Best Family Resorts Near Portland, Oregon

7 Best Family Resorts Near Portland, Oregon

Nestled in the charming embrace of the Pacific Northwest, Oregon attracts families seeking respite from the rigors of everyday life. The state’s allure lies in its evergreen splendor, especially around Portland. It’s hardly a surprise, then, that there are so many spectacular resorts waiting for you, offering an ideal connection with nature and a mix of attractions for all ages.

These retreats stand as true paradises, boasting an array of captivating experiences. From outdoor adventures to quiet relaxation, the best family resorts near Portland, Oregon promise an unforgettable stay amid the area’s breathtaking beauty and limitless attractions.

1. GuestHouse Inn & Suites Kelso/Longview

Best Family Resorts Near Portland, Oregon

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Located near Portland, Oregon, this family-friendly resort attracts those looking for a relaxing getaway, with its proximity to the Three Rivers Golf Course an added attraction for golf enthusiasts. Just a short walk from the front door, families can explore the charming downtown and nearby Three Rivers Mall for a change of pace.

As evening falls, a haven of tranquility awaits in the brightly lit rooms, each uniquely appointed with varying sizes and select amenities. Some have relaxing Jacuzzis and cozy fireplaces, symbolizing the pursuit of rejuvenation. Located 49.3 miles away and accessible in just 47 minutes via I5N, this inn is one of the best family resorts near Portland, Oregon, ensuring enjoyable moments for everyone.

2. DoubleTree by Hilton North Salem

Nestled amid the charm of northwestern wine country, it stands as a gateway to the vineyards, unlike typical Portland resorts. Which is only a few minutes away, perfect for wine lovers. Yet, it’s much more than just grapes and bottles. Families here will find every day filled with new adventures.

The indoor pool, open year-round, is a paradise for water-loving families. Next to it is a delightful area where you can enjoy a delicious lunch made from the abundance of nearby shops. Young children will receive an additional gift with complimentary cookies upon check-in, a sweet touch that will enhance your stay. Definitely one of the best family resorts near Portland, Oregon.

Distance is no barrier, as this place is only 45.0 miles and a short 47-minute drive from the center of Portland. , which is accessible via the I-5S highway. Adopt this haven as your base for a family vacation filled with wine, water, and wonderful memories.

3. Oregon Garden Resort

Best Family Resorts Near Portland, Oregon

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This top-rated Pariah top-rated family resort is an excellent choice for families looking for a refreshing vacation. It not only offers a wide range of relaxation and recreational activities within the resort but also provides convenient access to nearby attractions such as the Oregon Garden and the Frank Lloyd Wright Gordon House, both of which are within walking distance.

For teens looking for entertainment, the resort hosts nightly live shows and offers fun games in the seasonal outdoor pool and hot tub. Located only 40.0 miles away and a short 49-minute drive from Portland, guests can easily reach the resort by taking a direct route via I-5S and OR-214S.

4. La Bastide Bed and Breakfast

With a charming atmosphere, it is perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy the sunny weather. Several common areas, especially the terrace, provide ample space for families to gather and plan exciting trips to nearby wineries. Breakfast is a delightful experience for guests ages 2 and up, featuring a mix of popular American dishes and comforting Irish dishes.

This culinary offering will definitely create a feeling of warmth and belonging while enhancing your family vacation. Conveniently located just 25.0 miles from Portland, access is very easy, with a travel time of only 37 minutes via Pacific Highway W.

5. Silverton Inn & Suites

Best Family Resorts Near Portland, Oregon

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Located in the heart of a vibrant area, it has easy access to scenic spots like Oregon Gardens and Silver Falls State Park. Tweens with artistic tastes will nd themselves enthralled with the abundance of art galleries just a few minutes walk away in the historic downtown, along with abundant shopping and dining options waiting to be explored.

Guest rooms decorated with charming wood and wrought iron furnishings provide a welcoming haven for parents. Located a convenient 48 minutes and 40.0 miles from Portland, this gem is easy to reach via I-5S and OR-214S. Experience the epitome of family-friendly hospitality at one of the best family resorts near Portland, Oregon.

6. Starfish Manor Oceanfront

This kid-friendly hotel near Portland offers a quiet retreat that makes for an enjoyable getaway for families. The rooms are designed with a modern touch, ensuring a refreshing ambiance, and they offer spectacular beach views from your window. Attention to detail is evident with comfortable furnishings, plush robes, and sweet chocolates adding a special touch to the beach experience.

Additionally, the enchanting balconies are adorable vantage points for guests to enjoy the beauty. For those seeking added indulgence, the hotel offers a variety of suites, some of which have Jacuzzis and fireplaces, promising memorable evenings. Located only 87.2 miles from Portland, the resort is easily accessible via OR-18, making the trip possible in an average of 1 hour and 52 minutes. This proximity ensures that families can enjoy a convenient stay without the hassle of extensive travel.

7. SpringHill Suites by Marriott Seattle Issaquah

Best Family Resorts Near Portland, Oregon

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For travelers with a penchant for tasteful design and style, this hotel offers a haven of opulence within a three-hour drive of Portland. Each room features high-quality furnishings attractively arranged. Off the beaten path, it offers a tranquil escape, making it an ideal choice for families with children looking for a peaceful retreat.

One of the standout features is the scrumptious breakfast, perfect for families on their adventure. Guaranteed to make you feel satisfied and energetic before starting work. The hotel’s surroundings are a haven for children, with plenty of shops and restaurants, perfect for a quick snack or leisurely meal.

Located 182.3 miles from Portland via I-5 N, it’s a 2-hour and 49-minute drive, making it easily accessible for families wanting to visit this charming retreat. For those seeking a blend of style, tranquility, and family-friendly amenities, this hotel is one of the best family resorts near Portland, Oregon.


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