Beaches In Tennessee

10 Best Beaches In Tennessee [for 2023]

Tennessee is known for many other things, including country music, barbecue, mountain views, and Southern hospitality, and it has tons of options. If beaches are on your wish list for tourists from the state then there are plenty of options available to you.

There is plenty of beaches connected to the area for day use. Nashville is close to Percy Priest, Old Hickory, and Cheetham Lakes. The gateway to the Appalachians, Knoxville’s beautiful and spectacular Cherokee Lake has access to nearby beaches.

Other beaches on our list have plenty to offer, including the Obie River on the Kentucky border to the north, Dry Creek Beach to the south, and Chickasaw Lake to the west.

Placid Beach Beaches are located throughout the state. All the beaches here make a difference in themselves, which is why many swimming beaches have been built in Tennessee.

A natural lake that’s insanely beautiful, and Lake Tennessee is a spectacular man-made body of water especially designed to have beaches to go with them.

Not a single beach on our list will be rocky or a dirt beach, our list is More than one sandy and clean beach in the city where you can enjoy the summer sun and dig in the sand with your toes and make beach castles with the kids with a splash of water.

1. Rock Island State Park Beach

Beaches In Tennessee

Photo by Ryan Carpenter on Unsplash

Rock Island State Park This beach is one of Tennessee’s most beautiful state parks located at the mouth of Center Hill Lake. Visitors here will be delighted to find a natural sandy beach not far from the main campground and deluxe rental cabins.

Rock Island State Park amenities include ample parking and a bathhouse. Here’s where to put up your umbrella or lie on the sand to escape the sun during the summer.

And it’s a great beach to read a book and watch a great blue heron descend the limestone cliffs of the Caney Fork Gorge across the water. Can enjoy.

More active types frequent here for a great game of volleyball by the lake. There’s a playground for little ones that kids can enjoy playing in. Badger Flat Picnic Area is Located nearby, where you can prepare some delicious food for your family by being a great cook.

And in the evening one can enjoy the best view of the sunset while sitting on one of the benches and relaxing.

2. Cherokee Lake Beach

Beaches In Tennessee

Photo by Elizeu Dias on Unsplash

Cherokee Lake ranks as the largest lake in Tennessee with 463 miles of shoreline and 30,300 acres. Cherokee Lake Beach is prominently located next to a modern campground with a large boat ramp and 48-site.

For a day by the lake, don’t forget to pack some essentials like blankets, sun umbrellas, and swimwear. It is entirely enclosed within a swimming area restricted area, so far as it does not have any motorized yachts.

The beach has tall and dense trees that provide shade to the tourists on the beach, where you can take shelter and relax from the hot sun. This lakeside grassy area with picnic tables, benches, and a playground is located at the Cherokee Dam Visitor Center.

Stroll along Cherokee Lake’s scenic trails to enjoy panoramic views, and you can take a walk along the Cherokee Dam Walkway for more exercise. One can take a long round on the dam.

3. Douglas Headwater Public Swimming Beach

Beaches In Tennessee

Photo by william f. santos on Unsplash

Douglas Headwater Public Swimming Beach, very popular with local tourists, is a cool place to cool off on a hot and dusty day with many stunning views of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and its surroundings.

This is a popular swimming spot on Douglas Lake, connected by a small beach and boat ramp. Whether you’re a day tripper or a camper, you can enjoy spectacular views of the beach, or the natural beauty of the 28,000-acre lake at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains Can get a visual experience.

Douglas Headwaters Public Swimming Beach is one of the most favorite beaches to relax and play. Here you can enjoy paddleboarding in the calm waters.

This beach provides the necessary facilities for tourists, there are places for camping tents with picnic tables. After swimming, return to the campsite for lunch.

There is a boat ramp close to the beach where you can re-set your boat, pontoon boats are also available for rent from Mountain Cove Marina to spend a few hours in the open water taking in the panoramic view of the surroundings.

4. Seven Points Campground Beach

Best Beaches In Tennessee

Photo by Rodrigo Lourenco on Unsplash

Seven Points Campground Beach is located on the banks of Percy Priest Lake about 16 miles from downtown Nashville. and feels like a beautiful world away from the bright lights of the city.

If you don’t have a camper at Seven Points, you can pay a day-use fee to enjoy the park’s panoramic views and many facilities along with the beach and other tourists.

The Beach at Seven Points is nothing less than a protected gem on the shores of Percy Priest Lake. After relaxing on the sands of the beach, explore the natural heritage of nearby sandstone that often erodes into the water.

One can observe several species of seabirds including ducks and herons. The beach grounds are green with grass, and you can also spot the resident deer while strolling here.

For fishing here, friends and family can come to the points by taking a boat ride from the boat ramp. By coming here, you can make a memorable trip in the open water a success.

