Beaches With Pink Sand

13 Best Beaches With Pink Sand A Surprisingly Attractive Tourist Destination 2023

As summer approaches, maybe you are looking to take a beach vacation, beach lovers look for three main features in a vacation: sun, sand, and surf that they love. What makes the world’s pink sand beaches a surprisingly attractive tourist destination.

These rare beauties, the crushed corals adding color to the holiday, also provide great places for travelers to swim, snorkel and dive which will give you pleasure. Luckily, you can find stunning pink sand beaches scattered around the world – here are the best pink sand beach vacation ideas around the world including Bermuda, Greece, Italy, Maui, California, and the Bahamas, and each shore a day Decide where to stop and enjoy yourself first with our list of the best beaches With Pink Sand in the world.

1. Horses Bay Beach, Bermuda

Beaches with pink sand

Photo by Raghav Nyati on Unsplash

.Horseshoe Bay Beach Boasting spectacular turquoise waters, it is a popular beach paradise that features a beautiful curve of pale pink sand in the beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Its pastel-pink sand is truly stunning. One of the best beaches in Bermuda, this lovely beach attracts tourists, so don’t expect peace. The beach is a popular cruise ship port, so it tends to be quite crowded seasonally. Do not worry! You’ll have fun regardless of the crowd.

Named after its size, Horseshoe Bay is surrounded by limestone cliffs, the bay providing a good opportunity for snorkeling, reefs perfect for snorkeling, and beach trails that lead to other area beaches. Huh. A lifeguard is on duty during the high season, however, if you visit during the off-season it can be a quiet and relaxing place to enjoy a day at the beach. and lounge chairs and water sports equipment are available for rent.

2. Pink Sand Beach, The Bahamas

beaches with pink sand

Photo by kilarov zaneit on Unsplash

Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas, 3 miles of pale pink sand and gentle seas, is located just a mile and a half north of Eleuthra. The sand in this Bahamian paradise is actually a pinkish hue, which is what makes this beach so popular. On the shore, you’ll find calm waters.

A coral reef provides a wall of sorts for the beach and water year-round. Stays warm, which makes it perfect for swimming. And a perfect place to snorkel. Don’t be surprised if you see people riding horses on the beach; They are taking advantage of the cool sand and enjoying it. This is the beach with the best pink sand in the Bahamas.

3. Crane Beach, Barbados

beaches with pink sand

Photo by Tom Jur on Unsplash

Crane Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Barbados. You can enjoy a relaxing break amidst its beautiful pale pink sands, vibrant turquoise waters, and lush green coconut groves. The best way to get here is through the luxurious hilltop retreat, Crane Resort. You have to go down 98 steps or take a ride in the glass lift.

There is also an entrance at the far end of the beach. For guests of the resort, these same comfort features are provided free of charge as well as towels that can be rented for a fee by others. There are picnic tables on the beach, as well as a kiosk with drinks and various accessories. Is. The beach is controlled by patrols and lifeguards. Please keep in mind that lifeguards may not always work, therefore, for the holidays you should not forget about safety and not swim too far.

There is an excellent cafe near Crane Resort where you can not only have delicious food but can also order food delivery directly on the beach which makes it even better.

4. Pink Beach, Indonesia

beaches with pink sand

Photo by Athena Kavis on Unsplash

The closer you get to the crystalline azure waters, the more pink and beautiful the sand will be on the beautiful Pink Beach on Komodo Island in Indonesia. Komodo Island is one of those islands which is of mesmerizing beauty, (this beach is mesmerizing). No wonder it is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia.

Pink Beach is a paradise for snorkelers and scuba divers, as its coral is in great condition, and the lush trees and rugged reefs make their way back to the edge of the mountain. This enchanting beauty lies within the Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Getting here is not easy, but many resorts and tourist companies offer boat tours that will take you to this wonderfully beautiful shore.

Remember Island is home to Komodo dragons, which can be quite fierce, so visiting the beach with a guide is recommended. Remember to pack a swimsuit, a towel, and snorkel gear – the reefs are amazing.

5. Great Santa Cruz Island, Philippines

beaches with pink sand

Photo by Patrick Ryan on Unsplash

A beautiful slice of paradise exists in the Philippines, located two miles south of the city of Zamboanga. The island is a protected area and therefore does not have any hotels, or other accommodations.

You also won’t find any restaurants here, but you are allowed to bring your own food to the island to eat. But there is a lot to do here, the pale pink sands surround the Great Santa Cruz Island, a protected marine reserve that will give you respite and pleasure, the island offers tourists snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, boating, or visiting the local lagoon, there are many leisure activities that will make you rejoice. You can easily reach the island by only a 15-minute boat ride from Zamboanga.

You must make your travel arrangements at the local tourist office at least a day in advance, as only a certain number of visitors are allowed here.

