Best Family Hotels in Hawaii

15 Best Family Hotels in Hawaii [for 2023]

Aloha! It is a true pleasure to go on a family vacation to the stunning paradise of the Pacific Ocean. Amidst the excitement, the search for the best accommodation in Hawaii can be overwhelming due to the abundance of exceptional options available.

To ease this challenge, we present our carefully curated pick of the best family hotels in Hawaii. This handpicked list will ensure that your stay is both memorable and comfortable, providing you with a serene oasis amidst Hawaii’s natural beauty and vibrant culture.

1. Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

Best Family Hotels in Hawaii

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Consider the Four Seasons in Hawaii as an exceptional family resort option. Located on Maui’s Wailea Beach, its unparalleled staff service sets it apart.

Perfect for families seeking high luxury, the resort features delicious cuisine, spacious accommodations ensuring family comfort, and a special “Kids for All Seasons” service to indulge the kids, offering parents an adults-only infinity pool that allows them to spend relaxing moments in the pool.

For an enriching experience, consult the concierge for expert recommendations. A mix of stunning location, top-notch service, and family-oriented amenities make the Four Seasons a premier Hawaiian retreat.

2. Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

The Grand Wailea in Hawaii stands out as the best waterpark hotel, the crown jewel of which is the Wailea Canyon Water Park. This destination is a paradise for families looking for pure fun for their energetic kids.

The water park attraction perfectly caters to the needs of families, promising endless excitement just steps away from their abode. For parents looking for intimate moments, suites offer a special touch with privately furnished terraces, creating a romantic and relaxing space amidst the excitement of waterpark adventures.

3. Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui

Enjoy unparalleled comfort and convenience in the exquisite cabana-style suites at the Fairmont Kea Lani, making it one of the best family hotels in Hawaii. Ideal for families traveling with children, these spacious suites offer a haven of luxury.

With a range of engaging activities, the keiki (kids) will be captivated – from the exciting Kids’ Camp to the engaging Mermaid University and the dynamic Ninja Zone.

While your little ones are entertained, parents can enjoy relaxing by the adults-only pool, ensuring a complete and memorable family vacation experience.

4. Turtle Bay Resort

Experience the ultimate Hawaiian vacation at Turtle Bay Resort on the island of Oahu. Ideal for adventurous families looking for a variety of activities, this resort offers a range of on-site adventures including helicopter tours, horse riding, and surfing. The resort’s stunning beaches are perfect for soaking up the island rays.

For an even deeper immersion in Hawaiian culture, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center, only 4 miles away. This makes Turtle Bay Resort one of the best family hotels in Hawaii, offering both excitement and cultural enrichment for an unforgettable vacation.

5. The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Waikiki Beach Hotel

Best Family Hotels in Hawaii

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The Ritz-Carlton in Honolulu is one of the most extravagant hotels in Hawaii, which promises a luxurious and indulgent experience to its guests. It exclusively caters to families who appreciate spacious and upscale accommodation.

Instead of traditional hotel rooms, the establishment offers elegant studios and suites, creating living spaces that are sure to impress every member of the family.

In addition, for those interested in shopping, the hotel’s prime location allows for convenient walking distance to the Waikiki International Marketplace Shopping Center, where a great shopping adventure awaits.

6. The Lodge at Kukui’ula

Nestled within the natural beauty of Kauai, the Lodge at Kukuiula is one of the best family hotels in Hawaii, offering an exceptional stay that fosters strong bonds and unforgettable experiences.

Surrounded by the captivating charm of the island, this retreat is perfectly crafted for families looking to spend quality time together. The exuberant islander attitude surrounds you and your loved ones, ensuring relaxation while enjoying the resort’s bountiful amenities.

For larger families, a choice of 4-bedroom suites or cottages equipped with private pools offers both space and exclusivity. Immerse yourself in the true Hawaiian spirit, relax on the shores of Kauai, and create lasting memories at this remarkable destination.

7. Kauai Marriott Resort

For an extravagant tropical getaway, the Kauai Marriott Resort offers comprehensive accommodations and top-notch amenities, making it the ideal destination for an unforgettable vacation. Ideal for families, this resort is a haven for beach enthusiasts who want to sunbathe and relax.

Parents can take a break from the meal plan, as the resort’s restaurant caters to the whole day’s dining needs. To get the most out of your stay, parents should consider booking a suite with a private balcony, which provides a private oasis within a heavenly setting.

The resort’s reliable babysitting services offer you the opportunity to enjoy some nice discounts. With its welcoming atmosphere and focus on family-friendly experiences, the Kauai Marriott Resort promises a remarkable tropical getaway.

8. Paniolo at The Equus

Located on the “Upper West Side” of Waikiki, the Paniolo is a charming boutique hotel perfect for families seeking an extravagant stay. Located in the heart of the city, this gem offers close proximity to pristine beaches and an array of dining and shopping options, striking a perfect balance for a memorable vacation.

