Best Restaurants in Hagerstown, MD

15 Best Restaurants in Hagerstown, MD [2024]

Roseville, a true paradise for foodies, is a treasure trove of a culinary landscape that exceeds expectations. Delight your palate with hand-wrapped pasta that produces a symphony in your mouth or succumb to the allure of a perfectly cheesy pizza adorned with premium toppings.

Gastronomic adventures extend beyond borders, with establishments offering cuisine from every corner of the world, from delicious deli sandwiches to hot steaks.

Embrace the cozy embrace of classic American cuisine, leaving room for an extravagant dessert – an array of treats from freshly baked pastries to divine delicacies awaits. Navigate this culinary journey effortlessly with our curated list of the best restaurants in Roseville, ensuring an unforgettable trip for your taste buds.

1. Rik’s Cafe

Best Restaurants in Hagerstown, MD

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Located in the heart of Hagerstown in the South End Shopping Center, Rick’s Café has earned its place among the best restaurants in Hagerstown, MD for several attractive reasons. This establishment provides an ideal place to socialize with friends, offering not only delicious dishes but also a contemporary ambiance.

What sets Rick’s Café apart is the generous portions and the ever-changing weekly There is a commitment to satisfying hunger with a diverse menu of specials. The menu caters to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences, offering classic American sandwiches, fresh salads, and more. Among the standout dishes is the Chicken Chesapeake – a delicious poultry-based dish featuring twin chicken breasts paired with fresh vegetables, a crab cake, and jasmine rice.

Nestled in a brioche bun, this burger features fresh Angus beef, American cheese, barbecue pork, provolone, Pickles, and Black Forest ham a tempting combination. Rick’s Café not only satisfies people with its diverse offerings but also mesmerizes patrons with its commitment to excellence in both culinary delights and atmospheric charm, making it a top choice among the best restaurants in Hagerstown, MD. goes.

2. Schmankerl Stube Bavarian Restaurant

Enjoy an exquisite dining experience at Hagerstown’s famous Schmannkerl Stube Bavarian Restaurant, a German eatery that has rightly earned its place on the must-visit list. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of casual and fine dining with your loved ones amid the restaurant’s charming ambiance and theme-based decor, accompanied by servers in delightful costumes.

Delight your taste buds with authentic German flavors including delicious Beets and Radish Salad, a refreshing starter with red radishes, mixed greens, caramelized onions, beets, and a charming balsamic dressing. For a hearty main course, savor the Münchner Sahne Geschnetzeltes – a symphony of sautéed pork tenderloin tips and beef coated in Munich-style cream sauce, accompanied by bacon-wrapped green beans and homemade spätzle. Enhance your dining experience with imported beers, making every visit to Schmankerl Stube a pleasure.

3. Dolce

Established in April 2007, family-owned gem Dolce Deserves its place as one of the best restaurants in Hagerstown, MD. This casual eatery boasts a delectable array of Eastern European cuisine, offering a culinary journey through European-style dinners, loaded sandwiches, and unique pizzas.

What sets Dolce apart is not only its delicious dishes, but also the welcoming atmosphere provided by friendly servers, budget-friendly prices, and generous portions. A must-try is the Moldavian Chicken, a European classic featuring a harmonious blend of potatoes, fresh parsley, carrots, diced tomatoes, chicken breast, and onions.

For pizza lovers, Franco’s Pizza grabs the headlines with its scrumptious white pizza garnished with shrimp, mozzarella, Alfredo sauce, Parmesan, garlic, and fresh parsley. Dolce ensures an unforgettable dining experience that goes beyond ordinary gastronomy, making it an exceptional choice for those looking for the pinnacle of exotic cuisine in Hagerstown.

4. Schula’s Grill and Crab

Established in 2009, Shula’s Grill & Crab has solidified its position as an award-winning culinary gem in Hagerstown, making it a top choice for discerning food enthusiasts. The restaurant has a charming ambiance with polished wooden furnishings, a cozy bar, and impeccably presented dishes.

Keeping diverse tastes in mind, Shula offers attractive promotions on special occasions and a menu offering options for every dietary preference. For a delightful lunch experience, enjoy the Buffalo Chicken Wrap, featuring breaded chicken strips, lettuce, ranch dressing, tomatoes, house-made buffalo sauce, and cheddar.

A must-try is their famous Colossal Crab Cake, a massive lump crab that is expertly cooked in a secret blend of spices, earning it rave reviews and becoming a standout specialty. Shula’s Grill & Crab stands out as a great haven.

