Best Family Resorts Near Asheville, NC

7 Best Family Resorts Near Asheville, NC

The allure of the best family resorts near Asheville, NC lies in their ability to provide respite from the demands of everyday life. These delightful destinations seamlessly blend the rugged beauty of North Carolina’s wilderness with the charming essence of its cities.

When planning a vacation, the primary objective is for you and your loved ones to indulge and create lasting memories. Luckily, there is a diverse range of options to achieve exactly this, near Asheville. With activities designed for all ages, every member of the family is ready to enjoy the unlimited fun these resorts promise. Experience the epitome of family fun amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Asheville’s natural splendor.

1. Mountain Magnolia Inn

Best Family Resorts Near Asheville, NC

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This charming inn is a delightful retreat for families wanting a taste of old-world charm. Located in an area full of timeless charm, the hotel and its surroundings exude a sense of history. The inn boasts awe-inspiring landscapes, providing a breathtaking backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts.

Families can take part in invigorating hikes or simply enjoy the grandeur of nature. A sumptuous breakfast buffet sets the perfect atmosphere for the day, allowing families to gather and plan their activities. Located just 36.2 miles and a convenient 44-minute drive from Asheville, the fastest route is via US-25 N/US-70 W. This inn allows everyone to have an unforgettable experience.

2. The Evening Shade River Lodge and Cabins

The main attraction lies in its stunning natural surroundings, which can be enjoyed from the comfort of your guest room. Imagine yourself drifting off to the soothing sounds of the nearby river, creating a serene environment for a peaceful night’s sleep. Families with small children will find this resort especially appealing.

Young children and infants can safely frolic on the river banks while their parents are busy fishing. Afterward, they can bring their catch back to the fully equipped kitchen. What sets this resort apart from other resorts in Asheville is the freedom to explore the river. Unlike more traditional options, guests here have access to natural The opportunity to see the beauty up close is worth it.

For those concerned about convenience, the lodge is located just 24.8 miles from Asheville, just a 41-minute drive along US-74 ALT E. This accessibility ensures guests can easily enjoy the best of both worlds – the tranquility of the resort and the vibrant offerings of Asheville.

3. Cabins at Twinbrook Resort

Best Family Resorts Near Asheville, NC

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Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Maggie Valley, our cabin-style resort offers families a blissful escape into nature, making it one of the best family resorts near Asheville, NC. The welcoming atmosphere is complemented by an attractive barbecue area surrounded by a lush garden landscape.

The kids have their own dedicated park, ensuring they have a day full of sunshine and play. Guests will appreciate the thoughtful touches, from the well-equipped kitchen to the comfortable seating areas. And what’s more, homemade cookies are stocked in the fridge, adding a personal touch to your stay. Easily accessible, the resort is just 35.5 miles and a 40-minute scenic drive from Asheville via I-40 W.

4. Highland Lake Inn & Resort – Flat Rock

Set in the tranquil natural surroundings of Highland Lake, this kid-friendly hotel near Asheville is a premier vacation spot for families looking for a fun break. Which also includes complimentary paddle boat rides, ensuring guests of all ages can participate in the fun. For youngsters ages 6 and up, there are plenty of options within the hotel complex itself.

Moms can indulge in a refreshing massage, while dads can indulge in a spirited game of billiards in the well-equipped game room. Meanwhile, little ones can splash and play in the refreshing open-air swimming pool. At dinner time, the whole family can gather at the inviting Seasons Restaurant, conveniently located on-site.

As for proximity to Asheville, this resort is only 30.8 miles away, with a short trip of only 39 minutes via easily accessible I-26E. For an unforgettable family vacation, this is one of the best family resorts nearby. Asheville, NC, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and a variety of activities for guests of all ages to enjoy.

5. General Morgan Inn

Best Family Resorts Near Asheville, NC

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A unique and relaxing retreat, this inn offers its guests a very welcoming experience, immersing guests in the charm of the 19th-century setting. Ideal for families, it offers a captivating historical experience for children. The property has beautiful gardens, a terrace, and abundant outdoor activities for teens, providing a perfect place to relax and explore.

Moms can start their visit by browsing the delightful onsite store. Located only 1 hour and 15 minutes from Asheville, approximately 56.5 miles away, the preferred route is US-25N/US-70W and TN-70N, ensuring a scenic and convenient trip.

6. Hampton Inn & Suites Mooresville

Located just 2 hours from Asheville, this top-rated family resort is waiting for you to enjoy togetherness and individual activities. Car lovers can fuel their excitement at the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame, while those seeking retail therapy can check out the myriad stores at Morville Crossing Mall.

For cool respite on hot days, the resort features a refreshing swimming pool and soothing Jacuzzi with massage jets. Whether bonding over shared experiences or pursuing individual interests, this best family resort near Asheville, NC ensures a memorable vacation for everyone. Travelers can easily reach this paradise by traveling 122.4 miles via I-40 E in approximately 1 hour and 59 minutes.

7. Grandover Resort Golf and Spa

Best Family Resorts Near Asheville, NC

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For families looking to refresh, this resort, located just 173.0 miles from Asheville via I-40E, within a convenient drive of 2 hours and 41 minutes, you’ll nd spacious and comfortable accommodations tailored for each member. A series of places will be found. Parents can indulge in a round of golf, a spirited game of tennis, volleyball, or racquetball, while outdoor enthusiasts can explore the woodlands on a relaxing walk or take an invigorating bike ride.

As the day progresses, The whole family can gather at the on-site restaurant to enjoy a sumptuous dinner. The resort’s thoughtful amenities and activities cater to diverse interests, ensuring everyone can relax and create lasting memories together. Whether you are playing tennis or simply enjoying the tranquil atmosphere, this resort offers a pleasant atmosphere for families to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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