefully prepared, kettle-cooked bagels.

What sets Nate apart is its diverse selection of delicious options, ranging from the New Virginia Vegan to the hearty Jersey Turnpike. The friendly staff goes the extra mile, offering valuable advice on how to keep your bagels fresher longer. Among the must-try dishes, the vegetarian laksa promises a nutritious and delicious start to the day.

Additionally, their vegetarian-friendly option featuring a delicious combination of soft bagel and shaved marinated carrots proves surprisingly enjoyable. Nate’s Bagels undoubtedly earns its place as one of the best breakfast spots in Richmond, VA.

19. River City Diner

Since its opening in 1994, the famous River City Diner on West Huguenot Road has consistently served some of the best fare in Richmond. A gem for a family breakfast outing, this eatery offers a delightful array of classic morning specials.

From mouth-watering corned beef hash to perfectly cooked bacon, eggs, and delicious French toast, the menu is a treasure trove of morning delights. What really sets River City Diner apart is its inviting, all-American atmosphere, which is perfect for families seeking a warm and welcoming dining experience.

Among his extraordinary dishes, “Garbage Plate” ranks highest. This culinary masterpiece features a harmonious blend of rich and juicy ingredients: gooey cheese, fluffy scrambled eggs, and crunchy home fries, all bathed in delicious sausage gravy.

This dish is a blend of flavors, which satisfies even the heartiest of hunger with its delicious charm. For those seeking the quintessential Richmond breakfast, River City Diner is an unmatched destination.

20. Early Bird Biscuit Company

Best Breakfast in Richmond, VA

Photo by Elena Leya on Unsplash

Located on North Robinson Street, Early Bird Bakery is a hidden gem known for its mouth-watering homemade biscuits served in a cozy setting. This beloved establishment has earned its place on the list of best breakfast spots in Richmond, VA.

What sets Early Bird apart is their creation of a diverse range of buttermilk biscuits on a daily basis, each of which has its own unique flavor. Saturdays are special, as they offer an all-day breakfast menu featuring delicious options like chicken biscuits and specialty omelets.

However, the real star of the show is their classic biscuits – perfectly shaped, buttery, flaky, and with just the right touch of buttermilk goodness.

For more adventurous tastes, the Biscuits and Crazies dish is a must-try, which offers a delicious, mild spicy kick as well as a rich and flavorful sausage gravy. Early Bird Bakery is undoubtedly the favorite destination for biscuit lovers enjoying the perfect morning in Richmond, VA.

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