Best Italian Restaurants in Austin, TX

25 Best Italian Restaurants in Austin, TX

In Austin, Texas, where culinary diversity thrives, the gastronomic landscape extends beyond famous BBQ joints and Tex-Mex spots. The city boasts a notable Italian culinary presence amid a vibrant food scene. For those seeking a quintessential taste of Italy, Austin offers a delightful array of options.

Enjoy authenticity and elegance at the best Italian restaurants in Austin, Texas. From traditional pasta dishes to exquisite seafood, these establishments demonstrate a commitment to impeccable taste and warm hospitality. Experience the charm of Austin’s Italian culinary gems, where each meal is a journey through the rich tapestry of Italian flavors in the heart of Texas.

1. Andiamo Ristorante

Best Italian Restaurants in Austin, TX

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Andiamo Restaurant has earned its coveted reputation as one of the best Italian restaurants in Austin, TX, recognized by the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of Texas Inc.

This local gem is a favorite spot for Austinites. A delightful blend of casual atmosphere and delicious Italian cuisine. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, Andiamo prepares delicious dishes using locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a fresh and authentic dining experience.

Their signature Grilled Top Sirloin, expertly paired with a selection of their wide range of Italian wines, promises a truly satisfying culinary journey. Among their standout offerings is the Involtini di Melanzane, a heavenly creation where eggplant meets goat cheese in a golden pan-fried embrace, bathed in a sun-dried tomato sauce with aromatic notes of garlic and basil.

Andiamo Ristorante is an icon of Austin’s Italian culinary scene and is a must-visit for those looking for the finest cuisine in the city.

2. Bufalina Due

Bufalina Due, located on Burnett Road, offers a culinary experience like no other with its delicious Neapolitan pies carefully baked in the Stefano Ferrara wood-fired oven.

The pizzeria is a gastronomic paradise, with Neapolitan-style pizzas that go beyond normal expectations. Crafted with artisan ingredients, each piece is a symphony of flavors, a testament to culinary expertise.

The industrial yet cozy ambiance adds a unique charm to the dining experience, creating an inviting place to enjoy every moment. The open kitchen concept allows patrons to witness the artistry of pizza making, adding to the immersive food journey.

Among their delicious offerings, the Taleggio Pizza stands out as a standout, harmonizing cheese, sausage, and scallions in a light but catchy accompaniment.

This culinary masterpiece strikes the perfect balance, delivering a flavor that lingers on the palate, and providing patrons a memorable and enjoyable experience. Bufalina Due is not just a pizzeria; It is a celebration of exquisite flavors and a testament to the artistry of Neapolitan cuisine.

3. Asti Trattoria

Asti prides itself on creating exceptional Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist showcasing the finest local ingredients. From house-made pasta to traditional pizza, each bite is a fusion of flavors.

What sets Asti apart is its commitment to reinventing the classics, incorporating delicious elements like duck confit and goat cheese. The constantly evolving seasonal menu ensures a fresh and exciting food adventure during each visit.

A standout recommendation is the smoked salmon linguine, a modern masterpiece with crunchy capers and lemon, dill, and cream in harmony. This dish skillfully blends textures and flavors together, with the smoked salmon adding an exquisite touch.

Asti Trattoria promises a culinary journey that tantalizes the senses. It is one of the best Italian restaurants in Austin, TX making it a must-visit for fans of Italian cuisine in Austin.

4. Olive & June

A culinary gem, named after chef Shawn Cirkiel and his wife’s grandmother, Olive & June has been delighting patrons since its opening in 2012. This establishment is a great choice for a romantic date night or a lively birthday celebration, offering a perfect blend of delicious. Italian cuisine and impeccable service.

For an unforgettable dining experience, enjoy their hand-made pasta, like the tantalizing Tagliatelle with Shrimp and Pesto, a dish that will definitely tempt your taste buds. However, the real star of the menu is the pappardelle, which boasts a divine combination of a long, flat noodle and a rich, flavorful braised short rib ragu.

The pasta has a delightful al dente texture, offering a harmonious blend of flavor and smoothness that will leave you craving more. At Olive & June, tasting the best Italian food in Austin becomes an exquisite journey through flavors and textures, making it a must-see destination.