5. Cafe Del Sol

Best Restaurants in Hagerstown, MD

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Established in 2006 near major attractions and shopping centers, Café del Sol is one of the best restaurants in Hagerstown, MD, making it a must-visit with your travel companions. This charming eatery has an extensive menu featuring mouth-watering dishes for a variety of tastes, including options for children and those with special diets.

Enjoy the delicious Pesto Panini, a delightful combination of grilled chicken, provolone, herb focaccia, basil pesto mayo, and tomatoes. For a taste of Asian-inspired cuisine, choose the Korean BBQ pork rice bowl, complete with avocado, tequila pickled jalapenos, Asian slaw, yuzu aioli, and mango salsa. Café del Sol promises a culinary experience that is beyond the ordinary, making it a top choice for an extraordinary lunch in Hagerstown.

6. Mango Grill

Mango Grill stands as a premier dining venue, renowned for its mastery of Indian and Thai cuisine. Catering to diverse tastes, it has earned its place among the most sought-after restaurants for those craving a delightful blend of flavors.

Offering a wallet-friendly experience without compromising quality, this establishment is suitable for casual yet classy dining. Mango Grill’s menu is a gastronomic one, featuring a range of delicious dishes suitable for different dietary preferences.

For those leading a vegetarian, gluten-sensitive lifestyle, Bhingan Bhartha is a must-try. This dish showcases smoked eggplant blended harmoniously with green peas, Indian spices, fresh tomatoes, turmeric, and onions.

Indulge your taste buds in Tandoori Shrimp, a clay oven specialty that exemplifies Mango Grill’s culinary expertise. Gives. These jumbo-sized, barbecue shrimp are infused with the rich flavors of ginger, fresh coriander, garlic, and cumin.

7. Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Located within the Valley Mall, Olive Garden Italian Restaurant stands as an icon of delicious Italian cuisine in Hagerstown. Catering to families and lovers of traditional Italian-inspired cuisine, this eatery promises a satisfying experience.

Delight your tastebuds with a plethora of choices, from kid-friendly meals to ever-evolving seasonal specialties and divine desserts. Tour of Italy is a must-try, a winning trio that includes house-made lasagna, creamy fettuccine alfredo, Italian sausage, and chicken parmigiana.

For red meat lovers, the Steak Toscano is tempting – a 12 oz choice center-cut strip steak, expertly grilled, marinated in extra-virgin olive oil, and a variety of herbs, Tuscan potatoes, and bell peppers. This culinary gem ensures an unforgettable Italian feast, making it a top choice for discerning diners seeking the best restaurants in Hagerstown, MD.

8. Colonial Bar & Grill

Colonial Bar & Grill, an iconic family-owned dining gem established in 1985, is renowned for its delicious home-style dishes and an impressive selection of refreshing beers, this establishment has earned its place as a local favorite.

The charming ambiance, combined with the casual setting and friendly staff, creates a welcoming atmosphere with simple decor. Differentiating itself as a prime choice for off-site celebrations, The Colonial Bar & Grill is one of the best birthday parties in Hagerstown. One of the restaurants. Its catering services are top-rated, offering personalized menus that cater to diverse tastes while fitting seamlessly into different budgets.

One of the culinary delights worth savoring is the Colonial Chef Salad, a nutritious and satisfying dish featuring chopped It is a mixture of ingredients such as ham, eggs, lettuce, cucumbers, turkey, onions, pepperoncini, and green peppers.

For hearty burger lovers, the Pizza Burger is a must-try, featuring pepperoni, mozzarella, and a fresh-pressed beef patty, all housed within a toasted brioche roll, and finished with marinara. Colonial Bar & Grill, with its rich history and culinary excellence, is a beacon for those seeking a memorable dining experience in Hagerstown.

9. The Grille at Runways

Ranked among the best restaurants in Hagerstown, MD, The Grill at Runways is known for its exceptional service, charming interior, and panoramic views of the aircraft. This dining gem, located at the Ryder Jet Center, promises a memorable experience with a diverse menu that caters to every whim.

The breakfast menu features a standout dish, the classic Eggs Benedict, a grilled English muffin, two boiled eggs, hollandaise sauce, And a delightful combination of delicious Canadian bacon.

To elevate your dining experience, enjoy Salmon y Langosta for the main course – a carefully seared and baked Atlantic salmon paired with house-made lobster béchamel. At The Grill on the Runway, enjoy not just a meal, but a culinary journey in an atmosphere that perfectly complements the gastronomic pleasures offered.

