Best Family Vacations in West Virginia

11 Best Family Vacations in West Virginia [for 2023]

When you are planning a vacation in West Virginia then you have come to the right place, keep reading our article as we have gathered here some wonderful and unique places for the best family vacations in West Virginia.

This will be the place where you will spend a relaxing time as well as there is a lot to do here which will definitely appeal to everyone in the family. From tree-covered mountain ranges to Civil War architecture, the Mountain State has everything you’re looking for for a relaxing and comfortable family getaway.

West Virginia is a relatively large area, there are lots of great things to do here, but searching can be a bit daunting, so keep reading our article and find a great place for your vacation.

1. The Greenbrier State Forest Park

Best Family Vacations in West Virginia

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In this park, you can enjoy everything from fishing and camping to horse riding and rafting. The park is considered a great place for nature lovers and is also a great family outing.
Greenbrier State Forest is approximately 5,100 acres of secluded wilderness that allows you and your family to relax in a peaceful setting away from the city.

You can enjoy many fun activities here, such as swimming, hiking, hunting, golfing, and many more. If you want to camp, you can also camp at one of their sites here. Some may be looking for even more comfort. If you are one of those people, you can even rent a cabin to stay here, especially when you are with small children, this option becomes wonderful.

And the great thing about it seems that you’ll find some of the best family hotels only a short walk from the park, making this one of the best family vacations in West Virginia.

2. Snowshoe Mountain

best family vacations in west virginia

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Snowshoe Mountain is a place that tourists visit year-round, but it’s really fun to be here during the winter. It definitely gives you the feel of being in a winter wonderland here. This spectacular mountain is one of the most fun things to do in West Virginia with kids and teens who love to be active.

You can enjoy a rubber tube ride down a snowy slope, or you can spend a fun-filled day doing ski tricks at the area parks. When you are tired of enjoying so many activities, you and your family can head to the spa and unwind or there are also family resorts where you can enjoy a swim in the heated pool and hot tub.

During the warmer months, Snowshoe Mountain is impressive. If you and your kids love adventure activities like mountain biking, going on lift rides, and fly fishing, then you and your kids can definitely enjoy it here.

3. Harpers Ferry

best family vacations in west virginia

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This is where you take a few steps into the past here you Enjoy a walk through the quaint and charming community of Harpers Ferry surrounded by the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers.

Harpers Ferry is also a great place for families looking for unique, educational experiences, where you get a chance to rediscover and understand the past through living history exhibits. In particular, you will enjoy a walk through the old streets of the city, where you will get to know the past even more closely.

If you have kids with you, taking your child on a scavenger hunt, and visiting ruined villages and battlefields, can be a great experience. You’ll also find accommodations around Harpers Ferry where you can do and enjoy attending their fun living history events.

And there’s much more that makes this one of the best family vacations in West Virginia, on the weekends, you can take part in 18th to 19th-century farming, artillery demonstrations, and more.

4. Seneca Rocks

best family vacations in west virginia

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If you want to experience the true spirit of the state, one of West Virginia’s most famous attractions, the Seneca Rocks in Pendleton County, is a must-visit. In addition to being a scenic attraction, Seneca Rocks are considered a popular spot for rock climbing, with hundreds of routes available for climbers of all skill levels.

Usually, it is an adventurous activity that sporty teens would enjoy that risky activity on their family vacations. It is the best option if you go here with a guide as you do not even need to have prior climbing experience with a guide.

With just a little training, your whole family can enjoy a great camping, rappelling, and climbing experience on a two-day trip. Here you can enjoy other nearby activities such as river fishing, day hiking, and nature appreciation, making this one of the best family vacations in West Virginia.

5. Charles Town

best family vacations in west virginia

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Charles town, located near the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, is a small and beautiful town that was built by the Washington family. Charles town is close to attractions and a beautiful location in its own right, making it a great choice for those looking for a great vacation spot while living in West Virginia.

Is this the cute little town that has lots of outdoor space that is perfect for your photos? This can also be a great place for history buffs as you can walk around town to learn and understand the old architecture dating back to the 1800s, meet animals, or visit Washington’s homes and farms.

If you have kids with you, Charles town offers great accommodations for kid-friendly weekend getaways in West Virginia, and best of all, it’s about a 10-minute walk to Harpers Ferry, a place you can walk to. and can make some great memories.