5. L’Oca d’Oro

Best Italian Restaurants in Austin, TX

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L’Oca d’Oro, which opened its doors in 2016, has claimed the coveted title of number one restaurant in Austin for 2022, lauded by the Austin American Statesman. Located in the heart of the city, this establishment offers a warm and inviting ambiance, with bright blue walls and an inviting outdoor patio that gives off a homey feel.

What sets L’Oca d’Oro apart is its commitment to creating an authentic dining experience, as everything from pasta to bread, cheeses, salumi, and liqueurs are carefully prepared in-house. The signature dish, Cavatelli al Pomodoro, ranks highest as a best-seller.

This exquisite pasta creation showcases perfectly cooked squares filled with a delightful combination of tomato sauce, basil, and rich ricotta cheese. The dish is enhanced with an additional serving of the delicious sauce, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavors.

To complete this culinary masterpiece, a final touch of grated Parmesan cheese adds a gratifying depth. In the realm of Italian cuisine in Austin, TX, L’Oca d’Oro unquestionably earns its place among the best. The restaurant’s dedication to crafting every element of its menu in-house ensures a truly authentic and memorable dining experience.

6. Patrizi’s

Patrizi’s has been tantalizing taste buds with authentic Italian cuisine for almost half a century. This unexpected treasure hidden within a trailer offers a unique dining experience, defying expectations.

The ambiance, set in the great outdoors with soft ambient lighting strings, adds to the charm. While dishes are prepared fresh off the trailer’s range, the wait is a testament to the care and precision put into each plate.

The highlights of the culinary delights are their famous Carbonara Alexandra and Pomodoro. Don’t miss the chance to taste the creamy cacao e pepe – a luscious creation that strikes a perfect balance with its rich texture and the hint of spice of immaculately pickled black pepper. Patrizi is more than a restaurant; It is an immersion in the soulful essence of Italian gastronomy.

7. Cipollina

Located on West Linn Street in Austin, Cipollina is one of the best Italian restaurants in Austin, TX. The establishment captivates patrons with its spacious dining room, decorated with high-quality finishes, creating an inviting ambiance to enjoy its creative Italian-Mediterranean delights.

Cipollina’s menu is a culinary journey that includes delicious wood-fired pizzas, delicious paninis, and freshly prepared pasta and salads.

A must-try is the spicy arugula salad, which is an attractive precursor to the main event – shrimp scampi. This entrée takes shrimp to new heights, wrapped in a flavorful sauce rich with herbs and spices that is effortlessly absorbed by the tongue. Every bite is a symphony of flavors, making Cipollina a memorable destination for fans of the finest Italian cuisine in Austin, TX.

8. Sammie’s Italian

Sammy’s Italian is a delectable eatery full of old-school ambiance and features a retro menu that celebrates classic Italian-American cuisine. This modern space offers a nostalgic trip through time, inviting patrons to taste the charm of traditional Italian cuisine.

The ambiance of the restaurant is reminiscent of a special occasion, creating an atmosphere that makes dining Inspires people to wear their best attire. However, the larger serving sizes of pasta and entrees allow for a more relaxed approach – your loose, comfortable jeans will suffice for this culinary experience.

For unparalleled pasta enjoyment in Austin, Samalotti is a must-try. The pasta itself is a delicate masterpiece, displaying a texture that glides like silk in your mouth.

Combine this with the briny goodness of Salsiccia di Mare, and you’ll get a harmonious blend with rich notes of browned butter and juicy lobster. Sammy’s Italian promises not only food but also a delicious journey through time, where every bite tells the story of classic Italian culinary excellence.

9. The Heel of the Boot

Located on quaint Shady Lane, The Heel of the Boot attracts lovers of Southern Italian cuisine. The charm of this small restaurant lies not only in its delicious offerings but also in the unique dining experience it offers.

Find yourself seated in the intimate outdoor area, surrounded by rustic charm, with tables adorned with charming benches. The culinary journey begins with a menu that boasts authentic Italian flavors.

A fantastic recommendation is the Chicken Alfredo Pasta, which takes the dining experience to new heights. Imagine juicy grilled chicken bathed in a velvety, house-made 4-cheese blend, resulting in a symphony of cheesy and creamy notes.

Every bite is a celebration of flavor, a testament to the mastery of the kitchen. For those looking for the best Italian restaurant in Austin, TX, The Heel of the Boot on Shady Lane is a must-visit. It’s not just a meal; It’s a sensory journey through the heart of Southern Italy, where passion for food meets a relaxed atmosphere.

