Best Family Resorts Near Los Angeles, CA

7 Best Family Resorts Near Los Angeles, CA

Want to have the privilege of immersing yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Los Angeles, the state’s shining gem, located in the heart of California? There are plenty of delightful spots all around this bustling city, each of which is a haven of peace amidst the urban hustle and bustle. After exploring these retreats in person, you can wholeheartedly vouch for their captivating charm here.

From serene coastal escapes to whimsically themed retreats, this hands-on experience will take you on a tour of family-friendly resorts near Los Angeles, CA. Enables one to take it to its extreme limits. These sanctuaries are a gateway to an exotic escape for every member of your clan.

Are you eager to create new unforgettable memories with your loved ones? Join me on an exciting expedition through these extraordinary hideaways, where every moment has been designed for family fun. Discover the essence of togetherness at the best family resorts near Los Angeles, and let the magic unfold. Your next unforgettable adventure is waiting for you!

1. Resort at Pelican Hill

Best Family Resorts Near Los Angeles, CA

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This top-rated family resort is designed with kids in mind, making it no less than a paradise for families with children aged 12 and below. The staff goes the extra mile to ensure a memorable experience for your little ones. Before your arrival, they will collect important information about your children, such as their nicknames, allergies, hobbies, and favorite foods.

For families with infants, they offer baby-safe rooms or suites complete with essential supplies. Upon arrival, children are welcomed with a resort map, special gifts, and instructions for a fun scavenger hunt designed just for them.

The resort also has a dedicated area for children, featuring mini chaise lounges, a circular pool, and a sand play area. This ensures that children have a safe and fun place to enjoy. For parents, the resort’s proximity to Los Angeles is a big plus – it’s only a 44-minute drive (47.7 miles) away via I-405 S.

This makes it easily accessible, allowing families to enjoy both the resort and the outdoors. City attractions. Overall, this resort offers a well-rounded and thoughtful experience for families with young children.

2. Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel

With 320 well-equipped rooms, the resort is well-equipped to cater to the every need of families. From sports courts to a dedicated pool area with engaging activities for children, the hotel offers a wide range of family-friendly facilities. In particular, the Snoopy-themed wing adds an extra layer of attraction for fans of this beloved cartoon character.

When it comes to dining, guests can taste delicious All-American cuisine at Amber Waves, making it Even picky eaters are sure to nd plenty to enjoy. The resort offers a variety of budget-friendly vacation packages tailored specifically for families, which often include admission to the famous Knott’s Berry Farm theme park.

For those traveling from Los Angeles, the quickest route. -5 S, which covers a distance of 22.6 miles in just 24 minutes. This convenient access ensures families can quickly move on to their exciting holidays at Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

3. The Waterfront Beach Resort

Best Family Resorts Near Los Angeles, CA

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Located in the heart of a beach lovers paradise, The Waterfront is one of the best family resorts near Los Angeles, CA. With miles of pristine coastline on your doorstep, it’s the perfect haven for those looking for sun, sand, and surf. The resort is loaded with a variety of amenities to meet the needs of families.

Adults and children alike can gather around fire pits or rent cabanas equipped with at-screen televisions. For small children under 4 years of age, select packages include a complimentary buffet breakfast. The resort features a special kiddie menu and a plethora of kid-friendly activities, ensuring that every member of the family has a memorable stay.

To provide parents with some great relaxation, The Waterfront offers professional baby care and child services. Conveniently located just 40 minutes (36.9 miles) from Los Angeles, accessible via I-605S, this resort promises not only a luxurious vacation but also easy access to the bustling city Makes promises. Come experience a family vacation on the waterfront like no other.

4. Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa

Nestled in picturesque Tuscan-style architecture, Miramonte emerges as a paradise for sele-loving youth and teenagers. Its breathtaking backdrop showcases dramatic desert landscapes and majestic mountains, offering an Instagram-worthy paradise for your youngsters.

Thrill-seeking teens will enjoy the abundant outdoor recreation, especially in the famous Joshua Tree National Park. Be it horse riding or flying in a hot air balloon, there is no limit to the thrill at this place.

Located within a convenient 3-hour radius of Los Angeles, Miramonte is one of the best family resorts. Covering a distance of 124 miles, the journey spans just 1 hour and 53 minutes via the CA-60E and I-10E routes.

5. LEGOLAND California Hotel

When it comes to the best family resorts near Los Angeles, CA, Legoland California stands out as a truly unique and adorable destination. Located just 90 miles away from the bustling city, this resort is a unique experience for both kids and parents. Every aspect of this unique retreat is immersed in the vibrant world of LEGO, from the colorful rooms to the engaging activities.

With over 50 rides, attractions, and shows, it is a symbol of non-stop excitement for the entire tribe. The Crown Jewel is the world’s first LEGOLAND water park, adding refreshing fun to your stay. Youngsters will be captivated by the Build-a-Mini program, while themed lifts, a swimming pool, and play areas provide endless entertainment.

It’s an easy 1-hour 20-minute drive from Los Angeles via I-5S, ensuring a hassle-free visit to this extraordinary family retreat. For an unforgettable adventure that combines creativity, playfulness, and pure fun.

6. Great Wolf Lodge Southern California

The resort delights with spacious accommodations and an abundance of child-friendly facilities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay. The main attraction is its vibrant indoor waterpark, featuring 15 water slides and an impressive array of thrilling rides, providing hours of family fun and excitement. Beyond the waterpark, Great Wolf Lodge also has a range of additional family-friendly activities, including playgrounds, a bowling alley, an XD movie theater, and even a spa center designed specifically for kids.

This resort One of the most striking features is its convenient location. Located just a 30-minute drive (about 32.1 miles) from Downtown Los Angeles via I-5S, it offers a great alternative to the bustling family resorts within the city.

This proximity to LA allows guests to easily visit iconic attractions, including the famous Disneyland, adding an extra layer of excitement to the overall experience. Whether it’s the thrilling waterpark, a diverse array of amenities, or access to nearby attractions, Great Wolf Lodge ensures a memorable and enjoyable stay for families seeking a luxurious vacation.

7. Kona Kai Resort and Spa

Best Family Resorts Near Los Angeles, CA

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The resort recognizes that parents crave for some much-needed alone time amid the joy of family activities. To address this, they provide impeccable childcare services, ensuring that moms and dads can enjoy moments in the adult pool or participate in invigorating fitness classes.

In addition, Kona Kai is a series of activities designed to foster family relationships. From captivating movie screenings by the pool to enchanting bonfires on the beach at night, there is something for everyone.

The resort’s Kids’ Corner is a haven for kids, featuring a playroom filled with games, crafts, and a giant Jenga set. Located only 2 hours from Los Angeles, with a convenient route via I-5S, Kona Kai promises a seamless and pleasant visit. Find out why this is one of the best family resorts near Los Angeles, CA, offering an excellent blend of relaxation and family-friendly experiences.


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