Best Family Beaches in New York

10 Best Family Beaches in New York [for 2023]

New York, also known as The Empire State, is one of the most popular and beloved cities in the United States, thanks to its towering skyscrapers, world-class entertainment, high-fashion shopping districts, and beautiful beaches. The beaches in New York are spotless and fully equipped with amenities, and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

From beach volleyball to surfing, these beaches have something for everyone. What sets New York Beaches apart from the rest is its oceanfront boardwalk, which offers limitless possibilities.

They are perfect for leisurely walking, jogging, or cycling, making them suitable for all ages. New York has many beaches that are family-friendly, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for kids.

The best family beaches in New York include Jones Beach State Park, Robert Moses State Park, and Coney Island. Jones Beach State Park is a popular family destination that features a long sandy beach, picnic areas, playgrounds, and a pool.

Robert Moses State Park is another excellent family beach, offering beautiful ocean views, surfing, and fishing opportunities. Finally, Coney Island is a classic family beach, famous for its amusement park, boardwalk, and delicious food.

1. Coney Island Beach, Brooklyn

Best Family Beaches in New York

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Coney Island Beach is a beautiful beach With its beautiful shoreline, beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean, and 3 miles of sandy beach, it’s no wonder that Coney Island is one of the best family beaches in New York One of the prominent attractions of this beach is the Riegelmann Boardwalk, which is the second largest boardwalk in the world.

The boardwalk is home to several amusement parks rides your teen will love, as well as concession stands selling delicious food that’s easy to eat while strolling the boardwalk. Coney Island Beach is also located near several world-class hotels and luxury, There are relaxation and family-friendly facilities.

Hence, you need not worry about finding the best family hotels in New York as there are plenty of options to choose from. You should be aware that due to its popularity, Coney Island Beach can get very crowded during peak season.

To avoid the crowds, it is recommended that you visit the beach on weekdays. With the world’s second longest boardwalk and easy access to world-class hotels, it’s easy to see why this beach is so popular Why is it.

2. Jacob Riis Beach, Queens

Best Family Beaches in New York

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Jacob Riis Beach is a hidden gem of New York that attracts locals and tourists for its expansive shoreline, art concessions, and peaceful atmosphere. Unlike other crowded beaches in the state, this beach offers a more laid-back feel, making it a great place to relax and soak up some sun or play in the mud water.

You can also take advantage of the hotel’s amenities, such as a golf course and picnic area. Families with children will especially enjoy building sand sculptures and castles, splashing in the water, and enjoying tasty treats like ice cream and cotton candy.

On particularly hot days, renting beach loungers and umbrellas is a great respite from the scorching heat. Necessary relief can be found. These amenities can allow you to enjoy a more comfortable and relaxing time at the beach while soaking in the beautiful views of the ocean, Which really makes it one of the best family beaches in New York. If you are looking for a more peaceful and less crowded beach experience in New York, Jacob Reis Beach will be great for you.

3. Orchard Beach, Bronx

Best Family Beaches in New York

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Orchard Beach is one of the best family beaches in New York, offering a kid-friendly beach experience that families love. The 1.1-mile-long shoreline features an expansive shoreline built to sandcastles and pristine waters, monitored by vigilant lifeguards. After swimming, families can stroll along the beach’s hexagonal promenade or relax and sunbathe.

One can enjoy while the kids enjoy their games on the playground or on the volleyball court. The beach also has changing areas, showers, and restrooms, making it convenient for families to freshen up after a fun day in the water.

An expert tip for your family is to take advantage of the on-site snack bar, which serves a variety of snacks. Offering delicious food and beverage options, you can relish the delicious and flavourful Baingan here with your entire family. From hamburgers and sandwiches to fried chicken, onion rings, shish kebabs and slushies, and much more is available for your little one to indulge in.

Orchard Beach is an excellent family vacation spot that provides a safe and fun beach experience for all ages. does. With its expansive shoreline, attentive lifeguards, and convenient amenities, families can relax and enjoy their time together while creating unforgettable memories.

4. South Beach, Staten Island

Best Family Beaches in New York

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South Beach is a stunning beach located in Staten Island, New York. It is a popular tourist destination known for its long coastline, endless views of the Atlantic Ocean, and wide range of fun activities it offers to families, making it one of the best family beaches in New York.

One of the most popular activities at South Beach is jogging on the Boardwalk, which is a beautiful A great way to get some exercise while enjoying the view of the ocean. The beach recommends kayaking and playing games such as bocce ball and tennis.

There are several chess tables and checkerboard tables, and plenty of benches scattered throughout the shoreline, making it a great way to relax and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. One of the main attractions of South Beach is the Fountain of the Dolphins, which features colorful lights at night and is sure to keep the kids entertained. During the summer season, South Beach hosts free concerts and fireworks shows, making it an even more attractive destination for families.

5. Rockaway Beach, Far Rockaway

Best Family Beaches in New York

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Located in Queens, Rockaway Beach is the largest city beach in the United States, with a beautiful shoreline that holds many activities for people of all ages. Rockaway Beach is known for its surfing culture, which has earned it a worldwide following.

Makes it a popular spot for surfers. New York Surf School teaches private surfing lessons for individuals and families, with classes available for children as young as ve years old. Learning to surf is an exciting and fun activity for families to enjoy together, and New York Surf School’s experienced instructors will make sure everyone has a great time in the water.

