Best Seafood in Atlantic City, NJ

11 Best Seafood in Atlantic City, NJ

Enjoy coastal bliss while enjoying the best seafood in Atlantic City, NJ. This lively resort town, famous for its beaches, nightlife and casinos, also boasts an array of seafood venues within arm’s reach of your accommodation.

Whether you want casual grub or a sophisticated surf ‘n’ turf experience, Atlantic City has you covered. Picture yourself enjoying the picturesque ocean bliss surrounded by the invigorating salty breeze. Elevate your seaside excursion with an exquisite fine dining experience, making every meal an unforgettable part of your Atlantic City adventure.

Dive into the coastal charm and enjoy the freshest catches of this renowned destination.

1. Dock’s Oyster House

Best Seafood in Atlantic City, NJ

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The Dock’s Oyster House is the epitome of seafood excellence, earning its title as the best seafood in Atlantic City, NJ. Since 1897, this royal establishment has consistently provided a timeless dining experience.

The spacious and aesthetically pleasing ambiance serves as a fitting backdrop for the culinary masterpieces that have garnered praise through thousands of reviews over the years. A trip to the docks is a journey to seafood perfection, where the freshest oysters, clams, and scallops await the discerning palate.

As a culinary masterpiece and an entrée to indulgence, Fried Oysters emerge as a must-order, offering a unique harmony of flavors with the cheese and buffalo sauce that enhances the natural charm of the oysters.

At The Dock’s Oyster House, dining is more than just sustenance; This makes for an unforgettable journey into the best the sea has to offer.

2. Barbera Seafood and Produce

Barbera Seafood & Produce stands as a quintessential seafood haven and lunch spot in Atlantic City, celebrated for its unpretentious charm and commitment to culinary excellence.

As both a market and a restaurant, Barbera is considered one of the city’s top fish establishments, priding itself on providing the freshest locally sourced daily catches for those wishing to prepare a seafood feast at home.

Is. For those hungry, the daily lunch offers a delectable array of ready-to-eat meals, served promptly to accommodate the quick in-and-out experience.

Their menu features an assortment of tantalizing tacos, sandwiches, and expertly prepared fried seafood dishes, offering a diverse palette of flavors.

Among culinary gems, the flounder sandwich reigns supreme, distinguished by a delicate breading that expertly showcases the inherent freshness of the fish, making it a perennial favorite among patrons seeking the finest taste of the sea. Is.

3. Chart House

Located within the Golden Nugget, Chart House is the epitome of high-end dining, offering a captivating experience that lingers in the memory. With panoramic views enhancing the ambiance, this seafood paradise is nothing short of magical. Showcasing classic seafood, steaks, and sides, the elegance of the food enhances every dining occasion.

A romantic dinner without alcohol becomes a pleasure of delicious taste and breathtaking views. For an optimal start to your culinary journey, the must-try dish is the calamari – crispy, lightly spiced, generously portioned, and dressed with a delicious kimchi aioli. Chart House truly earns its distinction as the best seafood in Atlantic City, NJ, where every visit is an invitation to taste the extraordinary.

4. McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood & Steaks

Best Seafood in Atlantic City, NJ

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Enjoy an exquisite dining experience at McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood & Steaks, located in the sophisticated ambiance of Harrah’s Resort. This exclusive steak and seafood haven is the epitome of formal dining, boasting a warm and lavish interior equipped with dim lighting, creating an intimate atmosphere during dinner.

Celebrate special occasions in style with flawless dishes showcasing the pinnacle of culinary expertise. Satisfy your palate with crab cakes, juicy lobster tails, and impeccably prepared fish dishes. Start your culinary journey with the exotic Maine Lobster Bisque, a creamy delicious dish served warm, featuring massive lobster meat, setting the stage for an elegant and unforgettable meal.

5. Knife & Fork Inn

As a cornerstone of one of the best seafood restaurants in Atlantic City, NJ, this 1912 landmark is a time capsule, transporting patrons back to the city’s early charm. The cathedral-like ambiance, adorned with stained glass and vintage decor, sets the stage for a unique dining experience.

Amidst this historical backdrop, the menu unfolds, offering a symphony of flavors that elevates seafood and steak into an art form. Within this gastronomic haven, Lobster Thermidor emerges as a crown jewel, which Connoisseurs inspire people to taste its exquisite essence.

Picture deliciously shelled lobster, delicately steamed, and seared to perfection in a rich butter, shallot, and mushroom cream sauce. A culinary alchemy that results in a visual spectacle when the lobster is artfully put back into its shell.

This dish reflects Knife & Fork Inn’s commitment to culinary excellence, a testament to why it reigns supreme as the epitome of the best seafood in Atlantic City, NJ.

A pilgrimage to this iconic establishment promises not just a meal, but an immersive journey through the flavors and history that define Atlantic City’s culinary landscape.

