Best Pizza in Fort Worth, TX

15 Best Pizza in Fort Worth, TX [2024]

Located in the heart of the American West, Fort Worth embodies the spirit of the cowboy and its rich history of cattle trading.

Beyond its vibrant entertainment scene, the city unveils a surprising delight – its delicious pizza offering.

Blending traditional American charm and diverse culinary experiences, Fort Worth boasts a culinary landscape that extends beyond its cowboy roots.

Whether you’re after the iconic New York style or the authenticity of a Neapolitan pie, Fort Worth has something to please every palate.

Embark on a delicious journey as we unveil our top picks for the best pizza in Fort Worth, TX.

1. Cane Rosso


Best Pizza in Fort Worth, TX

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Cane Rosso, located on West Magnolia Avenue, is the unrivaled champion of Fort Worth’s pizza scene. Brahming mastery of wood-fired Neapolitan pies, delicious Italian sandwiches, and divine desserts, this pizzeria consistently claims the top spot.

What sets Cane Rosso apart is its unwavering commitment to excellence, demonstrated through the use of premium ingredients, carefully crafted homemade dough, and the freshest mozzarella.

A difference from wood-fired pizza Smoke is released, taking their flavor to unparalleled heights. Despite occasionally being crowded due to its popularity, ample outdoor seating allows patrons to enjoy their meal al fresco with a refreshing breeze.

The spicy bacon marmalade and a blend of spices add a burst of delicious flavors to every bite. Creates a symphony. Roasted grape tomatoes add a subtle punch, while arugula contributes an extra layer of freshness, harmonizing the elements into a culinary masterpiece.

Ken Rosso’s Delia Pizza undoubtedly secures its position as the best pizza in Fort Worth, TX, and leaves a lasting impression on discerning minds.

 2. Mellow Mushroom Fort Worth

Mellow Mushroom Fort Worth has been crafting exceptional stone-fired pizzas and calzones in a lively, art-filled, and family-friendly atmosphere for over four decades. The captivating sight of tossing the dough not only entertains but also optimizes crust formation, ensuring a delightful texture loved by patrons. What sets their pizza apart is its meticulous process that avoids excessive moisture, keeping the crust from becoming hard and crumbly.

For those looking for the pinnacle of Fort Worth’s pizza scene, this establishment is a must-visit. Enjoy the unique Maui Wowie Pie, featuring a pesto base adorned with a delicious blend of mozzarella, ham, pineapple, jerk chicken and applewood smoked bacon – a mouth-watering experience that captures the essence of Mellow Mushroom’s culinary excellence

.3. Pizza Snob

Pizza Snob has earned its reputation for preparing delicious pizza in just 90 seconds, setting the pace for a quick and satisfying dining experience. Despite the name, there’s no hint of negativity here – instead, Pizza Snob proudly embraces quality rather than vanity, using only premium ingredients in its creations. The menu features a dynamic array of the chef’s latest pizza innovations, allowing patrons to taste both inventive and timeless options.

The Buttermilk Alfredo and Spicy Italian Sausages Adorned with Candied Jalapenos is a standout recommendation – a symphony of flavors where the jalapeno provides perfect heat and crispness, harmonizing with richness, and crowned with a delightful tang of candied bacon bits Among the best pizza in Fort Worth, Texas, Pizza Snob stands out as a haven for pizza lovers seeking a perfect blend of quality and creativity.

4. Palio’s Pizza Cafe

Palio’s Pizza Café on Bryant Irwin Road is an extraordinary destination for pizza lovers, offering a delightful experience with its charming ambiance. The spacious dining area features wooden tables and floor-to-ceiling windows, promoting a warm and open atmosphere, making it an ideal place to socialize with friends.

However, it is not just the cozy setting that draws people in; This is delicious pizza. Ranging from small to large, patrons can customize their pizza with a variety of toppings. A must-try is the Hawaiian Sunrise Pizza, a delightful blend of sweet and salty flavors.

The combination of pineapple and cashews introduces a subtle sweetness, while the sun-dried cranberries provide a tangy balance, creating a mouth-watering and unique culinary experience.

5. Partons Pizza

Best Pizza in Fort Worth, TX

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Established in 1968, Parton’s Pizza With a charming old-fashioned ambiance that has stood the test of time, this establishment consistently delivers a memorable dining experience. The star of their menu is undoubtedly the pizza buffet, which features a delightful array of options from the classic pepperoni to the mouthwatering chicken fajita.