Beyond surfing, Rockaway Beach Kayaking, and Stand-Up also offers opportunities for paddleboarding and other water sports. The beach is lined with food vendors selling a variety of delicious dishes, and the nearby boardwalk is perfect for a leisurely bike ride or a romantic stroll with beautiful views. Families with young children may also enjoy the nearby park, which features playground equipment, swings, and a splash pad.

6. Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

Best Family Beaches in New York

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Brighton Beach’s shoreline is large and wide, with a gentle slope perfect for young children to play in the sand. Making sand castles, sculptures, and forts is a great way for kids to stay busy and entertained while parents relax and sunbathe.

The pristine waters are also ideal for swimming, and parents can enjoy their kids’ Can join in the fun as well. Families can enjoy games like catch ball or frisbee. When the heat gets too hot, you can set up a beach umbrella to provide some shade and coolness.

Another advantage of visiting Brighton Beach is that there are many eateries nearby, serving delicious local and Russian cuisine. Are. Families don’t have to worry about packing meals and snacks for the day, as they can grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants or cafes.

For desserts and sweets, families can try Gourmanoff Artisan Bakery located nearby. The bakery offers a variety of delectable treats and baked goods that are perfect for a post-beach snack or a sweet treat to end the day.

7. Jones Beach, Wantagh

Best Family Beaches in New York

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Jones Beach, is considered one of the best family beaches in New York. With a stunning shoreline that stretches for 6.5 miles and a 2-mile-long boardwalk, it’s no wonder this beach is internationally known. There are many reasons why Jones Beach is a popular destination for families.

One of the main reasons this beach is recommended for a family getaway is that it has so much to offer. The beach is full of hidden surprises, including waterfront bars and restaurants and vast stretches of unspoiled nature. Families can indulge in a range of activities, from swimming to a quiet stroll along the boardwalk, fishing, teeing off at the miniature golf range, surfing, bicycling, and some fun time at the playgrounds for the kids.

The Beach at the Boardwalk offers a variety of entertainment and snack options that the kids are sure to enjoy. Additionally, Jones Beach recently opened a new splash pad that sprays water from all directions, which is a great way for kids to beat a hot summer day.

Great places to visit during Memorial Day weekend Jones Beach is also an excellent location as the beach hosts a variety of events. Families can enjoy a July 4th fireworks spectacular, public concerts, volleyball tournaments, nature shows, and more. The beach is an excellent opportunity for families to bond and create unforgettable memories.

8. Robert Moses Beach, Babylon

Best Family Beaches in New York

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Robert Moses Beach is a treasure located within New York’s Robert Moses State Park. The beach boasts miles of shoreline, making it the perfect beach for strolling, building sand castles, or spending time with the kids in the water. This beach is one of the best family beaches in New York for families with kids, as there is a designated playground where kids can play and have fun.

There are areas for swimming and boogie boarding, which are supervised by lifeguards who ensure the safety of everyone present. For adults, there are many activities to choose from, such as surf-fishing, an 18-hole golf course, and volleyball courts.

You can also access the Fire Island Lighthouse and a day-use boat basin via the beach’s underpass tunnel. One of the most outstanding things about Robert Moses Beach is that it is wheelchair friendly.

Beach wheelchairs are available free of charge on a first-come first served basis. This is a great advantage for families with disabled members, as it saves them the hassle of bringing their own bulky wheelchairs. Its wheelchair-friendly policy ensures that it is an inclusive beach that is accessible to all.

9. Wolfe’s Pond Park Beach, Staten Island

Best Family Beaches in New York

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The beach is situated away from the city noise and big crowds, making it a perfect place for peaceful and quiet moments. Whether you’re looking to spend your day in the sun soaking up a good book while listening to the soothing sound of the waves, or your family is looking to experience the joy of the beach together, there is something to do for everyone.

The beach is also a great option for families with children. The flat shoreline, calm waters, and soft sand make it an ideal place for children to play and enjoy themselves without worrying about small rocks or other hazards.

Lifeguards stationed throughout the area ensure the safety of your children while they enjoy the water. The park surrounding the beach offers many other activities for your family to enjoy. These include a splash pad, hiking trails, tennis courts, roller hockey rink, and playgrounds. Exploring the park beyond the beach gives your family a full day of fun and entertainment.

10. Ocean Beach, Long Beach

Best Family Beaches in New York

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Ocean Beach is one of the best family beaches in New York, stretching for almost 4 miles. It is a popular destination for families due to its many lifeguard stations, boardwalk, and sparkling water. There are plenty of activities for families including indoor pools, playgrounds, and a fishing pier, whether you want to swim in the blue waters, play beach volleyball, take a romantic stroll, sunbathe, or just relax with your kids Want to make sand sculptures, Ocean Beach has something for everyone.

The beach hosts free concerts during the summer, giving you the opportunity to enjoy live music while soaking up the sun. One of the expert tips for visiting Ocean Beach is to plan your visit during the summer months. That’s because the beach hosts an annual beach biathlon, a competitive race your whole family can participate in. It’s an exciting event that takes place in a beautiful location, and it’s a great way to bond with your family while enjoying a day out. Of fun and competition.


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