10. Red Ash Italia

Established under the expertise of Executive Chef John Carver, Red Ash Italia emerges as a culinary gem, seamlessly blending the rich flavors of Northern and Southern Italian cuisine.

What sets this eatery apart is its commitment to authenticity, using custom-built wood-burning grills and ovens that impart a distinctive smokiness to their dishes.

A testament to their excellence is the unique dish, Sautéed Halibut Fillet. This exquisite creation is a symphony of flavors, as the halibut is grilled to perfection and harmoniously combined with the subtle sweetness of the corn, the earthy sweetness of the oyster mushrooms, and the freshness of the fava beans, all with a touch of lemon.

Shine. Each bite is a culinary journey, providing a sensory experience that takes Red Ash Italia into a league of its own. Immerse yourself in the artistry of wood-fired dishes and taste the excellence prepared by Chef John Carver.

11. Numero 28

Established in 2014, Numero 28 is one of the best Italian restaurants in Austin, TX, offering a culinary journey through the flavors of Southern Italy.

The extensive menu features a delectable selection of oven-fired pizzas, panini, Italian wines, and irresistible gelato. For a pleasant start, enjoy the Mista Verre Salad, a fresh and vibrant plate that sets the tone for the meal. Follow it up with the tantalizing Caprese, an oven-baked panini masterpiece featuring fresh mozzarella, chopped tomatoes, pesto spread, red pepper, and a drizzle of balsamic dressing.

To further enhance your dining experience, try the Basil Martini Cocktail Don’t miss the chance to taste the Italian – a refreshing drink that perfectly complements the southern Italian culinary delights at Numero 28. With its charming ambiance and menu crafted to perfection, Numero 28 truly deserves its place among the best Italian restaurants in Austin, TX.

12. Il Brutto

Established in 2018, Il Brutto is renowned for its commitment to delivering the quintessential taste of Italy. The restaurant’s dedication to maintaining authenticity and following classic Italian culinary traditions is evident in every dish.

Guests are served a menu full of delicious and popular selections, including a range of pasta, pizza, and antipasto. A standout recommendation is the Agnolotti pasta, a culinary masterpiece that harmoniously combines pistachios, goat cheese, thyme, Parmigiano Reggiano, and a spicy touch of orange.

The result is a symphony of flavors that tantalizes the taste buds and exemplifies the artistry of Italian cuisine. This delicious dessert promises an excellent finale, showcasing the restaurant’s skill in preparing classic Italian desserts. Il Brutto inspires patrons to savor the essence of Italy through each thoughtfully prepared dish.

13. Juniper

Located just east of Austin, Juniper is a prime destination for fans of contemporary Italian cuisine. Renowned among the chain of upscale Italian restaurants in Austin, Juniper draws from a blend of Northern Italian flavors and the strong flavor of Texas. Dining at Juniper offers a choice between two distinct atmospheres.

The modern dining area has an elegant ambiance with cozy lighting and an industrial interior design, creating a sophisticated setting. Alternatively, the romantically lit outdoor patio provides a captivating backdrop, making it the ideal choice for a memorable evening dining experience.

A standout dish that reflects Juniper’s culinary flair is the Poached Icelandic Cod. This gastronomic delight includes perfectly cooked cod with braised leeks, brassicas, and sunchoke velouté. The simplicity of its presentation belies the explosion of unique flavors that await the discerning palate. For those looking for the best Italian restaurant in Austin, Texas, Juniper emerges as an undisputed gem.

14. Intero

Intero, co-founded by Crystal Craig and Ian Thurwachter, epitomizes exquisite farm-to-table Italian cuisine in Austin. Famous for its homemade dishes, the eatery ensures a culinary experience like no other.

The commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients is unwavering, promising a delightful journey through wood-fired pizzas, premium meats, and vibrant vegetables.

What sets Interro apart is not just its menu, but its dedication to traditional Italian cooking techniques, elevating every meal to a true gastronomic pleasure.

A must-try is the plate with smoked Wagyu beef sausage, farro, broccoli, peanuts, and pickled lemon, which results in a perfect blend of flavors. End your meal with a taste of their rich chocolate truffles, creating a memorable dining experience that captures the essence of Italian culinary mastery.