What sets Partons apart is their carefully crafted pizza sauce, a harmonious blend of special spices, and locally sourced, top-notch tomatoes. A must-try item on their menu is the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, which is an absolute delight equipped with a hamburger, crispy bacon, and a perfect blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

The cheddar imparts a velvety texture, ensuring that every bite is a symphony of flavors. For pizza lovers in Fort Worth, TX, Parton’s Pizza is an eternal paradise of culinary satisfaction.

6. Big Joe’s Pizza & Pasta

Located on North Beach Street, Big Joe’s Pizza & Pasta offers a no-frills but delicious dining experience, making it a must-try for pizza lovers. Specializing in authentic Italian cuisine, their thin-crust pizzas feature a range of toppings including delicious sausage, rich cheese, generous mozzarella spots, and aromatic herbs.

For a delightful twist, enjoy the Chicken Alfredo Pizza, which features creamy mozzarella and juicy chicken paired with a tangy sauce. Alternatively, the Meat Lover’s Pizza promises a hearty slice with the perfect crunch and a mouth-watering, meat-filled center.

Big Joe’s Pizza & Pasta offers a satisfying taste of Italy, making it a top recommendation for pizza lovers seeking a delicious adventure. Here you can further enhance your taste experience.

7. Pizza Verde

For a delectable departure from traditional pizza, look no further than Pizza Verde in Fort Worth, TX. Famous for its wood-fired creations and extensive plant-based offerings, this pizzeria is a paradise for health-conscious food lovers.

Differentiating itself by abandoning artificial flavors and preservatives, Pizza Verde relies on locally sourced, fresh herbs and spices to create distinctive flavor profiles. Notably, their gluten-free options match the deliciousness of their original counterparts.

A must-try is the Arugula Pizza, which is known for its mild and refreshing taste. Additionally, the Potato Leek Pizza offers a hearty option, featuring a thin base of potato slices dressed with a light leek puree and fresh herbs, providing a uniquely satisfying experience.

Combining health-conscious options with exceptional taste, Pizza Verde stands as the best pizza joint in Fort Worth, TX.

8. Nizza Pizza

Nizza Pizza is known for its delicious New York-style pizza and authentic Italian offerings. The restaurant captures the essence of New York City’s pizza scene and offers a unique taste experience.

Famous for its generous portions, Nizza Pizza serves NY-style pizza in oversized slices, ensuring that one slice is enough to satisfy you completely. The menu includes a variety of crust options ranging from traditional to Sicilian style.

A highly recommended option is the “With the Works” pizza, a flavorful delight adorned with pepperoni, hamburger, sausage, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, and bell peppers. Enjoy the essence of NYC at your fingertips, enjoying the strong and diverse flavors prepared by Nizza Pizza.

9. Olivella’s

Olivella, an acclaimed Italian eatery since 2016, is the epitome of pizza perfection. Claiming to be a culinary journey through Naples, this award-winning restaurant carefully prepares Neapolitan and Roman-style pizzas from centuries-old recipes.

Each pizza, a culinary masterpiece, is expertly handcrafted and cooked to impeccable perfection, transporting diners to the heart of Italy. The must-try is the Regina Margherita – a Neapolitan delight adorned with charred perfection, mozzarella, basil, sausages, and exquisite Grana Padano cheese.

To complete the experience, enjoy the freshness of the Olivella salad, which combines nutty and herbal flavors. Without a doubt, Olivella has secured its place as the best pizza joint in Fort Worth, Texas. Each pie is carefully handcrafted and baked with excellent quality, the epitome of premium quality.

10. Luigi’s Italian Restaurant

Best Pizza in Fort Worth, TX

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Established in 2016, Luigi’s Italian Restaurant has received widespread acclaim for its delicious Italian cuisine, with a special emphasis on its pizza offerings. Renowned for providing an authentic Italian culinary experience, Luigi’s stands out by using homemade, fresh ingredients to ensure unparalleled quality in every meal.

The establishment’s menu extends beyond pizza, showcasing equally tempting pasta and sandwiches that are a culinary adventure in themselves. For an unforgettable dining experience, enjoy Luigi’s specialty pizza, a tempting blend of pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, sausage, and mozzarella, creating a symphony of earthy and salty flavors.

To end your feast on a sweet note, savor a slice of their delicious Chocolate Mousse Cake, a perfect finale to an extraordinary dining experience. Your taste buds are in for a treat at Luigi’s Italian Restaurant, making it the ultimate destination for pizza lovers.

