Butterbean Beach Savannah Ga

Butterbean Beach Savannah Ga 2023, very popular among local people

Butterbean Beach is located near the Diamond Causeway in historic downtown Savannah, Georgia, at Rodney J. The hall is located adjacent to the boat ramp and sits on the banks of the Skidway River. Historic downtown Savannah is famous for its attractions, beautiful squares, and parks, and Butterbean Beach is known for its scenic views.

Butterbean Beach in Savannah Ga

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The most famous may be Tybee Island near Savannah, considered this hidden waterfront gem. It’s the perfect place to get away, feel like you’re a million miles from the city, and enjoy the beautiful views in the beautiful surroundings.

Butterbean Beach Savannah Ga has a lot of activities to do which makes it the perfect place to hang out with friends, which includes a small river beach, boat ramp, floating dock, kayak rentals, feed shop, picnic tables, and more.

There are amazing views of the pavilion and the marshes which makes it even better. The ideal time to visit Butterbean Beach Savannah Ga is during the summer and fall months, but can be a bit crowded during the summer months as the state park is very close.

Can I go swimming at Butterbean Beach in Savannah Ga?

Yes, swimming can be done in Butter Bean too, but one needs to be careful while swimming, as the tide changes are significant. Significant tidal changes cause currents to move very quickly, so only strong swimmers should proceed from a permanent depth and the water can become muddy, as in rivers and marshes.

Although the riverbank is mostly grass and sand, it can be the ideal place to enjoy sunbathing along with the spectacular marshy views of Butterbean Beach, so bring your beach chair. It is best to visit here during low tide as, during high tide, most of the sand is submerged beneath the surface so check the savanna tides before visiting.


Butterbean Beach in Savannah Ga

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Kayak or canoe rentals are easily accessible at Butterbean Beach Savannah Ga where you can rent a kayak or canoe for pleasure and get out on the water.

Here one can also enjoy exploring the Skidway Narrows, the Moon River, and the surrounding inland waters. And Moon River Kayak Tours offers guided tours that take you through Tidal Bay, where you’ll be miles to see eagles, osprey, and more, providing a truly different experience. And here you can also enjoy an uninhabited island tour with one of their expert guides.

Chatham County Park at Butterbean Beach is a wonderful place to enjoy a natural environment where you can enjoy watching dolphins, otters, or manatees, as well as many different types of birds that make it even more beautiful.


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The fishing pier is within steps of the sandy shore where anglers can catch saltwater fish, including trout, redfish, flounder, whiting, sharks, sheepshead, black drum, and even blue crabs.

There is a full-service bait shop for live bait and all your fishing needs, but remember to get a Georgia saltwater license before you start fishing.

Boat Ride

Boating can also be enjoyed here, if you have one, you can launch it for cruises on the Intracoastal Waterway using the public boat ramp. There are two double boat ramps, and ample parking for both tow vehicles in addition to the trailer which makes it even better for boating.

Boat ramp access here is free and there is no launch fee, but a permit is required if you want to go fishing. There is much more here such as a convenient floating dock and boardwalk that keeps you above the water next to the bridge.


Butterbean Beach in Savannah Ga

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If you want to enjoy a picnic with your friends at Butterbean Beach Savannah Ga with beautiful views, there are many picnic tables and picnic pavilions available here.

The covered pavilion provides beach-goers a respite from the heat of the sun while having lunch or taking a nap and the beach also offers ample parking space apart from a covered pavilion making it an even better option.

Picnic pavilions are also readily available for rent and there are public bathrooms, which make it a great choice for gatherings or outdoor events. Butterbean Beach can be a great place to spend a day in Savannah.

Food trucks

Butterbean Beach in Savannah Ga

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While you are here, keep an eye out for food trucks as food trucks are often parked here for lunch and dinner during the week. These local restaurants sometimes use the parking lot to order fresh, locally-made food.



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