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10 Best Louisiana Beaches to Enjoy in Stunning Environments [for 2023]

Although Louisiana is considered a coastal state, people are often surprised to learn that it has many amazing white sand beaches that are as beautiful and nice as Florida and California.

The Cajun Riviera is what locals consider to be a stretch of sandy beaches that includes Holly Beach and Cypremort Beach.

Grand Isle, a barrier island on the Gulf of Mexico, can be a great picnic spot and is a popular vacation destination for vacationers who come to enjoy its wide, sandy beach. Here we have prepared a list of Louisiana Beaches that you must visit once and enjoy your memorable vacation.

Please it is a good idea to double-check your requirements before your trip and be sure to follow all local guidelines to keep yourself and others safe! Thanks

1. Rutherford Beach

Lousisiana Beaches

Image by Lutz Dieckmann From pixabay.

Rutherford Beach is one of the best Louisiana beaches, it is known for its luxurious rustic atmosphere and beautiful view of the ocean, as huge waves constantly roar and crash along the shoreline, making the whole area sound blissful gets filled.

It is located just off Highway #82 in Cameron Parish. This very long beach is also known for its shell collection, and if you wish, you can even opt for camping on the beach, as the peace and beauty of this place will warm your heart for as long as you stay there. Will mesmerize.

2. Cypremort Point Beach

Louisiana Beaches

Image by Ri Butov From Pixabay

Located in Vermillion Bay, a deep bay about 10 miles from the vast Gulf of Mexico, Cypremort Point State Park is a 185-acre lot perfect for picnicking, swimming, fishing, crabbing, boating, and especially windsurfing.

Popular green space. Much of the environment is a coastal marsh, with half a mile of man-made coastline.

This is one of the Louisiana beaches with several picnic tables, a sailboat launch, and a fishing pavilion that make for a great fishing option.

The fresh waters of the Vermilion and Atchafalaya rivers create a rich environment for Spotted Sea Trout, Red Drum, Red Fish, and Spotted Trout that you will enjoy.

The park is also home to many other animals, such as nutria, crocodiles, muskrats, deer, black bears, possums, rabbits, and red foxes.

3. Grand Isle Beach

louisiana beaches

Image by ELG21 From Pixabay.

About two hours south of New Orleans, you can enjoy a drive through swamps at this beach on Grand Isle, a small beautiful town by the sea and a barrier island overlooking Caminada Bay.

As soon as you reach it, it won’t take you long to see its beauty and understand why it’s called the most famous beach in Louisiana.

You can walk around the ten-mile-long shoreline, find ideal fishing spots to go fishing and watch the migratory birds that are frequent guests of the island, who spend time on the sand.

4. Holly Beach

Louisiana beaches

Image by Somchai Sumnow From Pixabay.

The entire coastline of Holly Beach is swampy and filled with rivers where you can spend and enjoy your vacation with your loved ones, or just rent a hotel, cottage, or beach resort.

The place is also ideal for camping to relax on the sunny beach, or simply for a walk around the beach to enjoy swimming, bay fishing, and shelling (for which the place is quite famous).

5. North beach

louisiana beaches

Photo by Bella White from Pexels

North Beach is a large beach located between southwest Louisiana and Lake Charles. The beach is available for beach volleyball, beachcombing, and picnics.

The lake has a marina and a beautiful promenade with views of the surroundings and is a popular place to watch the sunset. The Promenade connects three popular Lake Charles parks – Memorial Park, Millennium Park, and Veterans Memorial Park. The beach is part of Charles Lake’s many lively festivals.

6. Fontainebleau State Park

Louisiana beaches

Photo by KEHN HERMANO from Pexels

Located just a short drive from New Orleans on Lake Pontchartrain’s north shore across the 24-mile-long Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge, Fontainebleau State Park is a 2,800-acre park that once housed a large sugar mill in 1829.

Now only the ruins of a brick building remain, but there is also a nice sandy beach for swimming on the lake and watching colorful sailboats.

The park also has an old disused rail track that is now a part of the Rail to Trails program and is also home to a great cycling, in-line skating, and hiking path. The park also has a nature trail with many interpretive signs that identify common shrubs and trees which is amazing.

The park is home to over 400 species of birds, and the park’s streams and waterways are considered great for kayaking and fishing.

7. White Sands Lake Day Beach

louisiana beaches

Photo by Fabian Wiktor from Pexels

White Sands Lake Day Beach is basically supposed to be a small water playground where you can’t reach the actual ocean. There will be plenty of inflatable water toys and playthings for visitors to enjoy. Cabanas can be rented for the day, for parties, or just for the family. The kayaks are very reasonably priced, a good option for those not keen on the idea of swimming in the lake.

8. Biloxi Beach

louisiana beaches

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Closest to New Orleans, nearly everyone living in Louisiana has probably visited this quintessential beach at some point. Apart from this magnificent and beautiful beach, this place is also known for casinos and golf games.

You can try your luck with your family and loved ones in the evening with casino games, or even spend some free time with your pet dog to hang out and enjoy the area.

9.  Grayton Beach

louisiana beaches

Photo by Christian Holzinger on Unsplash

This beach is also very close to New Orleans and is considered one of the most enjoyed beautiful beaches in the state of Louisiana. You will surely love it as it is a sight to behold, with magnolia-filled avenues and a long beach for you to sit and relax.

The place is made even more beautiful by the Grayton Beach State Park, which extends just below the beach.

10. Little Florida Beach, Cameron Parish, LA


Photo by Bunsim San on Unsplash

This little-known beach in the state will surely steal your heart and you will be in awe, especially if it comes during spring break. Just south of Gulf Beach Highway in Cameron Parish is a sandy beach and a great location.

Like other Cameron Parish beaches, it is known to be really good for swimming, fishing,

birding, and shelling. Apart from this, it is also one of the cleanest beaches as this place is not known to many people, and you can relax here, and enjoy the serene calmness, that of peace away from the crazy crowds. Will experience!


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