Best Family Beaches in Ohio

10 Best Family Beaches in Ohio [for 2023]

Ohio, a Midwestern state, is famous for its abundance of recreation areas and family-friendly beaches. These coastal gems rival an oceanfront beach with their sandy shores, picturesque natural surroundings, and inviting blue waters. A visit to any beach in Ohio offers a plethora of enjoyable activities.

From paddleboarding and kayaking to boating and beach volleyball, there is something for everyone. For relaxation seekers, the powdery sand shores provide the perfect place to sunbathe and relax. The best family beaches in Ohio promise an incredible and unforgettable vacation for all.

Whether you are looking for stunning views or indulging in thrilling water sports, these beaches will surely leave a lasting impression on you and your loved ones.

1. Edgewater Beach, Cleveland

Best Family Beaches in Ohio

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Edgewater Beach is truly one of the best family beaches in Ohio, with its expansive 2,400-foot sandy shoreline along Lake Erie, this beach is the perfect spot for quality family time. Opportunity to participate in activities. Gather your loved ones for a friendly game of beach volleyball or unleash your creativity as you help your kids build giant sand castles.

If you’re looking for a water-based adventure, take advantage of the kayaking and fishing opportunities available. To ensure your comfort, Edgewater Beach offers convenient amenities. Enjoy your meal at the picnic tables, allowing you to savor delicious food while soaking in the panoramic views.

Clean toilets and showers are readily available, ensuring a refreshing experience during your visit. A concession stand awaits nearby, serving delectable treats like ice cream to satisfy your cravings.

It offers the option of renting beach cabanas or beach loungers. By securing these cozy spots right on the shore, you can soak up the sun, relax and truly embrace the beach environment.

When it comes to accommodations, Edgewater Beach offers some of the best Ohio and Boasts proximity to family hotels. Consider staying at the Punderson Manor Resort & Conference Center, which is conveniently located near the beach.

 2. East Harbor State Park Beach, Marblehead

Best Family Beaches in Ohio

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East Harbor State Park Beach is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie. This beach is a favorite beach in Ohio for families because of its kid-friendly amenities and picturesque surroundings. Its pristine shoreline and shallow waters make for a safe and enjoyable environment. makes.

The absence of significant waves ensures that even the youngest swimmers can splash around and explore the bright blue waters with ease. The beach is protected by a series of break walls, which increases safety and peace of mind for parents and guardians. While there are no lifeguards on duty, these protective measures are available at East Harbor State Park Beach Still holds the reputation of being the safest beach in Ohio.

Families can relax and enjoy their time together without worrying about strong currents or unforeseen circumstances. Building sand castles on the shore is a classic favorite, allowing kids to exercise their creativity and imagination. Parents can also take the opportunity to teach their little ones how to swim in calm and gentle waters, fostering self-confidence and water safety skills.

Adjacent to the beach, a well-maintained playground is available for children to enjoy on their beach One can enjoy swings, slides, and climbs to further enhance the experience. Pitching a tent at one of the park’s campgrounds allows you to immerse yourself in nature and fully embrace the beach environment. One can opt to rent a cabin or RV for a more comfortable and convenient stay.

3. Kelleys Island State Park Beach, Kelleys Island

Best Family Beaches in Ohio

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Located on an island within the sprawling 676-acre Kellys Island State Park, Kellys Island State Park Beach is an exceptional choice for families traveling with young children. This beach is one of the best family beaches in Ohio because of its shallow and gentle waters. It has crystal-clear and calm waters, creating a safe and enjoyable environment for the little ones to splash and play.

Clean and well
maintained restrooms and showers to ensure convenience and comfort all around. With a boat ramp available, you have the opportunity to launch your craft and explore the surrounding waters. Picnic areas are conveniently located, making it a pleasant place for families to enjoy a meal together in picturesque surroundings.

The park offers several scenic hiking trails that offer breathtaking views. Exploring these trails is a great way to connect with the island’s natural beauty and create lasting memories with your loved ones. To enhance your experience at Kelley’s Island State Park, we suggest renting a golf cart, which is easy to access.

Allows navigation and discovery of the park’s diverse attractions. This transportation option ensures that you can fully appreciate the park’s offerings and make the most of your time on the island.

4. Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park Beach, Fairport Harbor

Best Family Beaches in Ohio

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Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park Beach is a delightful beach. With its many amenities and family-friendly amenities, it ensures a convenient and comfortable trip for all. It has a spacious sandy shoreline, which provides ample space for families to relax, play, and enjoy the coast.

Lifeguards are on hand to ensure the safety of swimmers, and for the little ones, there is a playground where they can have fun and work off their energy. Clean restrooms are available, and picnic tables are conveniently located, allowing families to enjoy their meals while enjoying the beautiful views.

Another advantage of the beach is its easily accessible parking area. The facility simplifies the process of loading and unloading beach gear In addition to enjoying the sandy beach and swimming in the pristine waters, families can participate in a variety of activities together.

Boating, kayaking, and fishing opportunities are available, providing entertainment and adventure for all age groups. An expert tip for those traveling with elderly parents or grandparents is to try the wooden coasters at Fairport Harbor Lakefront Beach.

There is the presence of trails and paths. These paths are wheelchair accessible, allowing families to easily navigate the beach area with their loved ones and ensuring that everyone can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

5. Lakeview Park Beach, Lorain

Best Family Beaches in Ohio

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Lakeview Park Beach is a highly recommended destination for a memorable family vacation in Ohio. With its 1,700-foot-long shoreline on Lake Erie, this beautiful beach boasts a wide stretch of sand. Featuring a variety of recreational activities, be it kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing, or a friendly game of beach volleyball, there is something for everyone to entertain themselves.

