Best Zoo In Texas

The 10 Best Zoo in Texas, 2023 Where Guests Will Enjoy Watching Their Favorite Wildlife

There are lots of fun things to do in the state of Texas. But today we have brought a list of some zoos, aquariums, and wildlife centers where you can enjoy watching native, exotic, and endangered wildlife.

The state of Texas includes a wide range of animal habitats and zoos, and almost every major city in the state of Texas, such as Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Tyler, Waco, etc., has a beautiful zoo that can accommodate visitors of any age. There’s a lot of space. And here hundreds of species such as horses, foxes, bats, tortoises, owls, sheep, and reptiles make it their home.

In addition to being fun places to spend a day with the family, many zoos are also important education and research centers. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, then you must visit the best zoos in the state of Texas that offer you amazing experiences where you will have an amazing time with hundreds of species of animals.

1. Fort Worth Zoo

Best Zoo In Texas

Photo by Hiram Santa on Unsplash

The Fort Worth Zoo is considered the best zoo in Texas. If you are looking for a zoo, then the Fort Worth Zoo can be a good choice for you. There is always something new and exciting to do at this zoo.

It is ideal for any family it is also the oldest zoo started in 1909, they currently have 540 species including 72 species of mammals, 148 species of birds, and 172 species of ectotherms, and Fort Worth Zoo is open 365 days per year.

Here’s a hands-on exhibit that showcases the Lone Star State’s unique wildlife and includes a petting zoo that makes it the best zoo in Texas. There are many ways for guests to enjoy themselves here at the Museum of Living Art (MOLA) to see some of the most endangered reptiles and amphibians on the planet and of course, catch a glimpse of Komodo dragons.

The Fort Worth Zoo is home to a large number of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, sh and invertebrates, and Africa Savannah: Savannah allows guests to see giraffes, springboks, ostriches, and more in one area.

And after feeding giraffes or enjoying a day at the zoo, you can walk through the gorgeous botanical gardens, and enjoy a picnic on the grounds. And the zoo is ideal for children and adults alike and aims to educate them on wildlife conservation. This is why the Fort Worth Zoo is counted among the top zoos in the country every year.

2. Dallas Zoo

Best Zoo In Texas

Photo by taylor gregory on Unsplash

With a huge variety of family activities, the Dallas Zoo is extremely entertaining. With animals spread over 106 acres, the Dallas Zoo also has the honor of having the largest zoological experience in the state of Texas.

It is also great to visit families here and make your trip here an exciting adventure with opportunities to support conservation and research around the world to protect and conserve endangered species.

The Dallas Zoo is a great place for those looking for a day trip to take the kids. There are many different things to try here. If you like birds, Travis and Zach’s Birds Landing exhibit allows guests to interact with more than 20 species, providing an amazing experience.

There are unique animal species, a variety of animals, such as fascinating reptiles, free-flying birds, porcupines, and more can be seen here or you can see the beautiful macaws in the Rainforest Rendezvous Experience which makes it the best zoo in Texas.

3. Houston Zoo

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Photo by Joshua Lee on Unsplash

It is located within Hermann Park in Houston, Texas. This zoo is an exciting live animal adventure that provides a unique educational and conservation resource serving approximately 2.4 million visitors each year.

And it is home to over 6,000 animals from 900 species, set in 55 acres of lush tropical landscape. It houses Asian elephants, southern white rhinos, Malayan tigers, western lowland gorillas, African lions, and more which makes it the best zoo in Texas.

The zoo is dedicated to the conservation of endangered species, the provision of engaging educational opportunities, and the creation of stimulating exhibits that broaden the experiences of its guests and is also the second most visited zoo in the United States.

4. Austin Zoo

best zoo in texas

Photo by Brandon Rowe on Unsplash

The Austin Zoo, Austin, is located on the southwest edge of Texas. It is a non-profit rescue zoo and currently has more than 300 animals, representing more than 100 different species.

Volunteers running this place are completely devoted to their missions of helping animals, through rescue, rehabilitation, and education which makes it the best zoo in Texas. The zoo in Austin is run privately and is a non-profit organization.