10. 28 South

Best Restaurants in Hagerstown, MD

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Established in September 2012, the iconic 28 South is renowned for mastering New American cuisine. This culinary gem attracts those looking for an extraordinary dinner experience, offering a feast for the senses with contemporary décor and a menu rich with locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant stands out because of its private spaces, perfect for intimate gatherings.

A gastronomic journey to 28 South includes enjoying artisan pizzas, delicious hamburgers, and carefully crafted pasta dishes, each contributing to the culinary excellence of the establishment. Recommended dishes include the Thai Chicken Artisan Pizza, peanut sauce, chili drizzle, a harmonious blend of chicken, curried coconut shavings, chili, and onions – a symphony of flavors to share.

Equally appealing is the Mahi Bowl, packed with blackened mahi, fire-roasted heirloom tomatoes, arugula, butternut squash, pickled red onions, and riced cauliflower, all dressed with chili oil and apple cider vinaigrette.

11. Antietam Brewery

Antietam Brewery, established in 2012, stands as a premier destination in Hagerstown, MD, renowned for its exceptional blend of delicious cuisine and finely crafted beers. With a welcoming atmosphere, this establishment offers a diverse selection of alcoholic beverages, allowing customers to relax in both indoor and outdoor dining areas.

Elevating the dining experience, the menu includes an array of tempting options including nachos, steamed shrimp, pizza, French fries, and sandwiches – all of which perfectly complement the hand-crafted beers. Undoubtedly, Antietam Brewery secures its place among the best restaurants in Hagerstown, MD, offering a delightful blend of flavors and a relaxing atmosphere.

12. Antietam Creek Vineyards

Antietam Creek Vineyards, established in 2018, stands as a picturesque winery located at the base of South Mountain, offering an idyllic experience for wine lovers. It deserves to be included in any must-visit list because of the pleasurable experience it offers. After a delicious meal at the nearby restaurant, the vineyard offers a tranquil atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding.

The attraction extends beyond the impeccable landscape, as this award-winning winery hosts a variety of fascinating events throughout the year. Although culinary options may be limited, the wide range of alcoholic beverages ensures a satisfying visit, making it a favorite destination for those seeking both peace and quality enjoyment.

13. Hummus Mediterranean Grill

Established in 2018, Hummus Mediterranean Grill, located near Hagerstown Community College, has solidified its reputation as a culinary gem, earning a coveted spot on the list of best restaurants in Hagerstown, MD. This eatery attracts those looking for foreign-inspired cuisine, offering a delectable experience for friends, loved ones, or partners.

The menu features dishes prepared with fresh ingredients to cater to a variety of diets. A must-try specialty is the falafel wrap, which contains a delicious mixture of ground chickpeas, onions, herbs, and spices. End your food journey with the sweet delights of baklava, a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made from phyllo dough, honey, finely crushed pistachios, and butter. At Hummus Mediterranean Grill, each slice is a passport to culinary bliss.

14. Mission BBQ

Mission BBQ, an acclaimed barbecue haven, first opened its grill within the Valley Mall in September 2011, establishing itself as a culinary gem in Hagerstown. This extraordinary eatery has earned its place in the list of must-see places in the city, especially for those with non-vegetarian inclinations.

Brahming generous portions, Mission BBQ offers patrons a vibrant interior adorned with attractive décor, creating a delightful dining ambiance. Ideal for group gatherings, the restaurant offers shareable platters with top-notch service. At the heart of Mission BBQ’s appeal is its smokehouse signature, a culinary adventure that includes specialties like chicken, St.Louis-style spare ribs, and salmon.

Contains a range of meat. The menu caters to diverse tastes with a selection of delicious sandwiches, including chopped brisket, turkey, and pulled pork. Whether you’re drawn to the tantalizing aroma of smoked meats or the camaraderie fostered by a shared platter, Mission BBQ is a great choice when exploring Hagerstown’s culinary landscape.

15. Pho Viet Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Hagerstown, MD

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As one of the best restaurants in Hagerstown, MD, this acclaimed eatery promises a perfect finale for your vacation. Enjoy the authenticity of Vietnamese cuisine with an extensive menu full of mouth-watering dishes, homemade soups, and exotic rice-based dishes. The appeal of the restaurant lies in its impeccably presented dishes, wallet-friendly prices, and convenient parking.

To taste their excellence, dive into the Pho Dac Biet, a savory beef broth featuring meatballs, scallions, well-cooked flank steak, and bean sprouts. Another standout is the Shaken Beef Rice, a delicious stir-fried beef creation served with cucumbers, steamed white rice, tomatoes, lettuce, and fish sauce. Unleash the culinary wonders at Pho Viet for an unmatched culinary adventure in Hagerstown.


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