5. Anderson Beach on Percy Priest Lake

Best Beaches In Tennessee

Photo by Laszlo Kiss on Unsplash

Anderson Beach on Percy Priest Lake is located about 16 miles closer to Nashville, and this beach is very popular with the city’s tourists during the summer season.

This beach at the Anderson Road Recreation Area is the prettiest shore on the nearly 14,000-acre spectacular lake, conveniently located on the west side for out-of-town visitors.

Anderson Beach offers a fun and safe swimming pool for kids. Provides lots of sandy beaches for tourists. It also includes picnic tables, cooking grills, and plenty of natural shade for the convenience of tourists.

Adjacent is the Anderson Road Campground, which offers modern amenities for a lakeside camping experience to spend a day at the beach. This is the place where you can enjoy a boat ride to have fun with your entire family.

6. Cedar Creek Beach

Beaches In Tennessee

Photo by Briana Tozour on Unsplash

Cedar Creek is a great sandy swimming beach considered one of the recreational areas on Old Hickory Lake. Which is a great place to escape the hot summer afternoon sun.

Day trippers from Nashville This cottage is located about 24 miles northeast of the country’s scenic overlook. This beach is famous as a family beach, And lovers delight in the beauty and white sands of Cedar Creek Beach.

Swimming at Old Hickory Lake is encouraged, as it is a beautiful and safe spot away from boating traffic. Next to the beach is a children’s playground. There is a wonderful grassy field to play on, save your energy for a game of volleyball and don’t forget to bring a ball with you.

A single court awaits you here, and boaters launch their boats onto the concrete launch to enter the water. You can satisfy your thirst for adventure.

A small dock makes it easy to back to the beach, and there are covered picnic shelters and modern restrooms inside for a hearty use fee. Especially in the summer.

The 60-site campground adjacent to the beach allows you to spend a night or more in this idyllic setting for R&R. that can kill time.

7. Cheatham Lake Beach

Beaches In Tennessee

Photo by Aruka Death on Unsplash

Cheatham Lake Beach, Cheatham Dam Right Bank Recreation Area A lush green meadow park along the mighty Cumberland River. A 30-minute drive to Nashville and many recreational activities make this beach the best choice for relaxing.

The designated swimming area extends from the sandy and beautiful Cheetham Lake Beach, ideal for recreational activities with a family atmosphere.

There is ample space for children and adults to relax, a clean children’s play area, and a clean beach. Enjoy lunch here at picnic tables while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding lake.

The Cheetham Wildlife Management Area is located just north of Harpeth River State Park, which is a must-visit for tourists. Right Bank, popularly known as Cheetham Dam.

8. Dry Creek Beach

Beaches In Tennessee

Photo by Joe Hepburn on Unsplash

Dry Creek Beach, located 90 miles southeast of Nashville in Winchester, is considered one of the most popular and spectacular lakes in Tennessee.

This beach is very family-friendly, bring picnic blankets and umbrellas. Can expect to spread. Dry Creek Beach is sandy, here you can enjoy building sand castles the right way with your kids. If you are with your friends, it is one of the best places to enjoy a volleyball game.

The white and soft sands here are all set for some court action. One can expect tables and restrooms to spread your fixings to have lunch with your family and loved ones.

Beaches to escape the sun during summers here There is a covered picnic area. A large children’s playground has been completely enclosed here keeping in view the extra security.

9. Chickasaw State Park Beach

Beaches In Tennessee

Photo by Reinis Birznieks on Unsplash

Chickasaw State Park Beach is located on the shores of a body of water called Lake Placid and spans the western half of Tennessee. That’s why it can be reached by about a 90-mile drive east of Memphis.

No need to think twice. There is a 700-feet long bridge from the beach to the lake, on which tourists can walk on foot and enjoy a panoramic view of the place.

One can try to explore the shores of the lake next to the beach by renting a canoe or paddle boat. Cottages are available for rent close to the beach, here you will be steps away from enjoying the spectacular views of the beach with your family.

This beach is a very popular spot for calm water and bird watching.

10. Obey River Campground Beach

Beaches In Tennessee

Photo by Michael Olsen on Unsplash

Obey River Campground Beach is located on Dale Hollow Lake with the largest lined swimming beach and the largest campground in the area. You might want to spend some time with your family on the Obey River.

The restroom is located near the swimming area, the swimming area is buoyed to keep swimmers and sailors away from each other. The campground is located next to the Sunset Marina and Resort, has 130 sites available, and is managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

You can rent a boat to see the magnificent and beautiful views here. There is also a playground for children to play and tennis courts. Del Hollow Lake is a recreational activities area located on the Kentucky and Tennessee border.


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