6. Council Oak Steaks and Seafood

Council Oak Steak & Seafood stands as the pinnacle of culinary excellence in Atlantic City, located within the confines of the iconic Hard Rock Hotel. As a modern restaurant, it seamlessly blends classic American steakhouse flair with an appealing array of elevated seafood dishes.

A haven for special occasions, the restaurant has a sophisticated ambiance adorned with clean lines and charming accents, offering a spacious dining area that exudes comfort. Unveil the menu to discover plenty of delights, from tempting raw bar options to exquisite shellfish pots.

One of the culinary triumphs is the elegantly plated New England Clam Chowder, a delicious masterpiece featuring juicy clams and a delicate dusting of pancetta.

Council Oak isn’t just a dining experience; It’s a symphony of flavors harmonizing in a celebration of exceptional seafood and elevated steakhouse classics.

7. Back Bay Ale House

Enjoy a unique culinary experience at this gem in Atlantic City, NJ, where the epitome of gastronomic pleasure lies in their finest seafood. As the menu opens, excite your taste buds with a symphony of flavors, including the delicious Seafood Cobb Salad and tantalizing Jerk Shrimp that encapsulate the essence of the Caribbean.

Amidst this seafood feast, one standout recommendation emerges as the undisputed star – Cream of Crab Soup. A delicious masterpiece, this soup is a warm, creamy, and rich introduction that seamlessly complements every dish on the menu.

In the realm of the best seafood in Atlantic City, NJ, this delicious starter is an absolute must, setting the stage for an extraordinary food journey where tropical pleasures and culinary art meet.

8. Atlantic City Bar & Grill

Best Seafood in Atlantic City, NJ

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Experience the perfect blend of casual charm and timeless elegance at Atlantic City Bar & Grill, a historic American tavern and grill renowned for its delicious seafood, steaks, and pizza.

This white-tablecloth (sort of) establishment boasts a unique character with huge TVs, a lively full bar, neon lights, and eclectic wall decor, creating a welcoming and lively atmosphere.

While not formal, this place promises good times and generous portions of classic seafood, from juicy crab legs to mouth-watering whole lobster – all expertly cooked to perfection.

For a truly comforting experience, enjoy the crowd-favorite Lobster Bisque, where the warm, buttery bread perfectly complements the creamy richness of the soup.

Whether it’s a casual outing or a special celebration, Atlantic City Bar & Grill is your destination for an unforgettable seafood feast in Atlantic City, NJ.

9. Chickie’s & Pete’s

Located in the heart of downtown Atlantic City, Chick’s & Pete’s is known for the best seafood in Atlantic City, NJ. Sparkling with a kaleidoscope of lights, this seafood feast is not only a culinary delight but also a visual serotonin boost.

The lively atmosphere exudes a lively sports bar vibe, setting the stage for an exceptional dining experience. What really sets this establishment apart is its shellfish-centric menu, featuring a wide range of lobster and crab variations that tempt the taste buds from start to finish.

Enjoy the Lobster Roll, a safe choice featuring juicy lobster pieces, perfectly complemented by the famous Crab Fries. At Chick’s & Pete’s, the blend of delicious seafood and lively atmosphere creates a unique dining adventure, making it a must-visit for seafood lovers in Atlantic City.

10. Poke Bowl Tropical Cafe

Poke Bowl Tropical Café, specializes in exquisite poke bowls and Japanese cuisine that transports your taste buds to the tropics. A gastronomic paradise for foodies, this eatery serves vibrant bowls packed with the freshest ingredients.

Dive into a sea of premium seafood options like juicy salmon, seaweed, delicious tuna, delicious sushi, and crispy tempura. For the discerning, the option to prepare your own bowl is also available.

The ambiance, characterized by simplicity and tranquility, complements the star attraction – delectable dining. The Salmon Oasis is a standout recommendation, offering a delicious spicy kick courtesy of its zesty salmon and delicious sauce, making it a must-try for those who enjoy a little heat in their culinary delights.

11. Morton’s The Steakhouse

Best Seafood in Atlantic City, NJ

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Morton’s Steakhouse transcends its renowned steakhouse status by providing a unique seafood experience, and solidifies its reputation as the “Best Seafood in Atlantic City, NJ.” Amidst a lavish setting with chic accents, enjoy the warmth of cuisine that goes beyond steak to exquisite seafood. From the comforting Lobster Bisque to the divine Lobster Mac, every bite is a journey through culinary excellence.

For seafood pasta lovers, the Seafood Scampi is a standout – an artful creation of delicately prepared shrimp over fettuccine, bathed in a delicious wine and butter sauce garnished with juicy cherry tomatoes. Morton’s pristine white tablecloths and dim, intimate lighting add to the charm of this seafood spot.



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