6. Pfeiffer Beach, California

beaches with pink sand

Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash

Pfeiffer Beach is located inside a lovely Pfeiffer State Park in Big Sur California, one of the pink sand beaches with purple and breathtaking rocky views. Surrounded by huge rocks and massive climbable boulders. This beach has unique, purple sand that is washed away by the impressive cliffs that line the beach.

The purple color of the sand is not always visible, although it is most evident immediately after rain. Provides photographers with a perfect subject, especially during sunset. Remember it’s not safe to swim in (the waves are fierce and the currents are strong) here you can build a pink and purple sandcastle, or visitors can explore the rock formations nearby, so good, sturdy shoes should be your way. Keep it together.

7. Playa De Ses Illetes, Spain

beaches with pink sand

Photo by Sam Williams on Unsplash

While Playa de Ses Illettes may look white from afar, in addition to attracting a charming, enthusiastic crowd, the area also attracts visitors who want to see and enjoy the white sands adorned with pink pieces of coral. , It is located in Formentera, which is one of the most pristine and serene places in the beautiful Balearic Islands of Spain.

Large luxury yachts like to roam around the area. The beach is located within a conservation area, which helps protect its entire coast. The restaurants here serve fresh food that you want to taste.

8. Elafonissi Beach, Greece

beaches with pink sand

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

A picturesque beach on its own island in the southwest corner of the beautiful island of Crete, this is where you’ll find peace and enjoyment too – the rosy-pink sands you’ve been looking for are truly amazing. Speaking of sand, it is actually pale pink and white in color. The island is a protected area, so there is only natural beauty in every direction.

Due to the shallow, warm waters, this is one of the best beaches on Crete that can be a popular and good choice for families traveling with young children. It is easily accessible on foot from the mainland as the water between the two is very shallow.

9. Tangsi Beach, Indonesia

beaches with pink sand

Photo by MEDZ on Unsplash

Indonesia is also known for having some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. This part of the island is not yet incredibly famous for tourists, preferring a little solitude and one of the most beautiful stands is Tangsi Beach, which is sure to be very beautiful. This popular and beloved pink gem is located on the southeastern tip of Lombok, a small island that sits next to Bali and boasts panoramic views of Mount Rinjani.

It is popular for snorkeling if you want to go snorkeling, as the coral reefs are just a few blocks away from the blushing shores. Talking about the beaches, the sand here is lovely and pink. The water here is safe and calm, so it is a popular place to swim and snorkel. Tangsi is surrounded by rocks and hills, so it looks even more beautiful, Although it is a bit difficult to reach, visitors can climb a nearby cliff and enjoy the view of the beach and the sea. the best time to photograph here is early morning when the colors are at their brightest and most beautiful.

10. Pink Beach, Bonaire

beaches with pink sand

Photo by Viktor Jakovlev on Unsplash

This tiny island in the southern Caribbean is popular for its incredible diving and snorkeling as well as its beautiful pink-sand beach which is located on the tiny island of Bonaire.

Thanks to the millions of crushed foraminifera shells that lend it its lovely pink color. Snorkeling and scuba diving are among the activities of choice due to the calm and clear waters and vibrant reefs here. It turns out to be a wonderful place to come face to face with sea creatures.

11. Pink Beaches of Tikehau, French Polynesia

beaches with pink sand

Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

This small atoll is known for its serene pink and white sand beaches. Incomparable due to its white and pink sand beaches and its spectacular lagoon is one of its best assets, especially if you are looking for a beautiful pink strand. This tiny atoll is located 200 miles northeast of Tahiti and also has several small beaches with lovely pinkish-white sand.

Tuna fish and other marine species live wonderfully here, as well as fish and other underwater creatures. Swimming and snorkeling are among the most popular activities here due to the area’s 15-mile-wide, 100-foot-deep lagoon, with the lagoon ringed by coral, which attracts marine life.

12. Balos Lagoon Beach, Greece

beaches with pink sand

Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

Balos Lagoon Beach is considered to be one of the best and most lovely beaches in Crete. Its sand is so soft and pink, reaches your feet and the sea looks so clearly green and blue, it is a good place to be photographed. It’s no wonder how beautiful they are. The water in this lagoon is both warm and shallow, making it a good choice for those traveling with children.

It is full of nature and makes for a nice place for a rustic beach experience here. But to reach Balos Lagoon Beach, a little planning has to be done. You can reach here by ferry. But you have to walk for 25 minutes before reaching the sand.

13. Kaihalulu Beach, Maui

beaches with pink sand

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Red Sand Beach is a hidden beach on Maui that is worthy of a visit for those looking for interesting and colorful beaches. Take pictures of the phenomenal beauty here.

This lovely spot is considered one of the best beaches in Maui. On one side, rocky red cliffs and gleaming blue waves on the other, enjoy it all, getting to Kaihalulu Beach here is not easy, as you have to descend Hana Highway on a steep trail that is often slippery that leads to crumbling cliffs Is filled Remember the trip is recommended for experienced hikers only. Carry comfortable shoes with you and pack food and water as well. The pebbles here can be sieved.



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