Best Family Beaches in Missouri

10 Best Family Beaches in Missouri [for 2023]

While Missouri may not have direct access to the ocean, it compensates with its stunning inland beaches that can rival any coastal destination. Along with well-maintained beaches, Missouri offers a wealth of picturesque beaches that boast crystal-clear waters and breathtaking backdrops.

Here you can enjoy the feel of soft, ne sand beneath your toes. can make the perfect place for relaxation and play. These family-friendly beaches offer an array of exciting activities, including kayaking, paddle boarding, scuba diving, sailing, beach volleyball, and sunbathing.

Whether you’re looking for adventure or just looking to relax, Missouri’s beaches are a treasure trove of a wide variety of experiences that cater to everyone’s preferences. Pack your bags, mark your calendars, and take a trip to the best family beaches in Missouri, where unforgettable memories and priceless bonding moments await.

1. Grand Glaize Beach, Osage Beach

Best Family Beaches in Missouri

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Grand Glaze Beach, located on the Lake of the Ozarks, is a top recommendation for families with young children looking for a kid-friendly beach experience in Missouri. One of its main attractions is the shallow and calm waters with no waves, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for the little ones to splash around in.

Parents can relax on the soft sandy shoreline while their kids play with beach toys, and build sand castles and sculptures. The beach’s proximity to excellent family hotels like the Lodge of Four Seasons Golf Resort makes it a convenient option for accommodation.

You can also take advantage of the nearby marina, which offers boat rentals of various sizes, allowing families to enjoy a quiet cruise on the water.

The marina also has stores where you can buy fishing bait, ice cream, and other amenities that add to the overall beach experience. Grand Glaze Beach is a wonderful destination for families looking for a peaceful and enjoyable beach outing in Missouri.

 2. Fugitive Beach, Rolla

Best Family Beaches in Missouri

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Fugitive Beach is actually a popular beach destination in Missouri, known for its family-friendly atmosphere and range of attractions. Offering a sandy shoreline and a variety of activities that cater to all age groups, the beach has a separate shallow area, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for little ones.

Beach toys and floaties are available for rent, adding to the fun for the kids. The beach also has giant water slides, cliff jumping spots, sandy beach volleyball courts, kayak rentals, diving platforms, and more, which will keep your kids and You’ll love it. When it comes to safety, Fugitive Beach stands out.

The beach enforces mandatory life jacket rental and maintains a vigilant team of lifeguards. Regular water testing is done every two weeks by the authorities, and the presence of copper and limestone in the rock formation helps to naturally eliminate bacteria, ensuring your well-being.

Families pack meals and snacks No need to worry about getting carried away as there is a snack shack, a beach bar, and a grill on site. These establishments serve delicious and easy-to-eat food, including kid-friendly options such as nachos, popcorn chicken, hotdogs, and ice cream. This feature allows families to focus on enjoying their time at the beach without the hassle of food preparation.

3. Moonshine Beach, Branson

Best Family Beaches in Missouri

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Moonshine Beach is undoubtedly the best family beach in Missouri. With its expansive shoreline and gentle slopes, it’s the perfect place for the kids to have fun. Powdery sand is ideal for building sand castles and engaging in imaginative play. What sets Moonshine Beach apart is its calm waters, free from strong waves or rip currents, ensuring the safety of your little ones as they swim and splash around.

The beach with its nearby playground Caters to ages, featuring thrilling slides and a jungle gym. This allows kids to take a break from the water and have some terrestrial fun. The clear and pristine waters of the beach make it a prime destination for scuba diving, if you are looking for adventure, you can enjoy an unforgettable underwater adventure.

For those looking for something friendly Love competition, Moonshine Beach offers beach volleyball facilities, where you can participate in thrilling matches with your loved ones. And the beach here offers beach pavilions and shelters for rent that can accommodate up to 75 people, making it an excellent option for special events and celebrations, to celebrate and enjoy quality time together An intimate place.

4. Stockton Lake Public Beach, Dadeville

Best Family Beaches in Missouri

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Stockton Lake Public Beach is recommended as the best family beach in Missouri due to its many amenities and family-friendly atmosphere. This alluring beach offers a pleasant experience for people of all ages. Whether you prefer to relax on the shore, soak up the sun, work on your tan, or indulge in adventure activities, this beach has it all. For families with children, the sandy beach offers sand castles and Provides an excellent playground for creating and enjoying quality time together.

Additionally, the beach offers a serene picnic area where you can relish delicious food while immersing yourself in beautiful surroundings. One of the highlights of the beach is the opportunity for thrilling water adventures. Whether you are an experienced water enthusiast or a beginner, you can engage in a variety of activities such as kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, water skiing, canoeing, pontooning, and fishing.

The beach is well equipped with boat rentals available at a nearby marina, ensuring you have everything you need for a memorable day on the water. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to sail, Stockton Lake The public beach offers sailing lessons. This is a great chance to pick up a new skill while enjoying the picturesque views and tranquility of the lake.

5. Long Branch State Park Beach, Macon

Best Family Beaches in Missouri

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Long Branch State Park Beach is a highly recommended destination for a memorable family beach vacation. With its beautiful sandy shoreline and calm waters, this beach is an ideal place for families to relax and enjoy quality time, where you can have a pleasant beach experience with your entire family.

Kids can bring along their own inflatable donuts or other floaties and have fun in the water while parents push them along. This beach offers a boat ramp for those who want to bring their water vehicles and a volleyball court for some friendly competition.

