Best Beaches Near San Antonio, TX

15 Best Beaches Near San Antonio, TX [for 2023]

There is so much to see and do in San Antonio, it has a wonderfully rich history and long beautiful beaches to explore. If you want to feel the cool breeze on your trip, then you can rest assured of planning your trip to the south-central Texan city.

Because you can definitely travel from San Antonio to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and panoramic views of the nearby popular ocean and lake beaches and to make the weekend holidays memorable at the beach. Here we have put together a list of the best beaches near San Antonio, TX that you must visit and enjoy your vacation.

1. Surfside Beach

Best Beaches Near San Antonio, TX

Photo by Terry Jaskiw on Unsplash

Surfside Beach is known as the beach town of Brazoria County. Which is very close to Galveston and Lake Jackson. This beautiful beach is located about 231 miles from San Antonio. If you go to visit this beach then you will get to see the beauty of the coastal village which is quite interesting.

After reaching the beach, you will nd that the waves here are constantly coming to the shore, and the soft sand of the beach is very beneficial for surfing. There is nothing to worry about if you forgot to bring your gear with you during your trip.

There are many shops in the local village, which can rent you a house. The name of the beach is Surfside Beach, it does not mean that only the beach is good here, but the deep coastal water and coastal rocks also offer a very beautiful and picturesque view. You can also experience fishing here. Mostly bull redfish, tuna, and even sharks are sometimes caught here in large quantities.

2. Matagorda Bay

Best Beaches Near San Antonio, TX

Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash

Matagorda Bay is a great option for those looking for a beach getaway within driving distance of San Antonio. With its miles of pristine beaches and opportunities for treasure hunting and camping, it’s no wonder that We appreciate it.

If you are traveling with a large group or with family, a beach house rental is a great option for you. Everyone can be comfortable, and within walking distance to the beach Despite being within walking distance, you can enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Do not forget to bring sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of water with you to stay hydrated while enjoying the beach. Also ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all of you Be sure to follow all posted rules and regulations.

3. Mustang Island State Park

Best Beaches Near San Antonio, TX

Photo by Natilyn Hicks (Natilyn Photography) on Unsplash

Mustang Island State Park is a beautiful and popular beach located in Texas that welcomes you with more than 5 miles of pristine beautiful shoreline. One of the highlights of Mustang Island State Park is its beach, where you will find the most beautiful lakes.

Beautiful views of the riverfront will be seen. You can swim, sunbathe and even drive your own vehicle on the beach. Also on the beach, you can help the kids build their favorite sand castle on the soft sand.

From San Antonio About 165 miles away is Mustang Island, State Park. The park offers kayaking and paddleboarding rentals for those who want to explore the water further out, of course, follow the park’s paddling trail. Within the park, you can enjoy hiking trails and picnic areas. Here you can catch shes and get an opportunity to see the birds here.

4. Galveston Island

Best Beaches Near San Antonio, TX

Photo by Emilie Farris on Unsplash

Galveston Island is located on the Gulf Coast of Texas, approximately 252 miles from San Antonio. The beach provides an opportunity for your families and friends to enjoy your vacation twice as much.

It’s soft sand and clear water can double the swimming pleasure, which makes Galveston the very first sport of the South. There are some attractions worth visiting, namely East Beach, Stewart Beach, and El Jardin del Mar.

The Pleasure Pier is a historic amusement park located on Seawall Boulevard, You must visit it. And here you can capture the panoramic views of the sunset along with thrilling rides and tasting different types of delicious food.

5. Corpus Christi

Best Beaches Near San Antonio

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

Corpus Christi is a great choice for a quick beach getaway because of its proximity to San Antonio and its attractions. The 1.5-mile waterfront at North Beach is a popular destination, where you can enjoy plenty of activities in the calm waters.

And you can also have fun on the sand with your kids, especially loved by families with young children. However, you will nd a lot to do here apart from beach activities.

The USS Lexington, a World War II aircraft carrier, has been converted into a museum and is a must-see for history buffs. It is located in North Beach, making it a unique experience to learn about the history of the ship and its role in the war. Corpus Christi offers a great mix of relaxation and entertainment options to its tourists.

6. South Padre Island

Best Beaches Near San Antonio, TX

Photo by Mikael Cho on Unsplash

South Padre Island is a wonderful beach town in Cameron County. Situated on the beautiful coastal tip of Texas, it is a 4 to 5-hour drive from San Antonio. This beach is a paradise for water sports lovers.

is not less than And there’s no shortage of adventure here either, with South Padre Island being a favorite for adventure activities. You can indulge yourself in some of the best activities here like kiteboarding, windsurfing, and even jet skiing, or just relax and enjoy the white sand, which is quite relaxing.

You can watch wildlife here. You can also find a lot of information about the island. If you wish to sh, you can also sh here, including some beautiful dolphins.

7. North Padre Island

Best Beaches Near San Antonio, TX

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

North Padre Island is a great option for those looking for a quieter and less commercialized beach experience than South Padre Island. With long stretches of beach and bay water, you can also enjoy night swimming and beach town fun here.

We highly recommend that you go to a beach collecting shells or go horseback riding. Take full advantage of this golden opportunity. Additionally, North Padre Island is conveniently located only 172 miles from San Antonio via I-37, making it easy to get here for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation. If you’re looking for a beautiful and relaxing beach getaway in Texas, North Padre Island is definitely worth considering.

