Beaches in Gloucester

10 Best Beaches in Gloucester [for 2023]

Gloucester’s beautiful and spectacular beaches grace the Massachusetts shores with picturesque views. From soft sands to stunningly impressive views of small and large pebbles, and from secluded shores to crowded beaches and breathtaking sunsets, Gloucester’s Sea There is a lot to see on the beaches.

Whether it’s weather to enjoy Gloucester’s beautiful and spectacular beaches, its charming climate, and to enjoy the warmth of the sun, and fresh sea air, Boston is a weekend getaway.

Traveling here, especially during the summer, would be in your best interest to travel between Memorial and Labor Day. Because at this time lifeguards are on duty, and the water temperature becomes suitable for swimming.

The beauty of Gloucester’s spectacular beaches, with natural scenery adorning each beach. Get ready to enjoy ice cream on the beach during summer, read our list of the best beaches to visit in Gloucester.

1. Good Harbor Beach

Beaches in Gloucester

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Good Harbor Beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful and luxurious beaches in Gloucester. This beach is suited for people who love to stroll on the soft and velvety sand. Sugar-white grounds and breathtaking sunsets add to the beach’s beauty.

Visit this top beach in Gloucester at low tide, as more space opens up, revealing many more fascinating things to do nearby. Here There is a land bridge that connects the beach to Salt Island, and you can walk back here before the tide comes in.

Good Harbor Beach is known as a family beach in Gloucester, as lifeguards are available during the summer. And showers, clean restrooms are on the beach, and you can grab snacks, and ice cream from the concession stand to eat and drink.

Pack a boogie board and enjoy surfing the waves. The use of surfboards, flotation devices, and inflatables is prohibited between Labor Day and Memorial Day, and Styrofoam boogie boards may be enjoyed.

2. Half Moon Beach

Beaches in Gloucester

Photo by Mo on Unsplash

Half Moon Beach is considered to be one of the best beaches in Gloucester for couples. It is famous for its crescent shape, surrounded by huge boulders and lush forests. It is the smaller of the two beautiful beaches located in the ancient Stage Fort Park.

For those looking for a quiet beach, Half Moon Beach is a good option. The water of this beach is crystal clear which makes swimming in it very easy.

There is a huge parkland right above the beach where you can enjoy sports and have a picnic. And there are many trees around to provide shade.

You can have a wonderful and memorable day at Half Moon Beach. You can jump on a paddleboard to experience the stunning beauty while admiring the stone steps here, and take a memorable picture with your family. Stay at the beach in the evening to watch the beautiful sunset.

3. Pavilion Beach

Beaches in Gloucester

Photo by Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash

Pavilion Beach is one of the closest beaches to the city of Gloucester, very popular with locals. This beach is very famous for relaxing, for those who want to relax while tourists do their shopping or have a delicious restaurant meal, Pavilion Beach is a great option.

The beautiful beach with clear water and soft sand of this beach attracts tourists. Lifeguards do not live on Pavilion Beach, so one has to be especially cautious towards young children and the elderly.

This beach also does not have toilet facilities, you can find portable toilets by walking some distance. Hundreds of tourists come here in the month of June to watch and participate in the Greece Pole Challenge.

And this competition Let’s enjoy the event. The competition was started in 1927 to honor the patron saint of fishermen.

4. Plum Cove Beach

Beaches in Gloucester

Photo by Manfred Pecha on Unsplash

Plum Cove Beach is very popular with tourists as a family beach in Gloucester. This beach’s sand is soft and the water is calm, making it perfect for kids. This small beach offers many fun and beautiful activities.

Plum Cove Beach does a lot to relieve your stress as its gentle waves offer a picturesque view, you can spend a memorable day lying on the beach or splashing in the water while looking at the huge rocks Huh.

This beach offers many ways to keep you occupied in a pleasant place, from building sand castles on the clear water and soft sand to enjoying with your kids. There are no eating and drinking facilities at Plum Cove Beach, so you will need to pack your own food.

To watch the sunset here, you must stay till evening as the sunset here shows a panoramic view. Here lifeguards are posted on duty according to the time.

5. Cressy’s Beach

Beaches in Gloucester

Photo by Antoine Therizols on Unsplash

Cressy’s Beach is known for its wonderful view of Gloucester Harbor natural. Stage Fort is the largest of the park’s two beautiful beaches and is located at the western end.

The beach is no more popular than its neighbor Sandier. There are many small rocks in the shallow water here, so do not forget to pack your shoes. Cressy’s Beach has plenty of sandy spots to relax, with shallow waves making it one of the best places for swimming.

