Beaches In Newport Ri

10 Best Beaches In Newport Ri [for 2023]

If you are thinking of visiting New England then you have a great idea, because while visiting New England, you must not miss out on the beautiful and spectacular beaches of Newport RI.

Almost every beach in Newport RI is breathtaking and beautiful, and the beach is beautifully packed any time of the year you visit. The summer months are especially crowded with tourists and locals.

Newport RI’s beaches are unique in that each beach has its own water. But each beach is famous for its different features, read this post to know about the best and most luxurious beaches in Newport RI.

1. Easton’s Beach

Best Beaches In Newport Ri

Photo by Gustavo Zambelli on Unsplash

Easton Beach is sometimes referred to as First Beach. And considered Newport’s largest beach, located near The Cliff Walk, one of the most attractive and popular beaches in Newport.

It is a big beach which is why there are many exciting activities to do as compared to other beaches. And all year round I occasionally organize live music, which you can enjoy with your family to the fun music.

This beach is more popular with families visiting Rhode Island and is friendly to your family. Rhode Island has always been a crowded area but it’s to experience the area at least once.

Key of Fort Adams State Beach is Filled with many amenities, a playground for the kids to play in, and a snack bar to eat and drink. There is a parking facility, which is a fee, it is crowded during the week holidays so try to reach here as
early as possible.

2. Fort Adams State Beach

Beaches In Newport Ri

Photo by Derek Liang on Unsplash

Fort Adams State Beach is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Newport RI, it is located on Newport Harbor which is part of Fort Adams State Park. And its area offers some of the best and most spectacular views.

The amenities of this beach make it a great beach. There is no parking fee charged here, which is the biggest plus point of this beach. In addition, there will be lifeguards on duty patrolling from time to time and there is a clean restroom, and shower concession stands, these include picnic tables this beach has a lot for you to do.

The most important thing here is that apart from no parking fee, no entry fee is also charged. There are also historical and ancient forts that you will love more. Re-enactments of history are sometimes seen here which is exciting and educative for people who love history.

3. Third Beach

Best Beaches In Newport Ri

Photo by Saloni Shah on Unsplash

Third Beach This beach is known as a great beach in New Port RI, located in Middletown, this beach is considered one of the peaceful beaches. This beach offers many recreational activities.

And this beach is a good option to spend your holiday peacefully and blissfully. There are lifeguards on duty at certain times of the year, and a beach with clean toilet facilities to take care of your convenience.

Picnic tables can also be found on the beach. The coastline of the beach is about half a mile, you can easily find it by walking along the beach. The most popular thing to do at this beach is to go boating or kayaking because the water here is so calm.

Swimming can be easy, and this beach is a favorite with families. If you want to escape from the beaches then this beach is very much suited to you and your family.

4. Collins Beach

Best Beaches In Newport Ri

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It is located near the Castle Heil Lighthouse in the Collins Beach area of Newport. You might not hear much about it because it’s a hidden treasure in Newport that’s more popular with the locals.

Collins Beach is famous for being the best place in Newport to watch the sunset. If you’re at Castle Heel, there’s a beautiful view of the beach. Wherever you go in Collins Beach, you will have a panoramic view of the sunset.

You can take a ride on the boats to experience the beautiful view of the beach and have a memorable travel experience.

5. Sachuest Beach

Best Beaches In Newport Ri

Photo by Marifer on Unsplash

Sachuest Beach, very popular with locals, is also known by tourists as Second Beach. An extraordinary stretch of approximately one and a half miles of beautiful sand, Sachuest Beach is an absolute must-visit for visitors to Newport.

The most beautiful and popular part of this beach is the place called Surfers End, which you will surely love. As one can find a lot of people surfing here, one can enjoy kite flying, and experience the beautiful and popular view of the beach on boats.

There is also a picnic area where you can enjoy a picnic with your loved ones. You can enjoy a picnic together. And concession stands, and shower facilities are available for your convenience.

6. King Park Beach

Best Beaches In Newport Ri

Photo by Herson Rodriguez on Unsplash

King Park Beach is a wonderful beach in Newport, Rhode Island, which is situated along Newport Harbor in the form of a park with its beauty. This beach will be loved by your loved ones and friends. There is a playground.

Kids will love it, and there’s also a picnic table, along with a restroom for you to relax in. If you’re looking for a Rhode Island fishing experience, this beach is definitely for you. Relaxing on the sand at this beach is an absolute delight.

Nearby street parking is free depending on the time of year, and there are historical and ancient monuments to explore.

7. Fogland Beach

Beaches In Newport Ri

Photo by Will Langenberg on Unsplash

Fogland Beach is actually a unique beach located in Tiverton, Rhode Island, in the area of Newport. Fogland Beach is also known by some as Tiverton Beach. Or known as the most unique beach in its area, because this beach is decorated with black stones.

For those who are interested in water sports, there is enough to do exciting activities at Fogland Beach. There is a playground, picnic area, changing rooms, showers, and bathrooms.

You can enjoy some exciting games with your kids on the playground. After visiting Fogland beach, there are also many walking trails in the area which is enough to see the beaches around this beach. There is also a small fee parking lot. The natural beauty of Fogland Beach itself is great.

8. Brenton Point State Park

Beaches In Newport Ri

Photo by Brian Kairuz on Unsplash

Brenton Point State Park is one of Newport RI’s most beautiful beaches. The beach is lined with sea cliffs and is a very popular beachcomber among the locals. The beach is more suited to those who are more interested in beautiful and unique views than swimming.

There’s a small title bridge that’s kid-friendly, so be sure to explore the surrounding beaches while you’re here.

One of Rhode Island’s most spectacular state parks, the Portuguese Discovery Monument is one of the must-see attractions here. One, which was established in the 1980s. This monument was replaced by a more expanded monument in 2014.

9. Sandy Point Beach

Beaches In Newport Ri

Photo by yang wewe on Unsplash

Sandy Point Beach is one of the best family beaches in Newport RI, it is located in Portsmouth close to Newport. If you are visiting New Port be sure to visit Sandy Point Beach, this beach is popular with locals and tourists The beach is very popular.

There are many beach facilities with clean restrooms and a picnic area for picnics. The water at the beach is shallow, and it is a handicap-accessible beach. And there are usually lifeguards patrolling on duty making the beach a safe beach for you to visit.

Check online when the beach is open before coming as sometimes there are no lifeguards on duty. Swimming in the ocean without a lifeguard can be dangerous.

10. Grinnell’s Beach

Beaches In Newport Ri

Photo by Matthew Hicks on Unsplash

Grinnell Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches in Newport RI. This family-friendly beach is located along a beautiful river, opposite Fogland Beach.

Dogs are allowed on a leash, and there’s a playground for kids to play in. Is. The beach is equipped with some of the best facilities, including lounge pavilions that provide shade from the hot sun.

There are also showers located close to the beach. There are lifeguards depending on the time of year. Are posted on duty, and look forward to your safety.


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