Here from black bears to turtles, from African lions to Bengal tigers,s and even some lovely small porcupines. And the Austin Zoo is a pleasant hill country zoo where visitors from all over the world can come to know about animals.

5. San Antonia Zoo

best zoo in texas

Photo by Honey Fangs on Unsplash

The San Antonio Zoo spans 56 acres and currently houses over 300 animals, representing over 100 different species. Come to the San Antonio Zoo for affordable entertainment that supports education and conservationism to keep all animals and their natural habitats healthy, safe, and prosperous for generations to come, making it the best zoo in Texas.

There is so much to do in San Antonio, like feeding giraffes every afternoon and much more which makes it a great weekend getaway.

6. Caldwell Zoo

Best Zoo In Texas

Photo by Prady D on Unsplash

Caldwell Zoo, located in the city of Tyler, Texas, is an 85-acre zoo with over 2,000 animals representing 250 species from East Africa, North America, and South America.

It includes a petting pen, two aquariums, picnic areas, and a cafe for children, and the zoo also hosts seasonal presentations including bird shows, alligator feeding, giraffe feeding, and elephant exhibits making it the best zoo in Texas.

It includes animals from all over the world and you can interact with 600 birds. For kids, we offer summer camps and a zoo school that offers classes that meet once a month for a total of 6 semesters.

And summer camp activities include animal information, time on the zoo grounds, art activities, stories, games, songs, and close encounters with touchable animals that make it an even better option.

7. Cameron Park Zoo

best zoo in texas

Photo by Nikolay Tchaouchev on Unsplash

Cameron Park Zoo in Waco is an award-winning natural habitat zoo that has a lot to offer. Citizens of Waco love this park and Cameron Park Zoo is home to over 1,700 animals that are cared for by staff and veterinarians.

Here you will see bald eagles, explore the African savanna and visit the indoor exhibitions and aquarium.

Cameron Park Zoo is not only a recreational place for animal viewing but also an educational resource for students from childhood to graduate schooling making it the best zoo in Texas. There is also a park in this zoo for children to play and children can also enjoy boat rides here.

8. Gladys Porter Zoo

Best Zoo In Texas

Photo by Kalen Kemp on Unsplash

Located in Brownsville, Texas, the Gladys Porter Zoo covers approximately 31 acres. Gladys Porter Zoo contains the largest single collection of endangered species of birds, reptiles, and mammals. This zoo is home to about 1,600 animals and has about 375 species of animals.

And there are about 224 species of plants. At Gladys Porter Zoo, you can enjoy seeing amazing creatures like wallabies, camels, lions, giraffes, bears, chimpanzees, and rhinos.

Gladys Porter Zoo is known for its breeding program of rare and endangered animals and its design, along with its breeding and conservation programs, has earned Gladys Porter Zoo recognition as a world-class zoologist. A petting zoo and a children’s playground are also present at the Gladys Porter Zoo.

9. Texas State Aquarium

best zoo in texas

Photo by Michal Ico on Unsplash

The Texas State Aquarium is one of the great places to visit.

The Texas State Aquarium is one of the great places to visit. This zoo is located beside the Gulf of Mexico.

The Texas State Aquarium is the perfect place for people and families to learn and discover together and in this aquarium’s vast collection, you can see fish in the underwater caves of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico and there is also a sea turtle here, which everyone comes to see.

The mission of the Texas State Aquarium is to connect people with animals and support wildlife conservation. Here you can also see some baby jellyfish in the aquatic nursery. And one can also enjoy seeing birds, reptiles, and other land animals here.

10. San Antonia Aquarium

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Photo by Dmitry Bukhantsov on Unsplash

The San Antonio Aquarium is a great place for everyone in Leon Valley, here you can see many extraordinary animals up close and personal such as tropical fish, sharks, toucans, lemurs, and an amazing octopus and visitors can enjoy feeding exotic birds Huh.

Children and adults alike will love the San Antonio Aquarium Bird Sanctuary which houses many different species of birds that kids will love to see. The aquarium is not just for sea creatures, you can spot kangaroos and lemurs here and the San Antonio Aquarium is one of the best places to visit where you will enjoy watching amazing sea creatures.


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