Cressy’s Beach also offers parks, outdoor grills, and picnic tables in the green spaces, And here toilets, and restaurants will be easily found. The panoramic and incredible views here make it easy to spend a memorable day. Sandcastles are gorgeous rocks for building, running, or just lounging on.

6. Niles Beach

Beaches in Gloucester

Photo by redcharlie on Unsplash

Neil’s Beach At the eastern point of Gloucester, a small piece of sand glistening during high tide attracts tourists. It is the most popular of Gloucester’s secluded beaches, a great place to admire the Boston skyline, and is located primarily as a residential beach. High tides expose more sand here.

This gives you enough space to stretch your legs and move towards the sea. Tourists can admire the ancient beach Havelis along the beach. Surf with few waves on the beach for recreational activities.

This is a great beach for little kids. Portable toilets are available at the beach, lifeguards are staffed from Father’s Day week to Labor Day, and there are no concessions, so pack your own food and drinks. Parking at Niles Beach can be a challenge That’s why using a bike is a good option here.

7. Long Beach

Beaches in Gloucester

Photo by Bradley Pisney on Unsplash

Long Beach is an attractively long beach stretching along the coast between Gloucester and Rockport opposite Thatcher Road. The beach is fringed with charming summer cottages, well protected from the elements by cement retaining gates.

Across glistening Sandy Bay lies Thatcher Island and its two prominent lighthouses, with panoramic views. Lifeguards are staffed on both the Gloucester and Rockport sections of the beach during the summer.

Bring your own food and drinks to Long Beach because Food items will not be available here. During low tide, the beach receives more people as the beach becomes wider, making it a popular place to hang out.

You can also pack a boogie board to enjoy the waves if you want to hit the sand with fewer people. expect to share, you may wish to arrive at high tide. Please read the parking sign carefully for parking here. There are few residents in the area, and a single sticker is required, which is open to all.

8. Singing Beach, Manchester-By-The-Sea

Beaches in Gloucester

Photo by Stefano Intintoli on Unsplash

While Singing Beach is located in Manchester-by-the-Sea about 8 miles from the city, it is naturally not in Gloucester. One of the most spectacular beaches in New England, and very popular with Bostonians.

Singing Beach serves to provide beautiful and interesting musical experiences to tourists during their stay.

Singing Beach with its wonderful sand is spread almost half a mile wide when the humidity of the sand is just right here on this dry sand The walking produces a peculiar kind of sound, and scientists attribute it solely to the combination of both sand and silica content.

That’s why the beach is referred to by its remarkable name. Singing Beach amenities include a single bathhouse that was installed around the turn of the century in the 1920s and toilets with clean showers. Lifeguards are on duty here from Memorial Day to Labor Day during the summer season.

Despite having a small snack bar, tourists pick up most of the food here and enjoy eating under the shade of a tree. Due to the rush during summer Parking becomes very difficult here on weekends so try to reach early in the morning.

9. Front Beach, Rockport

Beaches in Gloucester

Photo by Gary Runn on Unsplash

Front Beach This gorgeous beach is located in neighboring Rockport, about 5.6 miles northeast of Gloucester. Thousands of photos are taken in the glamorous locale each summer, with most tourists enjoying their beautiful beachside vacations.

Come to take pictures, because this beach is very beautiful. It is a small beach located in a small cove, which is a pristine beach and is protected from big waves, so it is considered one of the family beaches, especially for children.

There is a beautiful platform that floats or quietly submerges in the water and it is very close to the beach. Lifeguards are staffed on schedule during the summer, and restrooms are available.

Shopping and dining may require walking to downtown Rockport, which is very easy. Parking can be challenging in the summer season so try to get there as early as possible.

10. Pebble Beach, Rockport

Best Beaches in Gloucester

Photo by Lisa Soots on Unsplash

Pebble Beach is known as the Rockport Gem and is also known for playing golf. As the name suggests, Pebble Beach is full of rocks. It’s more It can be a little difficult to find a secluded spot because of the crowds here, and parking can be a challenge.

The beautiful and spectacular scenery won’t stop you from admiring it as soon as you step on Pebble Beach, and whatever money you spend to get here will not be wasted.

This laid-back beach can be reached in about a 14-minute drive from the city of Gloucester. Don’t forget to pack your booties if you’re planning to hit the surf as you can expect to walk to shore with boots on.

The stones and pebbles here are nicely rounded and smooth, they are tossed up by the tides and worn down to become round and smooth which means you can sit and lie down comfortably here.


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