Best Family Resorts Near Indianapolis, IN

7 Best Family Resorts Near Indianapolis, IN

Discover the ultimate finale to your family adventure in Indianapolis: an invigorating escape at a nearby kid-friendly resort. Designed with families in mind, these retreats promise plenty of fun. Now, with our guidance, it’s easier to choose the ideal resort to suit your family’s preferences.

Whether you’re inclined toward the wonders of a waterpark or a tranquil lakeside respite, our curated list reveals the best family resorts near Indianapolis, IN. Experience a relaxed atmosphere and an array of family-focused amenities, ensuring that your vacation near Indiana’s capital is nothing short of extraordinary. Don’t miss the best family resorts near Indianapolis, IN.

1. Abe Martin Lodge & Cabins

Best Family Resorts Near Indianapolis, IN

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Set amidst picturesque surroundings, this rustic retreat offers a tranquil ambiance that sets the stage for an unforgettable family vacation. The resort has plenty of exciting activities to keep kids of all ages entertained. The on-site game room and waterpark will definitely be an instant favorite among the youngsters, while intrepid teens and tweens can go on thrilling adventures through beautiful hiking trails and exciting horseback riding tours.

The Family Cabin suites offer ample space and a relaxing ambiance. Thoughtfully designed to provide, ensuring maximum comfort for babies and toddlers. What sets Abe Martin apart is its incredibly convenient location, making it an attractive alternative to some of the top family resorts in Indianapolis.

Located only a 1-hour drive away, or 60.2 miles via I-65S, families can easily access this destination of relaxation and entertainment. For those looking for the best family resorts near Indianapolis, IN, Abe Martin emerges as the prime choice.

2. Swan Lake Resort

Located just 2 hours and 16 minutes from Indianapolis, Swan Lake Resort is the premier destination for families seeking a unique vacation. While it’s true that Swan Lake is a golf lover’s paradise, it’s also remarkably family-friendly. Offering special golf clinics and lessons for children, the resort makes sure that even the youngest members of the family can enjoy the game.

The swimming pool is an ideal place for fun lovers. Adding an extra layer of entertainment, teens can dance to live musical performances at Dickey’s. Swan Lake Resort has emerged as one of the best family resorts near Indianapolis, IN, offering a mix of golf and family-oriented activities for an unforgettable vacation.

3. Oakwood Resort

Best Family Resorts Near Indianapolis, IN

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Here children can enjoy a range of activities, from exploring the fishing pier and sandy beach to enjoying the playground and arcade games. For adventurous tweens and teens, the resort offers pontoon boat and kayak rentals. Meanwhile, parents can relax in the on-site spa, enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant, or even enjoy a drink in the salon. Golf lovers will appreciate the nearby golf facility.

The resort’s spacious suites with fully equipped kitchens, dining, and living spaces offer a relaxing stay. Conveniently located a 3-hour drive from Indianapolis, the fastest route is via US-31N and IN-13 N/S State Road, covering 144.5 miles in approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes.

4. Potawatomi Inn & Cabins

If you’re looking for a nature-filled vacation outside of Indianapolis with your kids, look no further than the Potawatomi Inn & Cabins. This hidden gem is located within the picturesque Pokagon State Park, an ideal retreat for families seeking peace and quiet.

Your youth can relax on the beach, perhaps engrossed in their favorite novels. For the more adventurous and outdoorsy, there is a range of activities to choose from – fishing, cycling, and hiking in the surrounding areas. Additionally, the resort goes the extra mile to look after children, providing an indoor play area, a selection of engaging board games, and outdoor play equipment. The distance from Indianapolis is approximately 170.7 miles, and a leisurely drive up I-69 N will get you to the resort in just 2 hours and 40 minutes.

5. Grand Bear Resort at Starved Rock

Set within a tranquil oasis, this resort is one of the best family resorts near Indianapolis, IN. Its lively facilities cater to a wide age range, ensuring that every member of the family gets their fill of activity. For the little ones, a colorful waterpark, playground, and game room promise endless fun. Teens, on the other hand, will enjoy exciting movie nights and the opportunity for horseback riding adventures.

The resort doesn’t stop there; It expands its offerings to include sailing and river rafting, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for everyone. Moms and dads can relax in the trendy bar or enjoy a round of golf while enjoying the picturesque surroundings. Just a 2-hour and 50-minute drive from Indianapolis via I70E, this resort is a delightful getaway for families seeking complete entertainment. Covering a distance of 172.3 miles, it promises not just a journey but a memorable destination.

6. Spring Mill Inn

Its diverse features ensure there is something for everyone in your group. Whether you’re an avid fisherman, a nature lover, or a fan of friendly competition, the resort offers activities like fishing, hiking, bicycling, and even ping-pong. Families with children will nd special accommodations, including tailored meals, a playground, a game room, and kid-friendly TV channels.

Additionally, the resort has an extensive library, making it an educational paradise for even the youngest visitors. Located within a convenient two-hour drive from Indianapolis, Spring Mill Inn is easy to reach. Taking the IN-37 S and IN 37 routes ensures faster and easier travel, covering a distance of approximately 88.4 miles in just 1 hour and 43 minutes. This accessibility makes it an excellent choice for a quick but memorable vacation, offering an engaging blend of relaxation, adventure, and educational opportunities for guests of all ages.

7. Pine View Resort

Best Family Resorts Near Indianapolis, IN

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Packed with tons of family-friendly attractions, this haven ensures endless entertainment. The famous Indiana Beach amusement park, the tranquil expanse of Shaffer Lake, and the adrenaline-pumping NASCAR go-kart track are located just a short distance away.

On-site, the resort offers plenty of facilities for families: a spacious golf course for enthusiasts, a lively playground for youngsters, and BBQ facilities for enjoyable gatherings. An attractive picnic area completes the experience, perfect for a relaxing family meal amidst the embrace of nature. and one of the best family resorts near Indianapolis, IN.

Travel from Indianapolis, IN is seamless, with I-65 N being the preferred route. The drive to I-65 N takes just 1 hour 33 minutes. Pack your bags, set out on this adventure, and make lasting memories at Pine View Resort.

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