Complete with beach showers, restrooms, and changing rooms, this facility Ensures that you wake up refreshed and cleansed after a long day of sun and sand. The venerable Rose Garden is a breathtaking sight, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty and fragrance of roses in bloom.

The park also houses a lawn bowling court, adding a touch of elegance and tradition to your visit. And when you need a break or a snack, you can head to the park’s cafe, where you can enjoy delicious treats and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Lakeview Park Beach is not only a great place for family fun. place, but also a place to create lasting memories with your special someone. As the day draws to a close, you can share a romantic moment with your partner while watching the stunning sunset over Lake Erie, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

6. Headlands Beach State Park, Mentor

Best Family Beaches in Ohio

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Headlands Beach State Park is undoubtedly one of the best family beaches in Ohio, thanks to its many attractions and amenities. With Ohio’s largest stretch of sand, this expansive shoreline offers plenty of room for a variety of activities for families to relax and have fun in the sun, whether it’s sunbathing, building sand castles, or playing on your own.

Be sure to play beach games with the little ones. You’ll find picnic tables and grills scattered throughout the park, allowing you to have an idyllic family barbecue while enjoying the beautiful views. Well-maintained restrooms, showers, and changing areas are readily available, ensuring a comfortable experience for all.

For those planning a summer visit, Headlands Beachfest adds an extra layer of excitement to the park. This annual event features sandcastle-building competitions that attract participants and spectators alike. This is a great opportunity to view impressive sand sculptures or even take part in a friendly competition yourself.

7. Cedar Point Beach, Sandusky

Best Family Beaches in Ohio

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Cedar Point Beach, stretching for almost a mile, with its fine sugary white sands and sparkling azure waters, this beach offers a  picturesque setting for a day of relaxation and enjoyment. And you can sunbathe, work on your tan, and relax as you listen to music or the soothing sound of gentle waves kissing the shore as an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Sea The freshwater off the coast is ideal for swimming, especially on hot summer days. You and your family can take a dip in the cool, crystal-clear waters while enjoying a respite from the heat. The beach also features a sand volleyball court, which adds an extra element of fun and allows your family to engage in friendly competition and team-building activities.

What sets Cedar Point Beach apart is that it is an amusement park. It is in close proximity to M.P., which has world-class roller coasters. After spending a day at the beach, you can easily access the amusement park and enjoy thrilling rides that will create lasting memories for your teen.

For those planning a weekend getaway, Cedar Point during peak season Going to the beach is highly recommended. During this time, the beach comes alive with live music performances, exciting beach games, and spectacular rework shows.

8. Burr Oak Lake State Park Beach, Glouster

Best Family Beaches in Ohio

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Burr Oak Lake State Park Beach This secluded beach is away from the hustle and bustle of city life where beachgoers can relax and reconnect with nature. The keyword for this beach is “best family beach in Ohio”. Well-organized showers and toilets ensure convenience and comfort for you.

The presence of picnic tables allows families to take their meals away from the sand, and the availability of grills enables them to enjoy a delightful barbecue experience. The beach offers a concession stand where families can enjoy the benefits of their day at the beach. You can enjoy delicious snacks.

This adds to the convenience of travel, as one can easily access refreshments on the beach without leaving the beach area. It is surrounded by a network of beautiful and easy trails. Families can take leisurely hiking trails, immersing themselves in the beauty of nature.

Along these trails, they may encounter wildlife such as deer and box turtles, giving children a unique opportunity to observe and learn about the local fauna, the presence of beautiful wildflowers also adds to the trails’ attractiveness.

9. Maumee Bay State Park Beach, Oregon

Best Family Beaches in Ohio

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Located within a popular recreation area for families, Maumee Bay State Park Beach, this beach offers an idyllic combination of natural beauty and recreational activities. Maumee Bay State Park Beach is A picturesque location with its powdery sand shoreline and crystal clear waters which attracts both locals and tourists.

The inviting waters offer ample opportunities for exciting water activities, including canoeing, kayaking, sailing, paddle boating, wave running, and row boating. The main attraction of this beach is its family-friendly facilities. Children can showcase their creativity by building sand castles or at the nearby playground.

The beach also has clean showers and toilets, ensuring comfort and convenience for visitors. Designated picnic areas allow families to enjoy a leisurely meal together, and there’s also a tennis court and a restaurant nearby for additional entertainment and dining options.

For families with a passion for golf, Maumee Bay State Park features an 18-hole golf course. Whether you are an experienced golfer or looking to learn, the golf course provides a serene and beautiful backdrop for an enjoyable golfing experience. Lessons are also available for those looking to enhance their golf skills.

10. Alum Creek State Park Beach, Delaware

Best Family Beaches in Ohio

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Alum Creek State Park Beach is an exceptional destination for a family vacation, and it is one of the best family beaches in Ohio. Its claim to fame lies in its sheer size and remarkable features. With an impressive stretch of 3000 feet of sandy shoreline, this beach offers ample space for relaxation and recreation.

Visitors to Alum Creek State Park Beach can engage in a variety of activities to make the most of their time. Whether you prefer to sunbathe on the shore, take a refreshing dip in the sparkling waters, or indulge in a friendly game of beach volleyball, there is something for everyone.

The presence of a playground ensures That children have a designated place to enjoy themselves when they need a break from swimming. Easily accessible restrooms and showers provide convenience for beach-goers. For those who prefer to dine away from the sand, picnic tables are available for leisurely dining.

The beach further adds to its appeal by offering a grassy area where families can engage in a variety of recreational activities. From playing with a ball or frisbee to enjoying a game of catch or tag, there are plenty of opportunities for active fun. You don’t even have to worry about packing food and snacks for the whole family.

Many beach vendors roam the area offering delicious food options to satisfy any craving. Furthermore, the beach’s proximity to various restaurants ensures that a wide array of cuisines are within easy reach.

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