11. Pie Five Pizza Co.

Located along the picturesque Texas Sage Trail, Pie Five Pizza Company stands as a culinary gem that captivates pizza lovers with an exceptional dining experience. Famous for preparing exceptional custom-made pizzas, this establishment is heaven for taste lovers.

What sets Pie Five apart is the unparalleled freshness of their pizzas, carefully crafted with premium ingredients. Enjoy the creative process as you design your masterpiece adorned with tons of delicious toppings.

However, their five-star pizza is undoubtedly a must-try – a culinary symphony featuring marinara, pepperoni, Italian sausage, green olives, and red onions. Each bite promises an explosion of incredible flavors, making it the epitome of pizza perfection in Fort Worth, TX.

12. Old Chicago

Located along the North Freeway, Old Chicago stands as a premier pizzeria in Fort Worth, TX, renowned for its impeccable Chicago and Detroit-style deep-dish pizzas. What sets them apart is the unparalleled perfection in every slice, generously garnished with rich sauces and an abundance of delicious toppings, ensuring a satisfying, pleasurable experience with each slice.

Prepared with the freshest ingredients, Old Chicago pizzas offer a culinary delight like no other. If you’re craving an authentic taste of Chicago, opt for the delicious Meet Me pizza, featuring an exotic blend of Italian and Andouille sausage, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, and garnished with green olives.

Alternatively, plunge into the delightful world of Detroit-style deep-dish with the Meatball Mushroom Pizza, a harmonious blend of flavors resulting from juicy meatballs, grated brick cheese, mushrooms, and caramelized onions.

Old Chicago has unquestionably secured its position as the best pizza joint in Fort Worth, TX, where culinary excellence meets an unforgettable dining experience.

13. Napoli’s Pizza

Napoli Pizza is a gem specializing in Neapolitan pizza and authentic Italian food, making it the premier pizza destination in Fort Worth. The ambiance is enhanced by charming Italian-inspired frescoes that transport diners to the heart of Italy.

The extensive menu includes a variety of pizza options, including specialty options garnished with exotic toppings such as black olives, grilled chicken, and anchovies. Are included.

What makes it truly Neapolitan is the warm and inviting staff, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere that enhances the overall dining experience. For a taste sensation that defies conventional wisdom, enjoy Hawaiian Pizza.

Despite the debate over pineapple on pizza, Napoli’s rendition features a thin, crispy crust filled with a harmonious blend of meat, cheese, and pineapple.

The ethereal layer provides a light and airy foundation, allowing the cheese and pineapple to melt seamlessly on the palate, dismissing any lingering doubts.

Napoli’s Pizza promises not just food but a culinary journey through the flavors of Italy, offering customers a memorable and satisfying dining experience.

14. Pizza Buzz

Established in 2014, Pizza Buzz is an iconic family-owned restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas, renowned for its diverse pizza offerings. The key to their culinary appeal lies in the wide variety of crusts they offer, suitable for every taste.

From traditional thin crust to unique hand-crafted Detroit-style cauliflower crust, patrons are spoiled for choice. The menu doesn’t stop at crusts – Pizza Buzz has a range of delicious toppings, each bursting with different flavors.

A must-try is their best-selling Tandoori Chicken Pizza, which is a tantalizing combination of spicy tikka sauce, tandoori-marinated chicken, mozzarella cheese, and red onion, delivering a symphony of delicious delights.

Conclude your meal with a slice of their scrumptious New York Cheesecake, ensuring a memorable dining experience. Pizza Buzz stands out as the go-to pizza joint among the best pizzas in Fort Worth, Texas, offering a feast for the senses in a welcoming family atmosphere.

15. Mama’s Pizza

Best Pizza in Fort Worth, TX

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Mama’s Pizza, founded by Ed Stebbins, is a culinary gem known for creating the finest East Coast-style pizza in the city. Mama’s charm lies in their commitment to culinary excellence, which is evident in the meticulous preparation of their pizzas.

A symphony of flavors unfolds with every bite of their famous BBQ Chicken Pizza – a masterpiece featuring a thin, perfectly charred crust layered with BBQ sauce, juicy chicken, crisp bacon, onions, and cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. Decorated with a wonderful mixture.

These delicious dishes exceed expectations, creating a delicious journey to remember forever. Beyond pizza, Mama’s Pizza has expanded its culinary offerings to include fresh salads, delicious sandwiches, and delicious chicken wings, ensuring a varied and enjoyable dining experience.

For the epitome of pizza perfection in Fort Worth, TX, Mama’s Pizza is an unmatched destination, promising a culinary journey unlike any other.

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