The distinctive feature of the hotel is its horse riding tours, which are a real delight for youngsters and animal-loving teenagers. Additionally, Paniolo has an exclusive 100-acre untouched beach area along O’ahu’s north shore, which is a notable amenity for its guests. For the best family hotel experience in Hawaii, Paniolo is a delectable option that captures the spirit of the islands.

9. Espacio the Jewel of Waikiki

Situated on the iconic shores of Waikiki Beach, this exquisite hotel, the meticulously designed rooms not only offer awe-inspiring views but also blend Italian and Moroccan aesthetics, creating an inviting ambiance. Ideal for those who appreciate sophistication, Espacio offers a remarkable stay for families.

Smart TVs in each suite and the inclusion of a rooftop infinity pool enhance the experience, making this an excellent choice for family-friendly accommodations. Additionally, guests 21 and older can enjoy the added luxury of complimentary in-room wine, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to their stay.

10. Montage Kapalua Bay

Best Family Hotels in Hawaii

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Located on the charming Naamalu Bay shoreline, Montage Kapalua is one of the best family hotels in Hawaii, ensuring an enjoyable and truly Hawaiian vacation. Perfect for families seeking the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure, this resort offers a true Hawaiian experience.

What sets it apart is the exceptional entertainment it offers for kids, souvenir merit badges, and engaging arts-and-crafts lessons. A valuable tip for families with busy schedules is the added convenience of grocery delivery, which caters to their on-the-go lifestyle. Montage Kapalua has emerged as an ideal choice for families seeking an unforgettable Hawaiian getaway.

11. Timbers Kauai Ocean Club & Residences

At Timbers Kauai Ocean Beach Club and Residences, both first-time and returning guests are invited to embrace the essence of local life. This destination is especially attractive to those seeking an authentic Hawaiian experience, making it an excellent choice for one of the best family weekend getaways in Hawaii.

Children will delight in the engaging kids’ club, while parents can enjoy relaxing at the spa and fitness facilities. An added delight for families is the on-site private farm, which caters to those with a fascination for the farming aspects of island life.

12. Aston Waikoloa Colony Villas

Located on The Big Island, The Aston Waikoloa offers an idyllic setting only a mile from the tranquil Pacific Ocean. Its serene landscape provides mesmerizing views of majestic Mauna Kea and surreal lava fields, creating an ethereal ambiance.

Ideal for budget-conscious families, this hidden gem presents a charming haven. Golf enthusiasts will enjoy exclusive access to premier fairways, making their experience a golfer’s paradise.

A standout feature is the on-site dining, which not only satisfies culinary cravings but also maximizes vacation moments by allowing guests to enjoy delicious meals without having to travel far. In the heart of Hawaii, The Aston Waikoloa is one of the best family hotels in Hawaii that caters to diverse interests amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

13. Aston at The Whaler on Kaanapali Beach

Begin your day by waking up in paradise and stepping onto the pristine shores of Kaanapali Beach, located within the world-class Aston at the Whaler resort.

This luxurious retreat is designed for families seeking the feel of a home away from home, where exceptional service and a welcoming atmosphere await. Each suite comes with a full-service kitchen, further adding to the homely charm and convenience.

For an unforgettable adventure, follow expert advice and set out on a snorkeling expedition off nearby Black Rock, where you might be surprised to see sea turtles thriving in their untouched natural habitat. Your Hawaiian dream stay awaits you at Aston at the Whaler.

14. Wailea Beach Villas, A Destination Luxury Hotel

Find the epitome of luxury and tranquility at this award-winning hotel that offers the experience of a unique paradise within a paradise. Located within a gated community, it is a paradise for those who value their privacy above all else.

The serene tropical villas provide an oasis of calm, making it an ideal choice for families seeking a peaceful break. For families, especially those with infants, the accommodations ensure a quiet environment.

A notable feature is the generously sized Hawaiian-style lanais that adorn the rooms, providing a secluded spot for ultimate relaxation. As one of the best family hotels in Hawaii, this destination promises an exclusive stay where every moment is cherished.

15. Ho’olei at Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

Best Family Hotels in Hawaii

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Ho’olei in Grand Wailea is a captivating oceanfront property that leaves a lasting impression, making it a challenge to part. Ideal for those seeking an extraordinary island experience, the hotel’s two-story, three-bedroom villas are a paradise for families.

The accommodations offer a luxurious getaway, ample space, and comfort. A dedicated children’s pool provides a safe and enjoyable place for water play for little ones. Indulge in relaxation with poolside massages that efficiently ease the burdens of daily life.

A standout feature is the impressive 19-foot waterfall, which adds an element of excitement to this serene retreat. With its charm and relaxing atmosphere, Ho’olei in Grand Wailea has become a favorite destination that guests look forward to returning to.


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