Best Beaches in Kent

14 Best Beaches in Kent [for 2023]

Kent is a county in southern England known for its spectacular coastline and beautiful beaches.  It is famous as the “Garden of England” for its beautiful countryside and picturesque villages And for its beautiful coastline, A drive along is a beach at almost every turn.

Stretching for almost 350 miles from the mouth of the River Thames to Dungeness in the south, the Kent coast boasts more than 50 beautiful and spectacular beaches.

Which attracts tourists from the southern counties and capital city of England London and surrounding cities. Many beaches in Kent, England offer a variety of facilities, including car parks, restrooms, and restaurants, and beaches in England are often partially or sometimes completely submerged on high tide days.

That’s why to be sure to check Kent tide times before starting your trip. You can find the beach you deserve from our list of the best beaches in Kent, England.

1. Tankerton Beach, Whitstable

Best Beaches in Kent

Photo by Arthur Knoepflin on Unsplash

Tankerton Beach is a picturesque shingle beach located in the charming seaside town of Whitstable, on the north coast of Kent, England. It is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, offering stunning panoramic views of the Isle of Sheppey and the surrounding coastline.

There is also a long promenade running along the beach, perfect for enjoying the sea breeze. The beach is a good choice for a walk or cycle ride. Tankerton Beach offers a variety of water sports, including swimming, windsurfing, and kite surfing.

During low tide, there are rock pools to explore and enjoy There is a small sandy beach for the taking. The town of Whitstable is famous for its fresh seafood, and there are many restaurants and cafes along the beach where you can sample delicious seafood as well as other dishes.

The beach is known for its brightly painted beach huts, which are one the great places for visitors to take pictures and relax in the sun. Tankerton Beach is a great spot for a day outing with its stunning views, water activities, and delicious dining options.

 2. Botany Bay Beach, Broadstairs

Best Beaches in Kent

Photo by tom coe on Unsplash

Botany Bay Beach is one of the prettiest beaches in Kent. It is known for its natural beauty and impressive chalk cliffs and golden sandy beach.

The beach is accessible via a steep set of stairs and has soft white sand and crystal clear water The beach is also home to some unique geological features, including rock formations and chalk stacks, which give tourists plenty of fun to swim and sunbathe. Helps to enhance natural beauty.

Botany Bay Beach is a family-friendly beach with a variety of activities for kids to play like building sand castles, splashing water, etc. The beach is staffed by lifeguards during the summer months, and facilities such as toilets, cafes, and beach huts are available nearby. Botany Bay Beach is a must-visit for anyone looking for a serene and beautiful beach experience.

3. Joss Bay Beach, Broadstairs

Best Beaches in Kent

Photo by Magda Vrabetz on Unsplash

Joss Bay Beach is a beautiful, sandy beach located in the coastal town of Broadstairs in the county of Kent, England. The beach is situated between the white cliffs of Kingsgate Bay and the North Foreland Lighthouse.

It is a popular beach among tourists and locals in general, known for its panoramic views and clear water, and long sand. Joss Bay Beach is A great option for water sports enthusiasts.

This beach offers a variety of recreational activities including surfing, surfers, bodyboarders, and kayakers. The beach has a lifeguard service during the summer months, providing safety for swimmers and families with children.

The beach is surrounded by a small number of cafes and restaurants, which serve a variety of delicious food and drinks Beach infrastructure includes public toilets and showers.

The beach is easily accessible by car or public transportation. Walking distance to the beach from Broadstairs’ city center is also possible, which may take about 30 minutes.

4. Margate Main Sands, Margate

best beaches in kent

Photo by Max Letek on Unsplash

Margate Main Sands is a beautiful and popular beach located in the coastal town of Margate, Kent, in the southeast of England. It is considered to be one of the most iconic landmarks of the city, attracting tourists from all over the country and abroad.

The beach’s sand is golden and soft, stretching over about 200 meters, perfect for sunbathing or A great option for children to build sandcastles. A variety of water sports are available for tourists including surfing, windsurfing, and jet skiing.

Beach infrastructure includes toilets, showers, and a first aid station. And there are also many cafes and restaurants in the vicinity where you can quench your hunger and thirst, and a variety of shops are also available here.

This beach is unlike the rest of the Cantt beaches because when the tide comes, it has a greater part remains above water. Margate Main Sands is a beautiful and lively beach, a great option for a day out with family or friends.

