Best Lunch in Newburyport, MA

15 Best Lunch in Newburyport, MA [for 2023]

Embark on a culinary journey through Newburyport, Massachusetts, a coastal gem adorned with a vibrant lunch scene eager to be savored. This charming Essex County city boasts a diverse array of lunchtime eateries, each offering a tantalizing selection of dishes. From delectable sandwiches to exquisite sushi creations, Clipper City presents an abundance of alluring options to satiate the inner food enthusiast.

Diners are also presented with a myriad of dining settings to choose from. Whether you seek the comfort of a laid-back cafe or the elegance of a high-end steakhouse, Newburyport caters to every preference. So, whether your heart desires a quick bite or a lavish feast, this city is primed to deliver an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Embark on your epicurean expedition by indulging in the finest lunch offerings in Newburyport and its vicinity. Explore these exceptional eateries that promise to delight your palate with their culinary delights. Discover the epitome of dining excellence when you search for “Best Lunch in Newburyport, MA.”

1. Port City Sandwich Co.

Best Lunch in Newburyport, MA

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Nestled within Newburyport, this establishment stands as a prime example of an exceptional lunch destination. Port City Sandwich Co. specializes in crafting remarkable comfort food, boasting an array of delectable sandwiches and invigorating salads.

For aficionados of sandwiches, this eatery emerges as the quintessential choice. The menu offers a plethora of baked treats, each one beckoning to be savored. From the tempting chicken salad to the tantalizing hot pastrami sandwich, Port City Sandwich Co. caters to diverse cravings.

Customization is also a hallmark of this culinary haven. Patrons have the delightful opportunity to curate their own culinary masterpieces. The experience is elevated by the use of top-tier ingredients, guaranteeing an explosion of remarkable flavors.

A standout creation, the Chicken Salad Club, garners well-deserved acclaim. The toasted bread harmoniously melds with the savory chicken salad and crispy bacon, creating a symphony of flavors. The addition of lettuce, tomato, and mayo adds the final touch to this delectable masterpiece.

Embark on a journey of culinary delight by indulging in the perfection that is Port City Sandwich Co. This downtown gem promises an unforgettable lunch experience, where the artistry of flavors converges with the heart of Newburyport.

2. Loretta

Indulge in a culinary masterpiece at this premier lunch haven in Newburyport, celebrated for its exceptional American cuisine within a laid-back ambiance. This dining gem stands out as a top choice for multiple reasons, offering an array of delightful experiences for the discerning palate.

The menu boasts a symphony of exquisite dishes that tantalize your taste buds. Delight in the symphony of familiar yet creatively reimagined flavors, meticulously crafted by a team of skilled culinary artisans. Be sure to sample the crispy fried chicken adorned with a zing of spicy peanuts, or relish the sweet potato fries accompanied by a kick of sriracha-infused ketchup.

Immerse yourself in an artistic atmosphere, adorned with captivating paintings and a backdrop of live jazz melodies that enrich your dining experience.

Elevate your lunch affair with the iconic Lobster Roll, a true pinnacle of the Newburyport culinary scene. Encased in a buttery brioche roll, this creation overflows with decadent flavors. Succulent seafood, freshly shucked and enrobed in zesty lemon herb aioli, takes center stage. Complemented by the crispness of bibb lettuce and the tang of a half-sour pickle, this sandwich transcends into a culinary masterpiece.

Savor the best lunch in Newburyport, MA, at this exceptional establishment, where each bite is a harmonious blend of flavors, ambiance, and artistry.

3. Park Lunch

Since 1957, this venerable establishment has been a steadfast presence, delighting patrons from its original location. A master of crafting delectable American classics like pizzas and burgers, this eatery’s longevity, spanning over six decades, is a testament to its unwavering excellence.

The flavors that emerge from this kitchen transport you through time, offering a glimpse into the past and present. The culinary prowess displayed here is truly exceptional, evident in every dish.

The secret behind this enduring success lies in the meticulous artistry of the culinary team. Meats are hand-cut and charbroiled to perfection, infusing each bite with an irresistible smoky essence. Seafood undergoes a magical transformation through the alchemy of deep-frying, emerging as golden-brown treasures.

Pizzas at this eatery are nothing short of an experience. Each slice tells a story, with zesty tomato sauce generously seasoned, infusing the pizzas with layers of captivating flavors. It’s no surprise that this establishment remains a beloved lunchtime destination in Newburyport.

