Best Family Beaches in Washington

10 Best Family Beaches in Washington [for 2023]

Washington State is the perfect destination for families who love spending time at the beach. With over 150 miles of coastline, there’s no shortage of beautiful beaches to explore. Although the beaches in Washington may not be as sunny as those in California, they are still incredibly picturesque and will leave you in awe.

The beaches here aren’t just about taking a dip in the ocean, they offer a plethora of family-friendly activities like whale watching and surfing. If you’re looking for family fun by the ocean, you can find a beautiful beach getaway for your family with our list of the Best Family Beaches in Washington State. These beaches are sure to provide an unforgettable experience for all.

1. Alki Beach Park, Seattle

Best Family Beaches in Washington

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

Alki Beach Park can provide an exciting and enjoyable beach experience for your whole family. This popular beach is famous for its spectacular views and a wide range of activities that will leave you amazed if not amazed. Alki offers a beautiful sandy beach, volleyball courts, and stunning skyline views, making it the perfect place for families to spend a happy time together.

Alki Beach Park is also located near a number of attractions that will keep your teens and kids entertained. Let’s fulfill the wishes of. The Alki Point Lighthouse is one of the popular attractions in the area that provides a unique experience for you.

You can also stay at some of the best family hotels in Washington near the beach to enjoy everything Alki has to offer It’s easy to reach and enjoy. For an even more refreshing experience, you can take a water taxi from Downtown Seattle to the beach instead of driving through congested areas with limited parking. Parking may be limited on busy days, so you should plan accordingly.

 2. Madison Park Beach, Seattle

Best Family Beaches in Washington

Photo by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

If you are looking to have a fun-filled day out with your family in Washington, then Madison Park Beach is definitely worth adding to your list of places to visit. This beach comes highly recommended for families with children, as it is designed to be extremely child-friendly and safe.

One of the standout features of Madison Park Beach is the roped-off swim zone, which is closely supervised by attentive lifeguards. This makes it the safest beach in the state for children to swim and play in the water.

This beach is an alcohol-free zone, creating a family-friendly environment that is both fun and safe. There are plenty of activities to keep your little ones entertained, including a play area and swimming rafts.

This beach has a lot to offer apart from its great activities. Parents can also enjoy the many shops and restaurants in the area, meaning the whole family can spend a whole day enjoying the park without getting their toes wet.

3. Marina Beach Park, Edmonds

Best Family Beaches in Washington

Photo by Tran Nguyen on Unsplash

Marina Beach is a family beach offering a peaceful environment to enjoy in Washington. It is popularly known for its spectacular views and a wide range of fun-lled activities for people of all ages.

The beach park is a serene and peaceful environment, perfect for families who want to relax and take a break from their daily routines. You can enjoy the beautiful views while sitting on the pieces of driftwood found along the beach. can enjoy. Grassy areas are also available for families to enjoy picnics together.

Your kids can enjoy playing in the small playground available on the beach. For adventure seekers, the beach offers opportunities for windsurfing and kayaking. which are thrilling activities to do with family and friends. You are important to note that parking is limited on sunny days, so you are advised to arrive early to secure a spot. In the winter months, Beach Park is a prime spot to see orcas.

4. Long Beach, Long Beach

Best Family Beaches in Washington

Photo by little dragon on Unsplash

Long Beach, located in Washington, is an ideal beach, especially for families. While it may not actually be the longest beach in the world, this 28-mile cove offers a wide sandy area that’s perfect for a variety of age-friendly activities.

Whether you want to build sandcastles, sunbathe, ride horses, take a leisurely stroll, or y a kite, Long Beach has something for everyone. One of the highlights of Long Beach is its boardwalk.

It is a great place to take a walk, watch the waves and enjoy the sea breeze. Additionally, if you’re planning a trip to Long Beach in July, you won’t want to miss the SandSessions castle-building contest. You’re sure to find something in Long Beach that you and your entire family will enjoy.

5. Cape Disappointment State Park, Ilwaco

Best Family Beaches in Washington

Photo by Kevin Ortiz on Unsplash

Cape Disappointment State Park is touted as a great family beach in Washington that you won’t want to leave. Despite its name, the park has plenty of exciting activities and attractions that are sure to delight outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. From its scenic hiking trails to birdwatching spots, historic sites, and long stretches of beaches, there is plenty available for everyone to enjoy.

