Best Beaches in Toronto

10 Best Beaches in Toronto [for 2023]

Toronto’s spectaculaToronto’s spectacular beaches are home to some of the best beaches in Ontario. Beaches here offer exciting activities for all ages.

During the summer, the beaches here offer plenty of options for families, teenagers, and retirees to enjoy the open spaces. Here you can play in the water, stroll along the beach’s trails, or sit back and read a novel in a lounger.

Can have a comfortable experience. Most of the beaches here are manned by lifeguards on duty around the clock. Many of the beaches here offer plenty of recreational activities such as kite flying and windsurfing on windy days.

In all these cases, most public transport options will be enough for you. are good, if you are coming by your car then note that parking is very difficult at some places so try to reach early in the morning during summer.

You will find a playground, changeroom, and washroom at almost all places here More concessions are available. Most of the beaches here have green spaces behind them that may have picnic tables and in some cases free barbecues.

Four of the 10 beaches on our list are located on the Toronto Islands: Ward’s, Center Island, Hanlan’s Point, and Gibraltar.

These beaches are easy to reach, you can take a ferry ride or a 10 to 15-minute walk to enjoy the best of these spectacular beach activities Huh.

Here is a list of some of the best beaches in Toronto that you must visit. The beaches here offer exciting activities for all.

1. Woodbine Beach

Best Beaches in Toronto

Photo by Ashwini Chaudhary(Monty) on Unsplash

Woodbine Beach is one of Toronto’s most popular, and easily accessible, urban beaches. This beach is a great option for young people to hang out, providing an approximately 15.2-acre hot spot.

This beach is a long and winding arc with soft and soft sand that is one of the most beautiful and nice in the city and is backed by a boardwalk and treed area.

The beach faces east, and a large headland on the south side of the beach serves to protect it from strong winds. That’s why there are very small waves and the water stays nicely warm, a real bonus in Chilly Lake Ontario.

There’s also an expansive volleyball court right behind the beach where young people can try to get in shape. Use to do it.

Here you can bring your own packed picnic lunch or enjoy a delicious lunch at a nearby restaurant. Here you can also enjoy a bite to eat at a fast food concession or ice cream from an ice cream truck.

Woodbine has extensive parking, and parking fills up quickly on weekends during the summer.

2. Kew-Balmy Beach

Best Beaches in Toronto

Photo by MontyLov on Unsplash

Kew-Balmy Beach is located in a popular area of Toronto, also known as The Beaches.

This stretch of sand runs for over 1 kilometer, starting at the historic Leutey Lifesaving Station built in the 1920s, and ending at the beautiful Art Deco-inspired RC Harris Water Treatment Plant.

This beach is full of a calm and local feel. Here you will hear loud music and less noise, so you can enjoy reading novels, and books, lying here in the sun.

The western side of the beach has a lively atmosphere and nature You can enjoy the experience of the scene. Kew-Balmy Beach is coarse with a mixture of sand and small pebbles.

General activities near the east side of the beach are quite popular here, and the area is a favorite for kitesurfing. You need to go early in the morning to get to Kew-Balmy Beach as the parking area fills up quickly.

There are tree-lined roads along the beach which you can enjoy walking on. To eat here, you need to head to the Courtyard on Queen Street East, where you can enjoy delicious food to satiate your hunger.

3. Bluffer’s Beach

Best Beaches in Toronto

Photo by Baron Alloway on Unsplash

Bluffer’s Beach is considered by many to be the prettiest and most beautiful beach in Toronto, especially by those who live in Scarborough.

This beach is beautifully strewn with beautiful flowering trees on the baseline, and Lake Ontario glistens in the sun outside, attracting visitors. Just behind this beach lies a beautiful city of three million people.

This large and luxurious beach has some of the softest and softest sands of all Toronto beaches and enough areas to lay out in the sun to feel like you’re in the Caribbean.

There are lifeguards on duty round the clock, keeping an eye on swimmers and splashers. Bluffer’s I have picnic tables and BBQ right on the beach and in a beautiful location filled with lush trees.

Beach parking is limited and the space closest to the beach fills up quickly. There is however another large parking lot Which is located at a distance of 1 kilometer, which can be reached by walking distance of about 15 minutes through a wide paved footpath.

4. Centre Island Beach

Best Beaches in Toronto

Photo by Cédric Blondeau on Unsplash

Toronto Islands beaches are a popular spot, it’s enough to take you a full-day tour. It’s the busiest beach, take a ferry ride from Center Island, and you’ll first end up on the Center Islands. Beautiful sand beach.