For both the young and young at heart, the Chicken Wing Plate promises a delightful feast. The meat, boasting a melt-in-the-mouth texture and succulent juiciness, is a true testament to culinary mastery. Served alongside crisp French fries and refreshing coleslaw, this dish guarantees an unparalleled gastronomic journey.

Step into a world where culinary tradition and innovation intertwine, at an eatery that has stood the test of time, delivering remarkable flavors and cherished memories since its inception in 1957.

4. Abraham’s Bagels

Experience a delectable fusion of flavors at this culinary gem, renowned for crafting outstanding bagels and sandwiches. Complementing its culinary prowess, the establishment offers an inviting outdoor seating area that adds to the allure of your lunchtime escapade in Newburyport, MA.

Calling all bagel enthusiasts – this diner is an absolute essential. The bagels are the epitome of indulgence, consistently radiating unparalleled freshness. Their excellence isn’t solely a result of the skilled staff but also stems from the meticulous process. Freshly baked daily, the bagels become a canvas for 17 diverse flavors, each perfected with premium ingredients.

A highlight to savor is the Bagel Lox Deluxe. The bread, a testament to culinary artistry, is a perfect marriage of texture and taste. Impeccably cooked salmon dances harmoniously with cream cheese, tomato, and capers, creating a symphony of flavors that promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Elevate your lunch outing at this haven, where superior bagels, delectable sandwiches, and the allure of outdoor seating harmoniously converge, offering an unrivaled journey for your taste buds.

5. Brine

Best Lunch in Newburyport, MA

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Discover a culinary haven near you, where gastronomic delights fuse with global inspirations. This renowned establishment offers an exquisite lunch experience, complemented by an impressive selection of cocktails and wine.

Founder Nancy Batista-Caswell’s dedication to culinary innovation shines through at Brine, where a menu of globally-inspired dishes with a contemporary twist awaits. Indulge in delectable offerings like fried oyster tacos and pork-infused clam chowder, showcasing the fusion of flavors that defines this eatery.

Dining at Brine guarantees exceptional experiences, as evidenced by its esteemed reputation and high ratings. Diners flock here for the exquisite plates that embody culinary mastery.

A standout choice is the Tuna, a beloved favorite among patrons. The fish takes center stage, flaunting its exquisite richness. Accompanied by eggplant and potato puree, each bite offers an unforgettable symphony of flavors.

Elevate your lunch at this culinary gem, where innovative dishes, global inspirations, and a commitment to excellence converge to create a dining adventure worth savoring.

6. Black Cow

Since its establishment in 1995, this culinary gem has been delighting patrons with an array of exceptional American classics, including succulent burgers and tantalizing steaks.

For those with a carnivorous inclination, this eatery is an absolute must-visit. The culinary team possesses unparalleled expertise in crafting meat-centric masterpieces that are nothing short of sublime.

The restaurant’s menu offers a diverse array of dishes to suit every palate. Meat enthusiasts will find themselves in a state of culinary euphoria, presented with choices like the sumptuous filet mignon, flavorful beef short ribs, and mouthwatering ribeyes.

A journey to this establishment is akin to entering a realm of meaty delights, where each bite transports you to a world of unparalleled flavor and indulgence.

When it comes to ordering, the Filet Mignon stands as a pinnacle of excellence. The meat, teeming with rich flavors, is elevated further by the decadent bleu cheese butter topping. Complemented by the grilled asparagus, each bite delivers an explosion of taste that is simply fantastic.

Prepare to be swept away by a dining experience that spans decades, where impeccable dishes, expertly prepared meats, and an unwavering commitment to culinary excellence await your indulgence.

7. Grog Restaurant

Experience the essence of culinary delight in a two-story haven, where comfort food reigns supreme. This esteemed eatery crafts a symphony of flavors, spanning pasta to sandwiches, and offers an enticing selection of wine, cocktails, and beer.

For over 43 years, this restaurant has been an integral part of Newburyport’s culinary fabric, owed to a myriad of reasons cherished by loyal patrons. The excellence begins with the superb fare, from sumptuous burgers to velvety lobster bisque, each dish resonating with depth and richness.

