Best Family Beaches in West Virginia

10 Best Family Beaches in West Virginia [for 2023]

Nothing excites me more than a day at the beach, with kids in mind. And if you look in West Virginia, you’ll nd a seemingly never-ending mix of amazing beaches. Of course, the land-locked mountain state remains hundreds of miles from Virginia’s famously kid-friendly coastline.

But, it has owned beautiful lakes with sandy and pristine beaches. By highlighting the best family beaches in West Virginia, it is our endeavor to help you make the most of a refreshing getaway with your family here.

1. ACE Adventure Resort, Oak Hill

Best Family Beaches in West Virginia

Photo by Limor Zellermayer on Unsplash

ACE Adventure Resort is an outdoor adventure resort located in West Virginia. With its wide variety of activities, it can be seen as a great alternative to seaside destinations in the USA. The highlight of this beach is that Ace Adventure Resort has all the makings of an unforgettable beach getaway.

There is a kid-friendly beach, and there is a wide range of toys, including inflatables. There is a host of activities available for mostly intrepid teens and adults alike. It is known for its whitewater rafting trips, which take you down the New River Gorge or the Gauley River, depending on the season.

Apart from rafting, you can also take part in guided zipline tours that take them through the forest canopy, as you cannot miss out on the exciting activities here including horse riding, paddle boarding, ATV tours, and fishing. You can focus your attention on many other exciting activities.

 2. Lake Stephens, Beckley

Best Family Beaches in West Virginia

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Lake Stephens offers an array of fun activities to do in West Virginia with your kids and family. The beach offers a world of fun and excitement for family vacationers. The shallow waters and attentive lifeguards make the lake the safest beach in West Virginia. Apart from this, the park has a variety of activities to do such as a sprinkler splash pad, a water park, and a marina.

Apart from this, recreational activities include a wonderful playground, a paintball park, and the thrill of horse riding. The best of this beachside getaway is to make your and your family’s vacation one to remember by exploring the amazing nearby attractions including Tamarack, Burning Rock Off-Road Park, and Mountain State Miniature Golf.

3. Sutton Lake, Sutton

Best Family Beaches in West Virginia

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If you are looking for an exciting place to have fun with your entire family, then rest assured that you should visit Sutton because Sutton is considered the best family beach in West Virginia. The highlight of this beach is that from the children’s playground to the marina, the lake is able to entertain the whole family in various ways.

Also, make your visit to this gorgeous lake a unique and unforgettable experience for sure. Rent a luxury houseboat to make your trip a memorable one. It has a sugar-white sandy beach where you can relax and lie down and soak up some sun rays by applying sunscreen.

Apart from giving you a comfortable home base, the lake also has several boat ramps and a marina where you can Boats, jet skis, and other watercraft can be rented.

4. Lake Sherwood, White Sulphur Springs

Best Family Beaches in West Virginia

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If you’re looking for a family-friendly beach in West Virginia that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Lake Sherwood is the perfect choice for you. While you’ll definitely love the laid-back and beautiful atmosphere of this beach, it’s where you’ll appreciate its beautiful scenery, making it one of the best family beaches in West Virginia.

The beach welcomes you with its calm waters, picture-perfect backdrop, and fresh air, and parents can enjoy fishing on the beach. You can also hike into the Monongahela National Forest and enjoy fascinating wildlife sightings including coyotes, otters, and black bears.

5. Summersville Lake, Summersville

Best Family Beaches in West Virginia

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Somersville Lake is one of the best places to visit with the family in West Virginia, with more than 60 miles of shoreline and a wealth of lake water activities. Here you can enjoy a lot from whitewater rafting to scuba diving.

If you have kids with you, there is also a popular beach here which your kids will love to spend a full day. If the kids are a little hungry, take them to Fat Eddie’s and feed them delicious ice cream and hot dogs that they love so much. The best part is that it is very close to Veteran and it is budget-friendly.

6. Shavers Lake, Snowshoe

Best Family Beaches in West Virginia

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Shavers Lake is one of the highest beaches in the state and can be the perfect wonderful place for a relaxing family vacation where you make some lovely memories. This wonderful resort is known for its white sand, where you can enjoy building sand castles with yourself or just relax for a while reading a favorite book.

Here you can enjoy a whole lot of swimming and for adventurous families, great activities like horse sledding and paddleboarding await here. You can also take a scenic lift ride here that gives you a beautiful view of the lush green forests and surrounding mountains, which is definitely an amazing experience. You can also admire the fascinating panorama and fascinating wildlife here.

7. Jennings Randolph Lake, Elk Garden

Best Family Beaches in West Virginia

Photo by Vitolda Klein on Unsplash

Jennings Randolph is a great choice for a family vacation with fun and enjoyment. Here you can double the happiness of your kids, as this is the best beach in West Virginia for kids and families. Jennings Randolph Lake will surely leave no stone unturned to satisfy your beach craving. Its crystal With a sugar-white sandy beach, the lake provides a pleasant experience and memorable moments for your entire family.

Here you can enjoy beach activities with your entire family as well as various water-based activities in the lake. You can enjoy plenty of activities, such as water skiing and sailing. If you want to spend a night here with the whole family, then the Cove Campground is for you, and it has redwood, electricity, and running water.

8. Tygart Lake State Park, Grafton

Best Family Beaches in West Virginia

Photo by David Karimzadeh on Unsplash

Tygart Lake State Park A relaxing beach with scenic views and plenty of family fun, you can have both a quiet and an action-packed beach getaway here. The spectacular views of Tygart Lake State Park are adorable for the whole family, and you can take a break from your daily hustle and bustle here.

The lake is also home to a number of water sports that will surely charm you, including canoeing, water skiing, and boating. Food and drink are exclusive, luckily, you can find a full menu of great and delicious treats at Tygart Lake Lodge and Tygart Lake Public Golf Course. Grafton just north of the lake awaits you with even more dining options.

9. Rock Cliff Lake, Lost River

Best Family Beaches in West Virginia

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Rock Cliff Lake is one of the best places to celebrate a family vacation in West Virginia. Rock Cliff Lake offers a family-friendly soft sand beach, perfect topography, and breathtaking views that appeal to the whole family. Here you can either relax or indulge in water sports, and you can definitely have an exciting day out with the whole family.

There is a playground available where you can spend some time playing with your family. And there’s a large and beautiful picnic area with volleyball courts, amenities, and grills that your kids will love.

Large and lush green forests exhibit natural beauty here, in which you can enjoy these beautiful surroundings with the whole family, there are walking trails around the lake or walking trails that make you feel pleasant. do.

10. Cacapon Resort State Park, Berkeley Springs

Best Family Beaches in West Virginia

Photo by Samantha Fortney on Unsplash

Cacapon Resort State Park boasts the best family beaches in West Virginia. Cacapon Resort State Park is geared up in every way to thrill families. This state park is one of the most kid-friendly beaches in West Virginia, especially for kids.

All of the activities here are family-friendly, with the park offering golf, hiking, and many more diversions. You can teach your kids about nature by hiking the Laurel Trail with the whole family. From beautiful colorful ower bushes to wildlife can also be discovered. This area is blessed with spectacular natural sights, it’s only 2 miles long, and kids will definitely love it.


1. Are these family beaches suitable for young children?

Yes, these family beaches offer safe swimming areas and many recreational activities suitable for young children.

2. Are there lifeguards on duty at these family beaches?

Most of these family beaches do not have lifeguards on duty, so it’s important to practice water safety and supervise children at all times.


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