Best Myrtle Beach Resorts for Families with Older Children

6 Best Myrtle Beach Resorts for Families with Older Children

Located on the picturesque shores of Myrtle Beach, this destination is the epitome of timeless family fun. Myrtle Beach exudes a magnetic allure, offering a variety of attractions sure to captivate even the most discerning 11 to 16-year-olds. The endless expanse of pristine beach serves as a natural playground for endless adventures. What sets Myrtle Beach apart are the family resorts, each a gem in its own right.

These shelters have amenities tailored to the interests of older children, including bowling lanes and lively arcades. Imagine the joy on their faces as they engage in these lively activities. For a vacation etched in the memory, check out our carefully curated list of the best Myrtle Beach resorts for families with older children.

These accommodations are designed keeping in mind the unique preferences of older children, creating an experience that will keep them beaming with joy even after the sun sets over the horizon.

1. Coral Beach Resort

Best Myrtle Beach Resorts for Families with Older Children

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Coral Beach Resort stands as the epitome of a family-friendly getaway in Myrtle Beach. With a range of attractions geared towards older children, it easily secures its place as one of the best Myrtle Beach resorts for families with older children.

The resort’s entertainment area is a treasure trove of entertainment, offering plenty of games and entertainment to tempt children aged 11 to 16 years. From classic table games to charming arcades, there’s never a dull moment. For those who want a touch of nostalgia, there’s an 8-lane bowling alley, which also houses a delightful snack bar and a charming ice cream parlor. And let’s not forget the aquatic wonders that await.

A lazy river flows through the grounds, while a thrilling water park and a selection of attractive pools promise endless aquatic adventures. Furthermore, its strategic location is a boon, being located within walking distance of the Family Kingdom and Grand Strand Plaza Shopping Centre. Coral Beach Resort not only guarantees a constant flow of entertainment but also ensures convenience and accessibility, making it an unmatched choice for families with older children.

2. Compass Cove

Specially designed for families with older children aged 11 to 16 years. This expansive resort offers an array of engaging activities to woo this dynamic age group. The accommodations are not only remarkably spacious but also remarkably affordable, ensuring a comfortable stay for families of any size.

The focal point of excitement lies in the multiplicity of pool features and exciting water slides, providing endless hours of aquatic fun. For a change of pace, the game room attracts with lively rounds of shuffleboard and air hockey.

Located adjacent to Midway Park and a short distance from beautiful Myrtle Beach State Park, Compass Cove’s prime location allows for easy exploration of the surrounding natural beauty. For families seeking ultimate relaxation, this resort undoubtedly tops the list of best Myrtle Beach resorts for families with older children.

3. South Bay Inn & Suites

Located right by the sea, it serves as the ideal headquarters for your family vacation. What sets it apart is its abundance of picture-perfect locations, catering to the discerning 14 to 16-year-old crowd. For youngsters aged 12 to 16, especially boys, arcades and game rooms are capable of providing unlimited excitement.

From video games to soccer and pool, there’s no shortage of exciting options. Meanwhile, the youngest members of your family can enjoy the resort’s captivating waterpark with spill buckets for endless fun.

The waterpark features a lazy river and exciting slides, ensuring that everyone from older kids to teens and even adults can enjoy aquatic fun. Additionally, the resort’s prime location provides easy access to the city’s top attractions for teens, including the iconic SkyWheel and lively Boardwalk.

4. Grande Cayman Resort

Best Myrtle Beach Resorts for Families with Older Children

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This resort is especially for those who want an extraordinary experience in Myrtle Beach. What sets it apart is its spacious 3-bedroom apartments, which are designed to comfortably accommodate up to eight adult guests. That means plenty of room for everyone to relax and enjoy quality time together. Grande Cayman leads the way with a wide range of activities to suit each member of the family.

Engage in some friendly rivalry with your kids and teens on the resort’s impressive giant chess board, ping pong table, and shuffleboard. For those seeking thrills, there is an exciting water park to satisfy your wet and wild desires.

One of the major advantages of Grande Cayman is its prime location, which ensures convenient access to an array of dining options and shopping centers. Does. This not only enhances the comfort of stay but also provides opportunities to explore the vibrant surroundings.

In short, Grande Cayman is a perfect blend of spacious accommodations, diverse activities, and a strategic location, making it an ideal choice for an unforgettable family reunion in Myrtle Beach.

5. Dunes Village

Dunes Village is truly an oasis of excitement and adventure, a quintessential haven for families looking for the ultimate aquatic fun. A huge water park is located within its confines, promising unlimited thrills for all those who enjoy the joy of a refreshing dip. Parents can enjoy a moment of respite as their little ones float along the lazy river or frolic in one of the many attractive pools.

For more adventurous souls, the teen pool attracts spirited games of basketball and volleyball, which are tailored specifically for guests ages 13 and older. Meanwhile, young children are lost in a world of wonder, where water buckets tumble and fountains dance, and a submarine promises endless nautical adventures.

In terms of location, Dunes Village is strategically located between the vibrant Dunes Shopping Center and The magnificent Sea Hawk Memorial is located adjacent to the stadium. This proximity ensures that excursions outside the water are just as attractive as those inside.

Without a doubt, Dunes Village is one of the best Myrtle Beach resorts for families with older children, where every moment is immersed in unforgettable entertainment and relaxation.

6. Sheraton Broadway Plantation Resort Villas

Best Myrtle Beach Resorts for Families with Older Children

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Located in the heart of Myrtle Beach, the Sheraton Broadway stands out as a haven of both beauty and tranquility, making it my top choice for a family-friendly resort. Despite being close to the vibrant activity of the city, the resort exudes a tranquil atmosphere, offering a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation.

What makes it a standout for families with older children is its impressive range of features. Beyond the attractive outdoor pool, a lazy river invites leisurely swimmers, while tennis courts and a lively game room cater specifically to the 11 to 16-year-old crowd. Additionally, the resort offers dining options There is a delectable selection, ensuring that even the pickiest eaters in the family will find something to savor.

For those seeking an extra dose of adventure, the resort practically opens the door to a world of entertainment. Exploring the area is very easy, with attractions such as the famous Legends in Concert just a short walk away. With its sophisticated ambiance and strategic location, the Sheraton Broadway is undoubtedly one of the best hotels for families with teens in Myrtle Beach.

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