One of the highlights of the park is its beautiful beaches where you can enjoy sandcastles, swimming, and sunbathing. In addition, there is no mobile phone service in the park’s camping areas, so you can unplug and enjoy the nature experience with your family.

If you need to stay connected, you can purchase mobile service at the camp store. and WiFi access. With its natural beauty, rich history, and diverse activities, it is sure to be a memorable experience for everyone. So, pack your bags, gather your family, and head to Cape Disappointment State Park for an adventure-filled vacation you won’t forget!

6. Ruby Beach, Port Angeles

Best Family Beaches in Washington

Photo by Kedar Gadge on Unsplash

Ruby Beach is a paradise of natural beauty for families. Located in Olympic National Park in Washington, this beach is perfect for kids, as it has a safe shoreline and lots of fun activities. The beach is famous for its natural beauty and the presence of driftwood, which add to its charm.

Ruby Beach is an excellent place for your family to enjoy a day by the sea. They can indulge in activities like tide pooling and strolling on the beach. A beach is also a great place for wildlife watching, so your family can spot a variety of animals and birds that live in the surrounding area.

It is important to wear waterproof shoes or boots when visiting Ruby Beach. The environment around the beach is quite wet, so it is important that everyone’s feet stay safe and dry. In summer, it is recommended to wear water-resistant shoes or sandals, while in winter it is best to wear tall rain boots to avoid getting wet and cold.

7. Seabrook Beach, Seabrook

Best Family Beaches in Washington

Photo by Simone Wessels-Bloom on Unsplash

Seabrook is an attractive destination for families looking for a weekend getaway in Washington. This quaint town is known for its picturesque beach and relaxing atmosphere, making it the perfect place to relax and indulge in classic beach activities.

Whether you love sunbathing, building sand castles, or love to y a kite with your little ones, your family members will not be disappointed at Seabrook. You can also enjoy a family picnic while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. As the day goes down, take a long sunset walk on the beach and enjoy the breathtaking views.

If you’re visiting in the spring, be sure to pack a pair of binoculars. Thousands of gray whales migrate to this area and can often be seen swimming near the shoreline. This is an incredible opportunity for you and your kids to get a closer look at these magnificent creatures.

8. Jetty Island Park, Everett

Best Family Beaches in Washington

Photo by Steady Hand Co. on Unsplash

Families with young children can spend a relaxing day at Jetty Island Park. A beach is an ideal place for children to play, due to its warm shallow water and soft sand. In addition to traditional beach activities like building sandcastles and playing in the water, the island also offers nature trails and guided marine life, and nature tours.

For your older kids and adults, Jetty Island Park is great for windsurfing and kitesurfing due to its consistent winds. Perfect. It is important for you to note that there are no facilities or concessions available at Jetty Island Park.

This means you’ll need to bring everything you need for a day at the beach, including food, water, and sunscreen. While this may seem like a drawback, it actually adds to the island’s charm. You can enjoy a secluded day at the beach without the distractions of crowds and commercialization.

9. Owen Beach, Tacoma

Best Family Beaches in Washington

Photo by Jasper Gronewold on Unsplash

Owen Beach is the perfect beach to spend a pleasant day out with family and friends or loved ones. Despite its popularity, the beach offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, making it a great option for those seeking a quiet getaway.

The stunning view of the water and Mount Rainier is a feast for the eyes and a treat for Instagram-savvy teens. The beach boasts several family-friendly amenities, including a picnic shelter, restrooms, drinking water, and a concession stand. For those wanting a little adventure, Owen Beach has plenty of kayak and paddleboard rentals.

There are a number of options available, providing opportunities for some thrilling water-based activities. The facility is designed for those of you looking to get your adrenaline x as well as enjoy the serene environment.

10. North Jetty, Ocean Shores

Best Family Beaches in Washington

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

North Jetty is a spectacular beach located in the picturesque town of Ocean Shores, Washington, this beach boasts breathtaking views of Westhaven State Park and an array of seaside activities that will delight kids and adults alike.

If you are craving fun things to do on the beach, then North Jetty will not disappoint you. You can build sand castles, go crabbing, clamming, and tide pooling, or rent a boat for an adventurous ride on the water.

However, it is best to visit the beach during low tide to make the most of your visit. You’ll have the opportunity to spot a wide variety of sea creatures, including crabs, starfish, and otters. So, pack your sunscreen, beach toys, and a picnic lunch and head to North Jetty for a memorable day by the sea!

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