Best Beaches In New Jersey

10 Best Beaches In New Jersey [for 2023]

New Jersey is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and south, boasting spectacular and beautiful natural scenery. It is considered an iconic seaside resort, mostly visited by tourists and locals for its cool climate during the summer.

The soft sands and beautiful azure waters of New Jersey’s beach destinations give you an experience of natural beauty. And it is filled with ancient Victorian homes and spectacular recreational parks.

Here you can spend your time with your loved ones in a calm One can spend a memorable time taking in the panoramic view of the beaches. The best of New Jersey Beaches, your loved ones and friends can adore.

1. Cape May

Best Beaches In New Jersey

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Cape May is considered one of the most spectacular and attractive beaches in New Jersey. Spread over 2 miles, Cape May Beach is a very popular beach among the locals. Which is known as the oldest beach in the whole country.

This gorgeous beach offers a lot of great and amazing options to visit. Nearly 600 well-preserved Victorian antique buildings are situated on Great Athletic Land by the sea. A great option for those who are lovers of the historical past.

Cape May’s beaches are home to a mid-1800s lighthouse, old wineries, an alpaca farm, a theater, and many exciting activities, as are historical and recreational activities.

2. Ocean Grove

Best Beaches In New Jersey

Photo by Nadia Jamnik on Unsplash

Ocean Grove One of New Jersey’s most exotic and amazingly clear sparkling waters, this beach is very popular with locals and tourists. Established in 1869, the natural beauty of Ocean Grove’s beach is breathtaking.

This beach is an example of natural beauty in New Jersey boasting its ancient Victorian architecture. Ocean Grove Beach is a great option for those interested in history and ancient artifacts.

There are many fun food and drink options, with restaurants and shops near the beach serving delicious seafood. And on the beach, there are lifeguards on duty all the time, and the facilities here are clean.

When you’re in New Jersey, don’t miss the Great Auditorium of Ocean Grove, a Victorian theater here. It is made only of wood, which is considered to be the most popular and attractive in the state.

3. Avalon

Best Beaches In New Jersey

Photo by Erriko Boccia on Unsplash

Avalon Beach is surrounded by beaches with soft white sand approximately 7 miles to the north and 1 mile to the east of the island. Avalon Beach is very popular with visitors and locals alike.

It is one of the peaceful beaches, a good option for those looking for a secluded and serene beach. Avalon beach offers many fun and engaging activities for visitors.

Boat rides here Experience the exotic and beautiful panoramic views of the beach and enjoy watching the vibrant beach fauna. Avalon Beach has an upbeat vibe, a boardwalk, as well as a great playground to play in.

Here the view of sunrise is very attractive and captivating, to see it you have to try to come early in the morning.

4. Wildwood Beach, Wildwood

Best Beaches In New Jersey

Photo by Farhath Firows on Unsplash

Wildwood Beach, New Jersey is one of the most loved and popular beaches among locals and Angturkos, located in the beautiful resort town. Wildwood Beach is one of the award-winning best beaches in New Jersey and is considered a leading family beach chain.

This beach offers many exciting and fun activities, there is a water park and an amazing amusement park, a family special zone that your family will absolutely love.

Wildwood Beach stretches for nearly five miles with its glistening waters and sand and hosts a variety of events, including races, festivals, and live music shows.

5. Brigantine Beach, Brigantine

Best Beaches In New Jersey

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Brigantine Beach, located near Atlantic City, is very popular with locals and tourists for its calm waters. This beach offers many exciting and fun activities, you can enjoy these activities here with your friends and buddies.

Such as surfing, kayaking, yachting, jet skiing, and fishing. Brigantine Beach offers many luxurious and best hotels and restaurants, which are close to the beach.

Brigantine Beach is considered ideal for swimming and Swimming lessons are taught here, if your children are interested in learning to swim, then you can make them participate in the swimming lesson program.

6. Sandy Hook, Highlands

Best Beaches In New Jersey

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Sandy Hook Beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean, boasting approximately 7 miles of beautiful coastline adorned with natural beauty. Known as a family beach, the beach’s calm waters and soft sand are kid-friendly.

Sandy Hook Beach is staffed by lifeguards on duty around the clock and offers a variety of beautiful and exciting activities. Can get experience.

You can enjoy a holiday with your family by this beach. You can come to Sandy Hook Beach any time from 16th September to 18th March with your whole family and dear friends and have a memorable time along this beautiful and luxurious beach.

7. Ocean City

Best Beaches In New Jersey

Photo by Tatiana Kachanovetskaia on Unsplash

Ocean City is one of the most beautiful and attractive beaches in New Jersey, every year thousands of tourists come here to enjoy their vacations in Ocean City.

It extends for approximately 8 miles of shoreline. Ocean City offers a family-friendly atmosphere offering exciting and fun activities for all ages. Ocean City Beaches are one of America’s largest family resorts.

The beach features a boardwalk, arcades, and great parks for recreational activities. Ocean City, especially Waverly Boulevard and 16th Street, are the most iconic surfing spots. is one of the.

8. Island Beach State Park, Seaside Park

Best Beaches In New Jersey

Photo by Tommy Kwak on Unsplash

Island Beach State Park is popular with locals and Angturkos alike, boasting about 10 miles of white sugar beach to the north. This beach is famous for its pristine and sparkling clear water, with Seaside Park located right next to it.

Island Beach State Park is home to more than 3,000 acres of sand dune beaches, and is noted for its natural beauty and inviting atmosphere. You can be thrilled to see a variety of wildlife and colorful birds here.

Island Beach State Park offers wheelchair access if you want to bring an elderly person with you, but in the summer You may have to rent a wheelchair because of the rush here during rush hour.

9. Point Pleasant Beach

Best Beaches In New Jersey

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Point Pleasant Beach, located on the narrow Barnegat Peninsula at the northern end of Ocean County, is known for its clean shoreline, bright blue waters, and lively beach. At Point Pleasant Beach, you can enjoy a number of recreational and engaging activities.

Can take The boardwalk ride here is very popular, you can build sand castles on the beach with your kids and enjoy sunbathing. This beach offers exciting family-friendly activities for you to enjoy kite flying along with playing games on the beach sand.

Point Pleasant Beach offers its tourists a golf course and a boardwalk about 1 mile long an amusement park and a variety of Provides a chance to get experience full of thrill. Various types of delicious food are presented to you in the restaurant for eating and drinking.

10. Seaside Heights

Best Beaches In New Jersey

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Seaside Heights has been known since 1915 for its attractions and recreational activities, mostly on summer days as one of the best family beaches. Seaside Heights Beach is considered one of the most popular and luxurious beaches in New Jersey.

This beach is the cheapest and most attractive, and it is more than 100 years old. There are many fun and attractive options here, and while the arrangement of the beach is absolutely free, here you can take advantage of maximum entertainment activities for less money.

And for options like carnival rides, arcade games, and boardwalk dining, you will have to spend money.


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