Key Largo Beaches

Top 4 Key Largo Beaches [for 2023]

Take a break from sightseeing and excursions, and instead opt for a fun-filled day at a beautiful beach.

Take your friends, special someone, or loved ones to the many picturesque and spectacular Key Largo beaches to spend and enjoy an unforgettable day together on the sand, in the sun, and at sea.

Have an exciting time and cherish some memories while you indulge in activities like kayaking, scuba diving, boating, canoeing, kite surfing, sunbathing, paddleboarding, snorkeling, shore picnics, and countless more fun options.

There are many man-made beaches to visit around Key Largo, which offer stunning stretches of sand on which to relax and enjoy the sun. Some beaches are private and available only to guests of certain hotels or resorts, while others are entirely open to the public.

Here are some more details and an overview of the best beaches around Key Largo.

1. Far Beach

Key Largo Beaches

One of the Key Largo beaches, Far Beach is very popular among locals and tourists, this spectacular beach welcomes its guests with its vast shoreline lined with lush green palm trees and its sparkling mud water.

Two public beaches are found in this park, with the farther beach being the better option. Guests will enjoy the soft, warm sand of the beach here as they walk along and the surrounding palm trees serve as shade. The water at this Key Largo beach is especially warm and shallow, perfect for young people to wade or swim.

Since this beach is considered part of the Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, snorkeling and diving are also very popular at the remote beach, making it a prime spot for any Key Largo visitors to do some underwater exploring becomes.

2. Cannon Beach beaches in texas

Cannon Beach is the second of two beaches in Kohn Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and is considered another
super beach to visit and have fun in Key Largo Beaches.

Visitors to this beach will immediately understand how it earned its name: Real, 17th-century cannons sit on the sand and provide a unique historical edge to this Florida Keys beach that’s a good thing.

Like Far Beach, Cannon Beach has warm, shallow waters that are considered very calm and perfect for casual swimming or snorkeling.

Even non-swimmers will be able to appreciate these waters and just walk and enjoy the beach’s shoreline, a great place to admire tropical fish and other exciting marine life.

3. Harry Harris Park

key largo beaches

Located in Tavernier, Harry Harris Park Beach for families and groups of friends Can be a good option, is considered to be a really great place to spend some time in Key Largo.

The place is not just a beach, it has a lot for kids too, with bike trails, pavilions, toilets, public showers, a boat ramp, a picnic area, and even for younger visitors to enjoy.

There is also a full park with a tidal pool. Harry Harris Park is completely free to enter if you come during the week and is open all day. A state park, basketball fields, and swimming pool can also be found not far away at Founders Park, making Harry Harris a good choice if you are looking for a full day of fun in Key Largo Beaches.

4. Anne’s Beach

Key Largo Beaches

If you’re looking for a great beach by Key Largo, but not really on the Keys itself, Anne’s Beach is considered one of the prettiest spots in the area.

Named in honor of eco-warrior Anne Eaton, this beach is equipped with a beautiful boardwalk, a comfortable set of picnic tables, a designated swimming area, and some very calm, shallow waters that are perfect for people of all ages and swimming. It is suitable in a way that makes it a good place.

The Florida Keys are considered one of the most popular places to visit in the Sunshine State. These largely untouched tropical islands offer all kinds of entertainment and tourism opportunities including fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and much more which is a good thing.

All kinds of activities can be found around the Keys that will give you pleasure, and the weather in this part of Florida is known to be warmer and sunny than anywhere else in the state. Of all the Florida Keys, Key Largo is the biggest and sweetest one too.

Located right near one of the largest coral reef systems on the planet, Key Largo is considered one of the top places for snorkeling and exploring the underwater world, and much more.

Like the other Florida Keys, Key Largo has no natural beaches due to the shallow waters, but there are some man-made beaches in the area for visitors to enjoy.

Attraction: Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters

key largo beach

Florida Keys Aquarium Encounter is a dedicated conservation and education center located in the Florida Keys.

Working with other aquariums, the center is able to give visitors access to a wide variety of marine life.

The founder of Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters has transformed his enthusiasm and experience with the ocean into a popular aquarium and conservation center. The core of the center’s mission is to introduce guests to the ocean and the majestic animals that live in it, sometimes for face-to-face experiences.

Florida Keys Aquarium Encounter is the premier aquarium encounter experience located in the popular Florida Keys. The center offers guided educational tours to advance visitors’ understanding of the native environment of the Florida Keys and the marine life that call the area home.

These trips are led by one of the center’s marine biologists and visit each of the major attractions at the Florida Keys Aquarium Encounter.

Visitors will be inspired by the tide pools at the Florida Keys Aquarium Encounter Park, located near the aquarium’s entrance. The center’s engaging touch tank experience is included in the cost of admission for visitors.

Tidepool attractions are available for guests to visit at no additional cost. This attraction gives visitors the opportunity to not only see but also touch, a variety of marine life in the shallows of the tide pools.

A professional and experienced marine biologist is also available to answer any questions visitors may have.

Visitors to the Florida Keys Aquarium Encounter Park can explore the complex coral reef environment from the safety of dry land, or from inside a coral reef tank while snorkeling.

Visitors can choose to take part in Coral Reef Encounters if they feel brave enough, or simply feed the eels, groupers, and sharks to other visitors who call Predator Reef Tanks home during their snorkeling experience.

Viewing the Predator Reef Tank and Coral Reef Tank, as well as watching family, friends, and other guests participate in the Coral Reef Encounter, is included with general admission to the Florida Keys Aquarium Encounter. One of the main encounter experiences at Florida Keys Aquarium Encounter Park is its unique Predator Reef Tank.

Full of unique aquarium encounters, the owners of this park have a combined experience of more than sixty-five years in successfully securing and transporting live sharks to aquariums around the world.

Their unique skills have allowed the center to create some of the most exciting feeding encounters and aquarium environments in the country for visitors and locals alike in the Florida Keys. Visitors to the Florida Keys Aquarium Encounter Park can purchase Tarpon food for a chance to feed the giant “Silver Kings” of the Florida Keys.

The park’s Tarpon Basin encounter is free to explore, but the food is available for a small fee to feed on these creatures native to the area. The Tarpon attraction is located near the Flume area of the aquarium.



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