15. Vespaio

Best Italian Restaurants in Austin, TX

Photo by Magda Ehlers:

Vespaio, established in 1998 has consistently provided an excellent dining experience for fans of Italian cuisine. Renowned for its exquisite ambiance and dedication to the art of home cooking, Vespaio embodies authenticity in every dish.

The menu is a testament to their commitment to tradition, featuring carefully crafted Italian dishes bursting with unique flavors. A standout recommendation is the Risotto del Giorno, a culinary masterpiece that includes pecorino, fried Black Sea bass, grilled Napa cabbage, and a delicious smoked carrot gremolata. To complement the exquisite meal, enjoy the Geppetto cocktail.

This libation seamlessly combines the finest Italian spirits and flavors, promising a delightful harmony on the palate. For those looking for the best Italian restaurants in Austin, TX, Vespaio stands as a culinary haven that invites customers to taste the essence of Italy in each carefully crafted dish.

16. Artipasta

South 1st Street is celebrated for its dedication to the art of handmade pasta. The eatery’s commitment to perfection is evident in each carefully crafted pasta, each made from scratch without compromising authenticity.

The result is a gastronomic journey that is beyond the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on your dining experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy their delicious pizzas, which are equally impressive.

The Lasagna Northern Italian Style with House Meat Sauce is a standout recommendation – a symphony of flavors featuring eggs, pasta, salty meat sauce, creamy béchamel, and a generous layer of Parmesan cheese.

Artapasta promises a culinary adventure where passion meets taste, ensuring a food memory that lasts long after the last delicious bite.

17. Pieous

Located on Hargreaves Drive in Downtown Austin, Pius Joe is celebrated for its exquisite Neapolitan-style pizzas, delicious sandwiches, and an array of unique pastries.

Renowned as one of the best Italian restaurants in Austin, TX, Pius attracts the alluring aroma of freshly cooked dishes that mesmerize the senses as soon as you enter.

The menu has an impressive selection, ranging from the must-try Rocket Pizza, a delicious white pie adorned with Prosciutto di Parma and arugula, to the flaky and delicious Pain au Chocolate, which promises a rich dessert experience.

Whether savoring the iconic pizza or enjoying their delicious pastries, Pius promises a culinary journey through Italian authenticity in the heart of Austin.

18. Revue

Located within the luxurious Fairmont Austin Hotel, Revue captivates patrons with a unique blend of Italian and Asian gastronomy. The restaurant promises a fascinating journey through its diverse menu expertly prepared by experienced chefs. Enjoy classic pasta, fresh salads, and delicious seafood.

The panoramic dining area enhances the overall experience, equipped with vibrant lighting and a seamless blend of Italian and Asian aesthetics, creating an ambiance that complements the diverse menu.

Enjoy the savory Pappardelle Bolognese, a classic pasta that contains a blend of beef, pork, fresh herbs, and Parmesan, providing a rich and earthy flavor. For a better dining experience, Fairmont Austin offers a convenient and luxurious accommodation option nearby.

19. North Italia

Northern Italia Renowned as one of Domaine’s flagship restaurants, Northern Italia attracts discerning patrons with its commitment to premium and fresh Italian cuisine.

Each dish is a testament to sophistication, carefully crafted to consistently meet world-class standards. A standout recommendation is the Braised Short Rib Lumache, a gastronomic masterpiece that blends strong flavors seamlessly.

Succulent short rib, delicately braised, adorned with a blend of fresh horseradish, herb breadcrumbs, and Parmesan fonduta, creating a symphony of flavors and textures.

The addition of wilted arugula completes this dish, adding a touch of spicy freshness. This culinary delight exemplifies Northern Italia’s dedication to excellence and is a must-try for lovers of fine Italian cuisine.

For those looking for the pinnacle of a culinary experience, Northern Italia is one of the best Italian restaurants in Austin, TX, which offers an excellent journey through the flavors of Italy in the heart of the domain.

20. Via 313 Pizza

The signature Detroit-style pizza is a feast for the senses, with crunchy bites, and Via 313 Pizza, founded by brothers Brandon and Zane Hunt, is one of the area’s top Italian restaurants. Famous for its Detroit-style pizza, a tribute to classic Sicilian cooking, the eatery offers a unique experience.