For those seeking outdoor adventure, there are beautiful hiking trails nearby that are perfect for the whole family to explore and enjoy the fresh air and panoramic views.

6. Mark Twain State Park Beach, Florida

Best Family Beaches in Missouri

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Mark Twain State Park Beach, located on the beautiful shores of Mark Twain Lake, is a hidden gem and the perfect destination in Missouri. With its sandy beach, crystal-clear blue waters, and picturesque landscape framed by lush greenery including oak and maple trees, this beach provides a serene and natural setting for relaxation and fun.

Best family getaways in Missouri One of the main reasons we highly recommend Mark Twain State Park Beach as a beach is its laid-back atmosphere. Unlike the crowded and bustling beaches, this hidden gem attracts fewer tourists, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy a serene and rejuvenating vacation. Families with children will especially enjoy the Mark Twain State Park Beach -Off will appreciate the swimming area.

The gentle and shallow water makes it an ideal place for kids to splash around and play safely. Unlike other beaches that may have small rocks or pebbles, this beach ensures that your young ones’ feet will be comfortable and blister-free. Fishing enthusiasts can come here to cast a line and try their luck in the abundant waters of the lake. while those seeking a unique experience can explore the beach’s calm waves on a stand-up paddleboard.

To make the most of your family vacation in the great outdoors, we’re located within Mark Twain State Park Recommend taking advantage of the three campgrounds available. Among them, Puma Campground stands out as the most family-friendly option, offering spacious camping facilities suitable for large groups. By staying at the park, you can immerse yourself in nature, enjoy campers under the starry sky, and create lasting memories with your family.

7. Monsanto Lake Beach, Park Hills

Best Family Beaches in Missouri

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Monsanto Lake Beach, located within St. Joe State Park, is widely considered to be the best family beach in Missouri. It’s sheer size and abundant family-friendly amenities make it the perfect destination for a nature-filled vacation.

The beach has clean and pristine waters to engage in activities like scuba diving. Along with this, you can enjoy complimentary sandy volleyball courts, picnic tables, and grills for convenient food preparation and dining facilities.

It is advised to bring sufficient food, beverages, and snacks, as food options are limited near the beach. For a memorable family getaway surrounded by the beauty of nature, Monsanto Lake Beach is a top choice in Missouri.

8. Rocky Falls Beach, Winona

Best Family Beaches in Missouri

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Rocky Falls Beach is a great destination in Missouri. While it may not have the typical sandy shoreline, its rocky surroundings, and stunning waterfalls make it a favorite among beach-goers. The age of the rocks, which are more than 1.5 billion years old, adds to the charm of the beach and provides opportunities for geological exploration. It is perfect for a family outing, especially on hot summer days.

The crystal clear water is clean and refreshing, which gives a perfect respite from the heat. The main attraction of the beach is the spectacular waterfall, which not only forms a picturesque backdrop but also acts as a natural waterfall, delighting both children and adults alike.

There is an easily accessible parking area so that it is not a hassle to reach the beach with your family. Picnic areas are available, so you can enjoy your meal while being mesmerized by the soothing sound of the waterfalls. And of course, the rocks present an opportunity for adventure, as they can be climbed for breathtaking photo opportunities.

During your visit To ensure maximum comfort, it is recommended to wear aqua shoes. While the rocky terrain adds to the allure of the beach, walking for extended periods can be uncomfortable. Aqua shoes will protect your feet while swimming and exploring rocky areas, ensuring an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

9. Finger Lakes State Park Beach, Columbia

Best Family Beaches in Missouri

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Finger Lakes State Park Beach The sprawling 1128-acre park is nothing short of a hidden gem, making it Missouri’s best family beach. The beach has a picturesque golden shoreline that stretches along the crystal-clear waters of the lake. Tall, lush trees provide a stunning backdrop, creating a serene and natural environment.

Whether you’re looking to sunbathe and work on your tan or indulge in adventure activities, Finger Lakes State Park Beach There is definitely something for everyone. You can enjoy quality time with them here by making sand sculptures or castles, playing catch, or introducing them to the joy of swimming in the shallow water. The beach also offers picnic areas, which can be enjoyed deliciously amidst the natural beauty of the park. Can taste the prepared food.

For water enthusiasts, there is a roped-off area that separates the shallow and deep parts of the lake, ensuring a safe swimming experience for all. You can go kayaking, boating, or canoeing while enjoying the tranquility and beautiful views You can locate the lake by Fishing enthusiasts can try their luck in the lake’s abundant waters.

The beach has a mountain biking trail, as well as an off-road vehicle (ORV) and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) race track. If you are in the mood for some thrilling action, you can watch the races and cheer on the competitors while immersing yourself in the lively atmosphere of the track.

10. Lake Boutin Beach, Jackson

Best Family Beaches in Missouri

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Trail of Tears State Park in Missouri is home to Lake Boutin Beach, widely regarded as one of the best family beaches in the state. With its soft sandy shoreline, it provides the perfect spot for sunbathing and playtime for the kids. The swimming area offers refreshing water for a dip, while the grassy area is ideal for picnics and outdoor games.

Families can engage in fun water activities such as canoeing, fishing, and tubing, which add excitement to their weekend getaway. Moreover, the picturesque surroundings provide ample opportunities to capture memorable moments with loved ones. A visit to the Visitors Center provides an educational experience that delves into the tragic history of the Cherokee Native Americans.


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