6. Fayetteville

best family vacations in west virginia

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Fayetteville is a great place to get a taste of old small-town life, which also has a variety of shops, restaurants, and art galleries. One of Fayetteville’s main attractions is the New River Gorge Bridge, located just outside downtown, and don’t forget to take a photo near the bridge while you’re there.

This a great small town that offers a lot to enjoy on a family vacation near West Virginia, as you can plan hiking and biking trails, or just enjoy hiking throughout the city Art can be found.

Enjoy a picnic in the town park and live music along with it will make your picnic more enjoyable. If you love horse riding then you can do that here as well, which makes it a wonderful place to enjoy a family holiday.

7. Blackwater Falls State Park

best family vacations in west virginia

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If you’re looking for a family vacation in West Virginia with a natural environment, Blackwater Falls State Park is a great option. Especially if you have kids with you as this is one of the best places to visit with kids and it is also one of the best family vacations in West Virginia.

Here children can participate in a number of activities throughout the year and you can also go swimming and camping during the summer. You can also enjoy hiking and camping here during autumn.

If you visit during winter, you can enjoy various snow sports that you may like. You will be pleased to know that Blackwater Falls is not the only beautiful spot in this state park, here You shouldn’t miss visiting other places like Elakala Falls, Lindy Point, and Pendleton Point Overlook.

8. Hatfield and McCoy Trails

best family vacations in west virginia

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The Hatfield-McCoy Trails are made up of a 700+ mile trail system that is world-renowned for its off-highway vehicle trails. The Hatfield-McCoy Trails are divided into several trail systems, each offering unique terrain and challenges for riders.

These trail systems include the Pocahontas Trail System, Indian Ridge Trail System, pinnacle Creek Trail System, Little Coal River Trail System, Rockhouse Trail System, and Bearwallow Trail System, making it even more amazing.

Known for one of the most famous family feuds in recent history, which occurred between two families living in the area in the late 1800s. Today, these spectacular trails are the best way for visitors to explore the natural beauty of the Appalachian Mountains while experiencing the thrill of off-road riding. Remember to get a trail permit before hitting the trails, and permits are available online that you can pick up.

9. Charleston

Best Family Vacations in West Virginia

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Charleston is a riverside city found near the Elk and Kanawha Rivers, not to be confused with Charles Town.

The city is also the capital of West Virginia. It is a more populous city than other cities in the state, where you will also enjoy the lively atmosphere of the city and this city is also a great place for a family holiday.

Here you can explore the grand, gold-domed state capitol, have fun, spend some memorable time with loved ones, take in some vibrant art galleries, and dine at any of the fabulous restaurants along the river. can enjoy. For record enthusiasts, Charleston offers several great record shops where you can browse and add to your collection. When visiting Charleston, don’t forget to add the East End Artisan Market to your list of family-friendly activities.

This market, which takes place from April to October, is where independent artists showcase their amazing artistic crafts and the best part is that you can even take some home with you!

10. Gauley River National Recreation Area

Best Family Vacations in West Virginia

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Gauley River National Recreation Area is a protected area in West Virginia, where you can enjoy nature’s adventures and spend the day in the spectacular surroundings of the Gauley River. Most of the visitors here enjoy rafting in the swift, curvy white waters of the Gauley River. It is most famous for its whitewater rapids and you probably already know that it is one of the largest whitewater rivers in the country.

You and the kids can enjoy camping here for trout and smallmouth bass, and also go whitewater paddling or fly fishing. While enjoying so many fun activities, you must keep one thing in mind; You must follow safety guidelines at all times inside the recreation area.

There are many things to keep in mind when you bring small children, such as keeping an eye on them at all times, especially when near water because it’s best to be cautious. You should always wear a lifejacket when you are near water, which is paramount to safety.

11. Moundsville

best family vacations in west virginia

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If you are visiting Moundsville, you should not miss seeing their eerie prison and it is one of the unique activities to do with the family. This is a great and wonderful place for history buffs, where you will learn and understand about this ruined prison.

The West Virginia Penitentiary, also known as the West Virginia State Penitentiary, is a Gothic-style prison from the late 1800s to the late 1900s. You can take guided tours of the dungeon here, which include visits to the cell blocks, execution chambers, and prison yards.

It is safe to say that a lot of people have died and suffered here, which is what makes it an excellent place to learn and understand ghosts and other spooky phenomena. Be sure to explore attractions in addition to Moundsville landmarks while you’re here, such as the Hephastoria Glass Museum, Palace of Gold, and Grave Creek Mound.


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