Square slices with the perfect balance of chewy crust, topped with a scrumptious blend of oozing cheese Are at the top. For a truly indulgent experience, the Carnivore Pizza is a must-try, with a hearty blend of ham, smoked pepperoni, natural casing pepperoni, bacon, and sausage that is sure to satisfy any meat lover’s cravings.

21. Maggiano’s Little Italy

Maggiano’s Little Italy is Located on Domain Street, the charm of this eatery lies in its ideal setting for family gatherings or cordial reunions with friends. What sets Maggiano’s apart is its unique family-style services.

Maggiano’s serves a tempting array of beloved Italian classics, from rich layers of lasagna to delicate layers of ravioli and delicious Margherita flatbread. However, for seafood lovers, the Parmesan-Crusted Cod Calabrian Honey is a must-try.

This exceptional dish features immaculately cooked cod, dressed in a delicious Calabrian honey glaze, accompanied by juicy broiled tomatoes and fresh spinach. The culinary symphony reaches its peak with Angel Hair Aglio Olio pasta, which offers a perfect balance of flavors.

Maggiano’s has elevated the dining experience to a culinary journey into the heart of Italy, making it one of the best Italian restaurants in Austin, TX.

22. The Backspace

Austin is known for its delicious Neapolitan pizza. Apart from its delicious menu, the restaurant excellently creates an authentic Italian atmosphere. Exposed brick walls, a giant wine rack, and charming European lighting transport diners to the heart of Italy.

The pièce de résistance is the enchanting aroma of Neapolitan-style pizza wafting from the wood-fired oven. Start your gastronomic journey with delicious pork meatballs, followed by an exquisite fennel sausage pizza garnished with roasted peppers, garlic, tomatoes, and sticky mozzarella.

Conclude this culinary symphony with the divine Chocolate Hazelnut Budino for a truly delightful experience. Backspace is a testament to Austin’s vibrant culinary scene, offering a slice of Italy in the heart of Texas.

23. Taverna

Located in the heart of Austin’s vibrant downtown, Taverna Restaurant is known for its unwavering commitment to culinary excellence, featuring an impressive array of Italian specialties and delicious desserts that never fail to delight customers.

Taverna is simply exquisite Not a destination for dinner; It has also earned a good reputation as a popular brunch spot, ensuring guests can start their day on a delicious note. The modern dining area, equipped with ample lighting and comfortable seating, sets the stage for an enjoyable meal beyond the ordinary.

Among the culinary masterpieces that grace the Taverna’s menu, the Filetto di Manzo stands as a testament to the artistry of the chef. stands in form. This extraordinary dish features prime beef tenderloin, expertly paired with asparagus, cipollini, truffled mashed potatoes, and a delicious Chianti sauce.

Each bite is a symphony of delicious flavors that meld together perfectly, creating a dining experience that is nothing short of excellent. For those searching for the best Italian restaurants in Austin, Texas, Taverna unquestionably presents itself as a gastronomic haven.

24. Pinthouse Pizza

Located along Burnett Road, Pinthouse Pizza stands as a premier brewpub and pizzeria, serving an enticing combination of delicious pizzas and refreshing craft beers. Known for its delicious pizzas adorned with the finest toppings and delicious sauces, patrons can also unleash their creativity by creating personalized pizzas from scratch.

The delicious Armadillo Pizza with extra virgin olive oil, artisan sausage, ricotta, cilantro, and cheese blend is an exceptional recommendation for a flavor-packed experience. To complete this culinary delight the must-try Fluorescent Snapper beer – a locally crafted, award-winning ale that adds the perfect finishing touch to your Pinthouse Pizza experience.

25. La Traviata

Best Italian Restaurants in Austin, TX

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Established in 2000 by visionary Chef Marion Gilchrist, La Traviata is one of the best Italian restaurants in Austin, Texas. Gilchrist’s leadership has brought iconic status to the eatery, renowned for its commitment to fresh seasonal Italian cuisine.

The allure of La Traviata lies in its diverse menu, which offers an enticing range of Italian dishes guaranteed to satisfy the discerning palate. Among the must-try dishes is the hearty Mista Salad, a delightful prelude to the main course.

For a truly sublime experience, enjoy the Calamari Puttanesca, where tender calamari language combines with garlic, chili flakes, capers, olives, tomato sauce, and basil to create a harmonious symphony of earthy flavors. La Traviata is a haven for those seeking an authentic and unforgettable Italian dining experience in the heart of Austin.



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