Best Family Resorts Near Kansas City, MO

7 Best Family Resorts Near Kansas City, MO

Welcome to Kansas City, the bastion of hospitality, where families can enjoy a perfect blend of Midwest charm and leisure. This vibrant city, famous for its world-class barbecue and soulful jazz music, also serves as the gateway to some of the best family resorts in the region. From picturesque mountain retreats to thrilling waterparks, each resort offers a distinctive and unforgettable experience.

Located within the borders of Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska, these resorts exemplify the warmth and charm of the Midwest. Join me on a journey to explore the best family resorts near Kansas City, MO, and prepare to be mesmerized by these extraordinary destinations.

1. Margaritaville Lake Resort of the Ozarks

Best Family Resorts Near Kansas City, MO

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With a range of enjoyable features, it’s especially great for youngsters aged 3 to 12. The waterpark and exciting games promise endless laughs and memorable memories. Meanwhile, older guests will be in for a treat thanks to the resort’s top-class water sports facilities.

For those looking for friendly competition, the mini golf course and tennis courts provide hours of entertainment. Additionally, barbecue facilities and picnic areas provide the perfect opportunity for shared meals and relaxation. Located just 163 miles from Kansas City, MO, via MO-7 S/E Highway 7 and MO-7 S, the trip to this delightful spot takes just 2 hours and 29 minutes. It’s no wonder why this resort is one of the best family-friendly options near Kansas City, MO.

2. Lodge of Four Seasons Golf Resort, Marina & Spa

The Lodge of Four Seasons is an ideal place for families with infants. Not only does it provide comfortable and cozy rooms for little ones, but it also offers convenient baby care services. This ensures that parents can enjoy the plethora of fun activities the resort has to offer. From biking to hiking, fishing, and sailing, there is something for everyone.

Additionally, the resort has a family-oriented atmosphere, including an on-site theater that shows complimentary movies every evening. Located 159.2 miles from Kansas City via US-50E, the drive typically takes about 2 hours and 52 minutes, making it easily accessible for a family vacation.

3. Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City

Best Family Resorts Near Kansas City, MO

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Great Wolf Lodge near Kansas City, MO is the ultimate destination for families seeking an exciting and kid-friendly experience. Boasting a famous indoor waterpark, the resort promises a lot of aquatic excitement. Geared towards kids of all ages, it captivates families with a variety of pools and thrilling water slides.

Additional child-centric amenities, including Cub Camp, Kids Spa, Arcade, and Mini Golf, ensure non-stop entertainment. While the youngsters enjoy these offerings, parents can enjoy rejuvenating massage treatments at the on-site spa salon. Conveniently located just a 19-minute drive (15.7 miles) from Kansas City, MO via 1-70W, Great Wolf Lodge stands out as a superior choice among the area’s resorts.

4. Buddy’s Harbor

Situated in a serene location, this resort makes for a blissful experience for your entire tribe. With access to picnic tables and barbecue facilities, you can enjoy outdoor dining amidst picturesque surroundings. For indoor entertainment, a spacious games room awaits, complete with a billiard table and a delectable array of video games. Thrill seekers can enhance their experience with a helicopter tour, which provides a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the area.

Boat rental facilities are located near the resort, ensuring that aquatic adventures are just a short distance away. Located approximately 158.9 miles from Downtown Kansas City, MO, via I-70E A mere 2 hours and 50 minutes drive takes you to this paradise of family-friendly entertainment. For an unforgettable retreat, Buddy’s Harbor is one of the best family resorts near Kansas City, MO, with convenience, entertainment, and affordability in perfect harmony.

5. Holiday Shores Resort

Best Family Resorts Near Kansas City, MO

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If you are looking for an affordable family vacation destination, Holiday Shores Resort will be great for you. Nestled in the lap of nature, this resort offers budget-friendly accommodation for families. Teens interested in outdoor activities will be pleased with the plethora of options available. The resort is in proximity to an extensive network of hiking and biking trails, ensuring endless adventures.

Water lovers can indulge in activities like fishing and boating, which can create family memories. Conveniently located within a 3-hour drive of Kansas City, MO, this hidden gem is easy to access. Choose the faster US-50 E route, which spans 156 miles and travel time is approximately 2 hours and 44 minutes. For the best family resorts near Kansas City, MO, Holiday Shores Resort stands out as a top contender, promising a memorable and cost-effective getaway for families seeking the embrace of nature.

6. Hyatt Place Topeka

The Hyatt Resort is emerging as an ideal getaway for families looking for a convenient location not far from Kansas City. Located in close proximity, it offers immediate access to many great kid-friendly attractions like the Children’s Discovery Center and the Topeka Zoo. After a day full of continuous exploration, guests can relax and enjoy a beer or wine at the on-site café.

The resort offers a host of facilities including a vibrant swimming pool and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. Located just an hour’s drive from Kansas City via I-70W and spanning 70 miles, the Hyatt offers a seamless blend of comfort and accessibility for an enriching family vacation.

7. Aloft Hotel Leawood Overland Park

Best Family Resorts Near Kansas City, MO

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Aloft Hotel Leawood Overland Park is one of the best family resorts near Kansas City, MO. The hotel has a variety of amenities for both adults and children. The indoor pool provides a perfect place for families to relax and have fun together. Aloft offers a variety of dining options, ensuring that everyone’s culinary preferences are met.

One of the standout features for families is the well-organized children’s program, which caters to ages 2 to 12. Designed for the youth. The program offers a range of engaging activities and delightful snacks, keeping little ones entertained while parents can relax. What sets Aloft apart is its strategic location, just a 25-minute drive from Downtown Kansas City, traveling 19.8 miles via I-35 S. While public transportation options are available, driving offers families the added convenience of getting around.


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