5. Dungeness Beach, Romney Marsh

best beaches in Kent

Photo by James Hollingworth on Unsplash

Dungeness Beach is one of the best beaches in Kent. It is famous for its vast expanse of shingles and its distinctive landscape, which features an array of abandoned fishing boats and a power station on the horizon.

Shingle Beach stretches for more than two miles and is home to many birds and insects. It is also known to be home to a variety of wildlife including species. Visitors to Dungeness Beach can take a walk along the beach to take in the natural beauty of the area or explore the nearby nature reserve.

The Romney, Hythe, and Dymchurch Railway also runs through the area, offering a unique way of experiencing the beach and its surroundings. The beach has become a popular destination for artists, drawn to the stark and haunting landscape. Are ready. It is also known as a popular spot for anglers, who come to the beach’s waters to catch sea bass and a variety of other fish.

6. Dymchurch Beach, Romney Marsh

best beaches in kent

Photo by Scott Chambers on Unsplash

If you’re looking for a great beach getaway in Kent for the family, Dymchurch Beach is a wonderful option. The beach is known for its wide expanse of golden sand and shallow water, making it a family-friendly destination for paddling and swimming.

Dymchurch Beach is one of the smaller, less built-up coastal towns in Kent, which has recently developed its own Significant improvements have been made to the sea walls, which have greatly benefited. And the result is a beautiful new promenade which is a delight to stroll through at high tide.

The beach is also home to a number of amusement arcades and Dymchurch Amusement Park which is great for families. Offers recreational activities. Dymchurch Beach is home to a number of beach huts and chalets that tourists can rent and stay close to the beach. This beach is a great option for those looking for a peaceful day out. live and want to spend their holidays having fun.

7. Deal Castle Beach, Deal

best beaches in kent

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

Deal Castle Beach is one of the best beaches in Kent. The beach stretches for about a mile along the coast and is backed by a lovely promenade that provides spectacular views of the English Channel Deal Castle One of the main attractions of the beach is the iconic Deal Castle, an ancient and magnificent 16th-century fortress built by King Henry VIII.

The castle, now a popular tourist attraction, stands at the top of the east end of the beach, which reflects the charm and historical importance of the area. At the beach you can enjoy plenty of sunbathing and swimming, there are even lifeguards on duty during the summer months to ensure your safety.

The water here is generally calm and safe, which is perfect for small children and families to enjoy. Apart from swimming and sunbathing, you can also enjoy a variety of other recreational activities such as fishing, sailing, and windsurfing. Beaches But you can take a leisurely stroll or enjoy a picnic on the promenade.

Facilities at Deal Castle Beach include toilets and beach huts, and parking is also available nearby, although spaces may be limited during peak hours.

8. Stone Bay Beach, Broadstairs

best beaches in kent

Photo by Bhanu Kiran on Unsplash

Stone Bay Beach is a beautiful and extremely tranquil beach located in the coastal town of Broadstairs, Kent, in the southeast of England. This secluded beach is one of seven sandy coves that line Broadstairs Beach and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the region.

The beach is made up of soft and golden sand, with shallow water perfect for children to swim in. The beach is surrounded by cliffs and offers stunning, panoramic views. Stone Bay Beach offers opportunities for water sports such as windsurfing, kiteboarding, and sea kayaking.

There are many coastal walks along the surrounding cliffs. Experience can be gained. The promenade provides access to several small coves and rock pools that are easier to discover at low tide.

Beach infrastructure includes public restrooms and showers, and beach cafes, A restaurant and an ice cream parlor are also available. Want to soak in stunning natural surroundings, Stone Bay Beach in Broadstairs is a must-visit destination.

9. Folkestone Beach, Folkestone

best beaches in kent

Photo by Bee Balogun on Unsplash

Folkestone Beach is a spectacular beach located in the town of Folkestone. The beach is popular with both locals and tourists, as it offers a wide variety of activities and facilities.

One of the main attractions of Folkestone Beach is its harbor, which houses a range of fishing boats and pleasure crafts.

You can stroll along the harbor arm and watch the boats come and go, as well as have a delicious coffee or a meal at the many cafes and restaurants that line the harbor.