8. Port Aransas

Best Beaches Near San Antonio, TX

Photo by yang wewe on Unsplash

If you want to get a beach experience along the Gulf of Mexico, then Port Aransas is the best option for you. Here you can reach about a 2 to 3 hours drive from San Antonio. The Gulf of Mexico is characterized by more than 18 miles of beautiful sandy beaches on its cooler waterside.

If you spend your day at Port Aransas, you’ll love swimming here as the warm and clear water here is great for a dip. It will be even better if you keep your shoes on while doing this. You need to be careful while enjoying water activities here as there are good waves on the shoreline, and the waves sometimes become uncontrollable.

9. San Jose Island

Best Beaches Near San Antonio, TX

Photo by Marvin Parks on Unsplash

San Jose Island is a barrier island located near the city of Port Aransas in the Gulf of Mexico, Texas. This 21-mile-long island is a popular destination for tourists who crave outdoor activities such as fishing, birdwatching, kayaking, camping, and hiking.

The island is home to many species of wildlife, including the nest of sea turtles, dolphins, and a variety of bird species. San Jose Island has a rich history dating back to the Spanish colonial period and It was once used as a hideout for pirates.

During the 19th century, it was a popular place for cattle ranching, and the remains of old ranching structures can still be seen on the island. Today, the island is a protected natural area, and if you want to visit, you must first obtain a permit. is required to be obtained.

And here you can only reach by boat or ferry, adding a sense of remoteness and an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

10. Jamaica Beach

 Best Beaches Near San Antonio, TX

Photo by Hugo Doria on Unsplash

Jamaica is home to many beautiful beaches, but one of the most popular is Jamaica Beach. This beach is located approximately a 4 to 5 hours drive from San Antonio. Here you can get a quieter, more laid-back beach experience.

If you want to be near attractions like Pleasure Pier and Moody Gardens and don’t want the beach too crowded, then Jamaica Beach is the perfect answer to your desire. Jamaica is famous for beach fishing as there is plenty of literature from beginners to experts to enjoy fishing.

11. Rockport

Best Beaches Near San Antonio, TX

Photo by Andrew Barlow on Unsplash

Rockport is close to Port Aransas, San Jose Island, and Copano Bay. It’s about 161 miles from San Antonio, and you can drive about two and a half hours on I-37. This beach is quite safe for kids, so if you have young children in the family, you can rest assured that Rockport can enjoy a swim with your family in the calm waters of the beach.

Because there are no waves to worry about crashing in here, as the water here is often gentle and calm, young children can easily try their hand at swimming here. But you should stay with your kids because kids are kids, and you should take care of them.

Rockport Beach is one beach where your kids will never be bored. Because apart from swimming here, your kids can play to the fullest in the playground. You can also have a lot of fun here, after getting out of the water on the beach, you can have a lot of fun playing volleyball.

12. Padre Island

Best Beaches Near San Antonio, TX

Photo by Memories on 35mm on Unsplash

Padre Island Texas is a huge island in Texas, which has many ocean access, where you can do various activities like fishing, boating, swimming, and shopping with your family. There are two parts of the island, North Padre and South Padre, and each part has its own distinct vibe.

If you desire a lively and fun experience, head to South Padre. If you desire a more peaceful and natural experience, you can go to North Padre. While you’re there, you should visit the Padre Island National Seashore, which is a large area with many beaches that are not developed. There you can experience many animals living in their natural habitats.

13. Boca Chica State Park

Best Beaches Near San Antonio, TX

Photo by Alistair MacRobert on Unsplash

Boca Chica State Park is a beautiful beach in Brownsville that is close to South Padre Island. This beautiful beach is about a four-and-a-half-hour drive from San Antonio. The park is huge and you have plenty of space to enjoy the beach, with spectacular sand dunes.

You can swim here. You can surf, have a picnic, sh, watch birds, or indulge yourself in oyster hunting. Sometimes there are also many seashells to be found on the beach for you to collect. If you want to feel even more adventurous when visiting the area, you can also climb the Port Isabel Lighthouse and take in a spectacular view of the water.

14. Sea Rim State Park

Best Beaches Near San Antonio, TX

Photo by Les Argonautes on Unsplash

Sea Rim State Park is located near Port Arthur and Sabine Lake, about 4 hours and 40 minutes from San Antonio if you take the I-10 highway. This park is different from typical sandy beaches because it includes marshes and Mexico The Gulf of both is included.

You will nd many activities here that you will enjoy, such as surfing or marsh fishing, and horseback riding along the 3-mile beach that many people enjoy. If you fancy a more adventurous ride, you can enjoy paddling along the 1.79-mile Marsh Trail. If you’re up for more of a challenge, you can try the 9.59-mile Advanced Trail.

15. Guadalupe River State Par

Best Beaches Near San Antonio, TX

Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

Guadalupe River State Park is one of the beautiful natural beach spots located in Spring Branch, Texas, just 40 miles from San Antonio. One of the park’s main attractions is the Guadalupe River, which is a popular destination for swimming, tubing, and canoeing.

A popular spot, which you may fall in love with. You can do much more here along the river, the river runs through the park, you can also have a riverfront picnic, sunbathe and relax here. The park has 13 There are over a mile of trails that you can explore on foot, bike, or horseback.

If you want to spend more time in the park, camping is available to you. The park has 85 campsites, including primitive campsites, walk-in campsites, and RV sites.



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