The restaurant’s beer selection is equally impressive, boasting an array of 32 brews on tap to harmonize with the exquisite plates. Accompanied by impeccable service and a vibrant atmosphere, it’s no wonder this establishment remains a revered culinary institution.

The Grog Burger stands as a testament to this excellence. The roll itself exudes a tapestry of flavors, crowned with succulent and tender beef. Lettuce and tomato complete the masterpiece, ensuring a culinary journey that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

For the epitome of lunchtime indulgence in Newburyport, MA, embark on a culinary odyssey at this revered establishment, where every element converges to create an unforgettable experience.

8. Angie’s Food and Diner

Since its inception in 1970, this culinary haven has been an integral part of the neighborhood, treating diners to a treasure trove of delectable American classics.

Dive into a world of diverse culinary pleasures, curated under the watchful eye of owner Steve Luz. The menu is a testament to this eatery’s commitment to catering to a wide range of gastronomic preferences.

Carnivores will relish the beef burgers, seafood aficionados will savor the tuna and fish cakes, and vegetarians can revel in customizable salads. Even those with a sweet tooth are catered to, with offerings like buttermilk pancakes and Belgian waffles.

A must-try is the Lobster Roll, where a fresh croissant forms the canvas for a symphony of rich flavors, courtesy of the exquisite seafood topping. Accompanied by a side of French fries, the meal transforms into a true spectacle of taste and texture.

Embrace an unforgettable lunchtime experience at this enduring eatery, where culinary diversity, excellence, and a commitment to satisfying every palate come together to create a gastronomic journey that transcends time.

9. Michael’s Harborside

Nestled by the waterfront, this restaurant stands as the quintessential lunch destination, celebrated for its tantalizing seafood offerings. The establishment also boasts an impressive selection of wine, beer, and cocktails to elevate your dining experience.

Michael’s Harborside beckons seafood enthusiasts to indulge in an unparalleled culinary voyage. From the mussels to the crab cakes, every dish overflows with the freshness of the ocean. Complement your meal with a cocktail that perfectly harmonizes with your plate, offering a cool and refreshing accompaniment.

For a winning experience, opt for outdoor seating to savor both your meal and the breathtaking view of the Merrimack River before you.

Unveil an epicurean masterpiece with the Grilled Salmon. The fish boasts a heavenly texture, its center moist, and its flavors exquisitely rich. Served alongside lemon and basil-scented rice, the dish embodies a culinary delight that transcends the ordinary.

Elevate your lunch adventure at Michael’s Harborside, where every plate, sip, and view converge to create a memorable gastronomic journey in Newburyport, MA.

10. Sea Level Oyster Bar

Best Lunch in Newburyport, MA

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Situated as one of two Sea Level Oyster Bar locations in Massachusetts, this restaurant offers a delectable array of seafood plates and delectable desserts.

Delve into an unparalleled seafood experience here, where the menu is centered around New England’s finest catches. The dishes are a symphony of flavors, a testament to both the exceptional quality of the seafood and the culinary team’s expertise. By enhancing the innate freshness of the seafood with premium ingredients and crafting each plate upon order, the result is nothing short of exquisite.

Embark on a culinary journey with the Baked Seafood Pie, a versatile delight suitable for breakfast, brunch, or dinner. Encased in a flaky pastry, this creation brims with a medley of exquisite seafood flavors, including mixed fish, scallops, shrimp, and mussels. Harmonizing seamlessly with sherry cream and vegetables, this pie offers not just sustenance, but a nourishing experience for the soul.

Experience the epitome of seafood dining at this establishment, where every dish is a celebration of the ocean’s bounty, expertly prepared to elevate your senses and palate.

11. Seaglass Restaurant & Lounge

Nestled within the Blue Ocean Event Center, the Seaglass Restaurant & Lounge promises a culinary voyage centered around remarkable seafood plates, complemented by an array of wine, beer, and cocktails.

Prepare to be captivated, for the staff at Seaglass Restaurant & Lounge is dedicated to creating experiences that surpass expectations. Everything here transcends mere goodness; it’s an explosion of spectacular flavors and presentations. The menu is a genuine ode to the ocean’s bounty, as the freshest seafood is transformed into innovative culinary offerings that celebrate the riches of the sea.

