Beaches In Arizona

10 Best Beaches in Arizona, 2023 That Offer Spectacular Views

Arizona beaches can be a great option for relaxing on a hot summer day. There are some beautiful beaches in Arizona where you can enjoy swimming, and jet skiing, if you like boating then you can go boating, and here visitors can also enjoy kayaking, camping, or just sunbathing. can.

And at Arizona’s beaches, visitors will enjoy the fresh water and beautiful sandy shoreline. Here is a list of the best beaches in Arizona for you to check out.

1. Centennial Beach, Yuma

Beaches In Arizona

Photo by Silas Baisch on Unsplash

Centennial Beach is located along the Colorado River and is one of the most popular beaches in Arizona where visitors can enjoy picnics and build sand castles or just sunbathe.

And while in the area, check out the 110-acre West Wetlands Park as Centennial Beach is part of the park along with a nice sandy beach on the river. Developed for recreation, there are many picnic pavilions, gardens, and children’s playgrounds which make it a good choice. If you are looking for a picnic spot in a laid-back atmosphere, this could be the best place in Arizona.

2. Windsor Beach, Lake Havasu City

beaches in arizona

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Windsor Beach is a long stretch of beautiful white sand and is also the main attraction of the Havasu Beach area. One can enjoy water sports at Windsor Beach, and take a beautiful hike, or if you like fishing, you can enjoy fishing.

Here you will get spectacular views of the mountains that give peace to your mind, making it one of the best beaches in Arizona. And here you can also indulge in boating and jet skiing, which are easily available for rent in the vicinity of the beach and also have meadows, playgrounds, and camping grounds which make it an even better option.

3. Buckskin Mountain State Park, Parker

Beaches In Arizona

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Buckskin Mountain State Park, located on the Colorado River between Hedgegate Dam and Parker Dam, is approximately 18 miles long. Here you can enjoy the picturesque view of the rugged hills and it is full of wildlife. The cool waters on your toes at Buckskin Mountain State Park will make you feel like you are in a beautiful environment and there is no dearth of recreational activities here, you can enjoy cooling off in the water during summers and camping in winters.

You can also go on a trip. And there are many other activities to enjoy like volleyball, basketball, and boating with beautiful views and a well-organized campground with a restaurant, children’s playground, and a store. That’s why it is counted as one of the best beaches in Arizona.

4. London Bridge Beach, Lake Havasu City

beaches in arizona

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London Bridge Beach, known for its turquoise waters and beautiful fine sand, is located along the lines of the Bridgewater Channel. London Bridge Beach can be a great option for a vacation in Arizona. The beach has huge palm trees, and the greenery all around gives you the feel of a tropical paradise it is also classified as one of the normal oceans.

There are grassy park areas, playgrounds, picnic areas, designated areas for dogs, and more, making it one of the prettiest beaches in Arizona. If you are looking for a wonderful natural environment for your vacation in Arizona, then London Bridge Beach can be a great choice for a vacation.

5. Patagonia Lake State Park, Nogales

Beaches In Arizona

Photo by Lawrence Makoona on Unsplash

Patagonia Lakes State Park is an approximately 250-acre, blue water park that sits among the rolling hills of southern Arizona. It is a great oasis for visitors alike with wonderful blue waters and sparkling white sands away from the noise of the city.

Here you can enjoy boating in the middle of the lake, enjoy kayaking, and if you like paddle boarding, then you can also enjoy paddle boarding or jet skiing and there are many other water sports and activities. are popular which makes it an even better option. There is much more one can do here like fishing, camping, hiking, and picnicking.

Take a walk along the Creek Trail to enjoy a breathtaking view of the lake and spot many local birds such as the canyon towhee, vermilion flycatcher, Inca pigeon, or black vulture. If you are lucky, you can also spot white-tailed deer roaming the hills and great blue herons walking along the shoreline.

6. Wahweap Beach, Page

beaches in arizona

Photo by Ben Clayton on Unsplash

Wahweap Beach is a beautiful and spacious beach area and is located in Lake Powell. If you are looking for a quiet beach, then Wahweap Beach can be a great option for you. It offers its visitors picturesque views with clear blue waters, golden sand, and rock formations that make it one of the best beaches in Arizona.

Not too crowded at Wahweap Beach which is perfect for a quiet getaway. Along with the amazing views here, one can also enjoy the campground.

7. Rotary Beach, Lake Havasu City

beaches in arizona

Photo by Susan Weber on Unsplash

Rotary Beach, is spread over an area of more than 40 acres and is considered one of the top beach destinations for locals and visitors. The fine sand and calm shallow waters of Rotary Beach make it amazing. There are picturesque views and numerous activities for visitors to do here that are perfect for an adventurous weekend getaway.

If you come here with kids, it also has a playground for your kids to play with. One can also enjoy beach volleyball here and also enjoy the bocce ball court. There is much more, such as grasslands, barbecue sites, and picnic areas where you can enjoy a picnic, but reservations are required. Rotary Beach can be a great option for a trip with friends.

8. Tempe Beach Park, Tempe

Tempe Beach Park — Tempe

Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

If you’re looking for a recreational haven in Arizona, Tempe Beach Park could be the perfect choice for you. Tempe Beach Park is a prime venue for festivals and events and has been attracting visitors for years. It has no shortage of activities, here you can enjoy skating on the lake and you can also rent paddle boats or kayaks to the lake, and enjoy paddle boating.

There is much more to do at Tempe Beach Park, such as walking, jogging, and biking trails. Tempe Beach Park’s various water and land activities make it even more popular. One can also enjoy a picnic with your friends in the picnic area here. Tempe Beach Park Is One of the Best Beaches in Arizona.

9. Cattail Cove State Park, Lake Havasu City

Cattail Cove State Park — Lake Havasu City

Photo by Susan Weber on Unsplash

Cattail Cove State Park is located on Lake Havasu and is the perfect place to have fun in Arizona. It can also be a great place to enjoy a hot summer day, with hiking trails, grills, picnic tables, and fishing, making it one of the best beaches in Arizona. This nearly 2,000-acre park is a hidden paradise for relaxation and family get-togethers.

The beautiful white sands of Cattail Cove State Park provide a great place to relax. Cattail Cove State Park can be the best option to enjoy the serenity on the shores of Lake Havasu.

10. Roper Lake State Park, Safford

beaches in arizona

Photo by Mark Felix Pisan Jr. on Unsplash

Roper Lake State Park, located about 6 miles from Safford, is a spectacular state park. Visitors can enjoy hiking here and there is also plenty of sunbathing on the shore. Roper Lake State Park is also known for all kinds of water activities. It’s also known to be a good beach for swimming, but remember there are no lifeguards, so it’s best to keep an eye on children.

Roper Lake State Park also has a picnic area where you can enjoy a picnic, and a campground, as well as cabins for rent, making it an even better option. It is also considered an ideal place for a campfire along with spectacular views of Mount Graham.


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