Baby Beach Aruba

Baby Beach Aruba is very popular with families with young children and those new to snorkeling

Baby Beach is located in the south of Aruba near the city of San Nicolas, this is where even kids can enjoy swimming as it is a calm lagoon and a great beach for families with young children but not every beach lover Will love this place.

Baby Beach Aruba

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The amazing sea view and crystal clear water and white sandy beach look spectacular in this beautiful paradise. The shallow waters of Baby Beach Aruba allow you to walk very far into the ocean without sinking your head which makes it even more amazing.

Baby Beach Aruba is also considered a great place for swimmers.

And there is also a restaurant on Baby Beach where you can order food and drink and interact with the local population.

Baby Beach is considered a favorite place for locals to visit with their kids and during weekends – the beach can get a little crowded. There are also huts available at Baby Beach that shield you from the sun. You can also enjoy snorkeling and diving at Baby Beach.

JADS Diving Center

Located on Baby Beach, JADS Dive Center Aruba is a PADI dive center that offers snorkels and diving equipment for easy rent.

This is known to be a good diving shop, providing great service and they are more than happy to bring you the beautiful things of diving in a safe and professional manner, everything from the extensive coral reefs to the world-famous wrecks of Aruba.

Diving here is possible both onshore or from a custom-built diving boat and is provided with digital underwater cameras and a large range of T-shirts.


Baby Beach Aruba

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At Baby Beach, you can also thoroughly snorkel in a special area, perfect for learning swimming, making it an ideal snorkel spot, especially for novice snorkelers.

The water here is clear and you don’t even need to dive deep to catch the marine life. The water is generally waist-high toward the inlet but deepens as you move up the cliff.

The area is marked for snorkeling, please stay inside for safety reasons, as currents outside the lagoon can be dangerous. Barracuda, squid, parrot fish, blowfish, angel fish, eels, and other small fish can be seen in the marine life in the lagoon.

There are enough fish to see while snorkeling safely. If you bring an underwater camera, you can get some beautiful pictures of marine life.

Big Mama Grill

Baby Beach Aruba

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The ambiance at Big Mama Grill is really relaxing especially when you are there while enjoying your beach-style lunch at Big Mama Grill. Here you get a hamburger or something different but fried.

And along with an ice cold beer or my Guilty Pleasure Coke which makes it even more fabulous. A great place to sit and enjoy yourself in the shade of Big Mama Grille after you’ve done a lot of swimming in the ocean.

Baby Beach Snack Bar

If you are looking for a light snack at Baby Beach, then Snack Bar might be the best option for you.

Lago Colony Baby Beach Restaurant

This is a restaurant located in the old Lago Colony Club building. Recently opened, but its menu has a lot to offer.

Rum Reef Cocktail Bar & Grill

Here you can enjoy rum with an infinity pool overlooking Baby Beach and great cocktails – local and craft beers.

Build A Sandcastle

Baby Beach Aruba

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If you have kids with you, there is nothing more fun than building a sand castle on the beach. Here you can help the kids build a sand castle and have hours of fun with the kids.

Enjoy A Picnic

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Photo by Kateryna Hliznitsova on Unsplash

You can also enjoy it as a picnic, you can bring a blanket here and spread out under the vineyards of the sea and enjoy a picnic in the shade along with the beautiful turquoise waters of Baby Beach Aruba. This is not only a way to save money, but you also get to choose healthier options for yourself this way.


This is where you can sit and enjoy relaxing on a beach cool in the trade winds along with the spectacular views of Baby Beach Aruba.

Things to know before leaving

Getting to Baby Beach is about a 45-minute drive from the hotel area. If you’re coming from the cruise port it’s about a 40-minute drive to get to Baby Beach, but it’s really worth a visit.

Baby Beach can sometimes get crowded, especially on days when cruise ships are in port. So you arrive early to find a good place for your chair or towels.

Remember there are no public toilets available at Baby Beach. So you’ll need to bring cash for bathroom use at Big Mama Grill or Lago Colony Baby Beach Restaurant.

Baby Beach Aruba is very popular with families with young children and those new to snorkeling. Beach chairs, snorkel gear, and windscreens are readily available for rent. On the beach, you can find a restaurant and a refreshment stand, and occasionally an ice cream truck. And most importantly, there is a lot of free parking available.



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