The libations are equally extraordinary, with skilled bartenders seamlessly blending traditional techniques with modern mixology to craft cocktails that are both innovative and timeless. The visual feast is as remarkable as the culinary delights, with breathtaking views of the Atlantic through towering glass windows, allowing you to feel the ocean’s touch at your fingertips.

A star among the offerings is the New England Clam Chowder. This soup is a harmonious fusion of seafood and meat flavors, where bacon and clams meld seamlessly. Combined with celery, onion, and cream, this dish is nothing short of culinary perfection.

12. Metzy’s Cantina

Nestled in the heart of the Rails End District, this eatery serves up an enticing blend of traditional and contemporary Mexican cuisine within a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

The allure of dining here lies in the authenticity that permeates every dish. The culinary staff adheres exclusively to original recipes, resulting in plates that brim with genuine flavors. However, this establishment also takes culinary innovation to heart, with a willingness to experiment, yielding a fusion of traditional and non-traditional Mexican-inspired creations.

From the traditional to the modern, the dishes presented are nothing short of fantastic. A must-try is the Chimichanga, where a crispy tortilla encapsulates a symphony of fresh flavors. The traditional shredded chicken harmonizes seamlessly with the layers of exquisite cheese, creating a palate-pleasing delight.

Immerse yourself in a culinary journey at this eatery, where the essence of Mexican cuisine, both traditional and contemporary, is celebrated with every plate.

13. Agave Mexican Bistro

This restaurant crafts delectable Mexican plates that transport your taste buds on a thrilling journey south of the border. The culinary delights are complemented by a selection of tequilas and margaritas, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your experience.

Embark on a culinary adventure to Mexico with every bite at this establishment. Authenticity is the hallmark of every dish, a result of the culinary team’s dedication to following original recipes. The use of fresh, high-quality ingredients further enhances the authenticity and flavors of the plates.

For a taste sensation that truly delights, indulge in the Premium Carne Asada Burrito. Encased in a flour tortilla, the dish features exquisite skirt steak that elevates the taste to even greater heights. Combined with refried beans and Chihuahua cheese, this creation emerges as a resounding winner.

Satisfy your cravings for Mexican cuisine at this eatery, where every dish is a celebration of flavors, culture, and culinary passion.

14. Oregano Pizzeria & Ristorante

For over 11 years, this establishment has been an integral part of Newburyport’s culinary landscape, offering an exquisite fusion of Italian and Lebanese cuisine.

While the menu boasts an array of excellence, the true gem of the restaurant lies in its specialty: pizza. The thin crust, celebrated for its exceptional taste, has garnered recognition far and wide. This reputation isn’t solely attributed to the culinary team’s mastery; it’s equally due to the use of top-tier ingredients that elevate every slice.

Crafted with special flour to ensure authenticity, the pizza embodies a harmonious blend of flavors. Crushed fresh San Marzano tomatoes lend their rich essence to the sauce, while high-quality mozzarella hailing from Italy completes the masterpiece.

Indulge in the taste of heaven with the Wild Mushroom Pizza. Each bite unveils a stunning fusion of flavors as mushrooms, red onion jam, and mozzarella intertwine atop the dough. Enhanced by truffle oil and scallions, this creation promises an unparalleled lunch experience in Newburyport, MA, where every slice is a testament to culinary excellence.

15. Mr India Restaurant & Bar

Best Lunch in Newburyport, MA

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Indulge in a culinary voyage of unparalleled proportions at this establishment, where a symphony of superb Indian and Nepalese dishes awaits. Complementing the culinary offerings are black tea, ginger ale, and traditional Indian lassi, enhancing your dining experience with authentic flavors.

For those unacquainted with the rich cuisines of India and Nepal, this restaurant offers instant teleportation to these vibrant countries with every bite. The authenticity of the plates is undeniable, thanks to the culinary team’s unwavering commitment to original recipes.

As you savor the delectable offerings, immerse yourself in the beauty of the cultural elements surrounding you. This restaurant offers not just a meal but a comprehensive gastronomic journey that celebrates the essence of India and Nepal.

For a quintessential experience, opt for the Chicken Tikka Masala, a classic dish that embodies perfection. The meat, tender and succulent, harmonizes seamlessly with the delectable tomato and onion sauce, creating a symphony of flavors that resonate with authenticity.

Embark on an unforgettable culinary adventure at this establishment, where every plate is an homage to India and Nepal, transporting you to these enchanting lands with every delicious morsel.



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