The beach itself There’s a mix of shingle and sand, and you can enjoy a wealth of water sports recreational activities including kayaking, paddle boarding, and windsurfing.

The beach is also located quite close to the town center, with a variety of shops, pubs, and a variety of attractions. South of the main beach is Lower Lees Coastal Park, which is a great place to have a picnic.

10. Kingsgate Bay Beach, Broadstairs

best beaches in kent

Photo by Elena Zieg on Unsplash

If you are looking for a secluded beach in Kent then Kingsgate Bay Beach could be a great option for you. The beach is located between the towns of Broadstairs and Margate, and is accessible by foot, via steep steps that lead down to the beach via a cliff top.

The beach itself is quite small And most of the coast is made of sand, including some small areas of shingle. The water here is crystalline and clear and is great for swimming during the summer.

The beach is also suitable for rock pooling at low tide and is home to a variety of marine life, including a variety of Contains sea creatures such as crabs, anemones, and small fish.

Kingsgate Bay Beach is a stunning spot with its huge cliff drop, and a great departure for picnics, sunbathing, and relaxation. You will not find any facilities on this beach so tourists are advised to bring their own eatables with them.

Kingsgate Bay Beach is a peaceful, tranquil spot, and a great choice for those looking for a quiet, secluded getaway in the heart of the Kentish countryside.

11. Ramsgate Main Sands, Ramsgate

best beaches in kent

Photo by Rich Tervet on Unsplash

Ramsgate Main Sands is One of the best beaches in Kent. The beach is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, offering a wide range of activities for all ages This beautiful beach stretches for 500 meters and here you will find many restaurants, cafes, and shops which are backed by a promenade.

The sand of the beach is clean and well-maintained, which makes it ideal for sunbathing, and children playing on the sand. The beach is also staffed with lifeguards, making it perfect for building castles and playing beach games.

During the summer months, the beach also becomes an excellent place for swimming and water sports. Ramsgate Main Sands offers plenty of opportunities to go paddleboarding and even jet skiing, and there is also a designated area for windsurfing and kiteboarding.

The promenade is ideal for leisurely strolls, and there are many benches where you can sit and take in the panoramic views. There is also a great playground for the kids to enjoy and a swanky golf course nearby.

12. St. Margaret’s Bay Beach, Dover

best beaches in kent

Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev on Unsplash

St Margaret’s Bay Beach is a famous beach located in Dover, a small town on the southeast coast of England. Known for its pristine white sand and crystal-clear water, it is popular among tourists and locals alike.

The beach commands a spectacular view of the famous White Cliffs of Dover and the English Channel, providing a peaceful and serene environment to tourists and locals alike.

The beach has toilet facilities as well as a cafe and parking space. A wide variety of activities can be enjoyed at St. Margaret’s Bay Beach, including swimming, sunbathing, and fishing.

The beach can be a great place for hiking and walking as there are many coastal walks and cliff-top routes in the surrounding area.

13. Minnis Bay Beach, Birchington-on-Sea

best beaches in kent

Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

Minnis Bay Beach, located just a short tea walk from the pretty towns of Herne Bay and Margate, is considered one of Kent’s longest sandy beaches. This beach has a gently sloping coastline with clear water. And the beach is one of the Blue Flag beaches which is a good choice for families with young children.

Here you can enjoy the whole family with the nearby beautiful sand dunes, paddling pool, and playground, which offers a range of activities for both adults and children to enjoy.

Water sports at Minnis Bay Beach There are many activities available to enjoy including kayaking, paddle boarding, windsurfing, fishing, and sailing. The beach is served by lifeguards for your safety, and there is a great playground where you can play volleyball.

14. Broadstairs Main Beach – Viking Bay

best beaches in kent

Photo by Nancy Hann on Unsplash

Viking Bay is a spectacular and beautiful beach in the coastal town of Broadstairs, Kent. Known as the main beach of the city, this beach stretches for about 2 km. It offers a variety of fun and exciting activities for people of all ages.

You can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and fishing along with exciting beach sports, and the rock pools are a great place to explore during low tide. Here you can also enjoy a picnic with your dear ones, and there are many arrangements for ice cream, ice cold drinks, or food.

The cleanliness of the beach is taken care of, making it a safe and pleasant place, and lifeguards are present during the summer. You can experience wildlife here, there are different types of birds and Can see sea creatures.



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