The viewpoint is located at the end of a 1-kilometer walking path that takes you through a natural wooded area, over some bridges, and past a beautiful set of gardens.

The water here is absolutely calm and warm, being just offshore due to the large rock breakwater it may not have the best seas on the island, yet it is certainly the most popular and most well equipped The view from the beach on the island is quite beautiful, with uninterrupted vistas spread before you in an arc of 180 degrees, giving a panoramic view.

It is the liveliest and most spectacular of the four beaches on the Toronto Islands. You will find people of all ages here during the summer weekends.

The beach has innumerable facilities including change rooms, bathrooms, bike rentals, lockers, and a range of cold drinks, pizza, and snacks to enjoy.

5. Ward’s Island Beach

Best Beaches in Toronto

Photo by Alexa Soh on Unsplash

Ward’s Island Beach is located on the most beautiful east end of Toronto Port Lands Island. It is a pleasant experience at the location with a panoramic view of Cherry Beach.

This beach is located close to many great food courts, so you will not have to worry about eating here, you can get delicious food to satiate your hunger just a few steps away.

There are small green trees just behind this beach which do not serve to provide shade to you, so you must bring an umbrella with you. You can definitely start your day by enjoying a walk along the long boardwalk on the right side of this beach.

Ward’s Island is located a 10-minute walk from the ferry terminal to the beach Make sure you take the Ward’s Island ferry and not the Center Island ferry It’s up to you which option you choose as you will get the experience of a long walk.

6. Hanlan’s Point Beach

Best Beaches in Toronto

Photo by Ferdinand Stöhr on Unsplash

Hanlan’s Point Beach is located on the west side of the island, this beach has some of the best sand in the Deep. Just behind the beach are several dunes that are covered with vegetation.

Hanlan’s Point Beach, near its southern end, is a one-kilometer stretch of the beach, the only clothing-optional beach in Toronto where clothing is mandatory, as are most beaches here.

The beach is popular for watching many small planes take off and land because of its proximity to Toronto’s island airport, and for kitesurfing at the north and west ends of the beach.

Hanlan’s Point Beach Tourists keep coming to see the panoramic view of the sunset on the southwest side.

After visiting Toronto be sure to spend some time at Hanlan’s Point as it has a lot to see, it won’t take long to reach the best part of the beach from the ferry terminal which is a 15-minute walk.

7. Gibraltar Beach

Best Beaches in Toronto

Photo by Feranmi Ogundeko on Unsplash

Gibraltar Beach, Toronto Islands, This place is considered one of the unseen beaches. Which is located on the east side of Gibraltar Beach. The sands of Gibraltar Beach have a wonderfully laid-back vibe and are rarely busy.

The beach is long and wide enough that a metal breakwater serves to mark the southern end. At the back of the beach, there are several large cotton trees that provide shade, there is an area where It is difficult to pass by, as this is a great option for reading books while sitting in a chair.

If you get tired of the sun and sand, you can enjoy a short stroll down the short road to Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. It has existed since 1808 and is believed to be haunted.

Gibraltar Point Beach is about a minute’s walk from the Center Island Ferry Terminal – the most scenic and best option is to take the Center Island Ferry. Alternatively, the Hanlan Point Ferry is a great option if you’re up for a longer walk.

8. Cherry Beach

Best Beaches in Toronto

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Cherry Beach is probably one of Toronto’s most overlooked and hidden ocean beaches, located in the Port Land area of Toronto.

This beach is protected from all three winds, by roundabouts, east, and west of the lifeguard station It is divided into two sectors and parking is easy here on the east side.

A short walk from the sand to the beach is a wonderful and beautiful grassy area at the back with large trees and picnic tables, and BBQs.

Due to the thick sand on the beach, bathers do not realize how fast the water is coming. Kiteboarding and windsurfing offer recreational activities on windy days, and sailors are busy doing their jobs far offshore.

9. Rouge Beach

Best Beaches in Toronto

Photo by Jeffrey Eisen on Unsplash

Rouge Beach is located at the southern tip of Canada’s newest national park, Rouge National Urban Park. The Rouge River drains into Lake Ontario on the left side of the beach, hence the warm waters at Chilli Lake Ontario.

This beach is rarely crowded so you can spend your time wherever you want. The beach is spread over an area of about 500 meters and a footpath runs through the trees behind the beach which looks very beautiful.

This beach has a great parking area and nearby marshes which are great options for wildlife watching, one of the ideal places for paddling or kayaking. The views over Lake Ontario to the south and west of Rouge Beach are panoramic and spectacular.

10. Sunnyside Beach

Best Beaches in Toronto

Photo by Justin Ziadeh on Unsplash

Sunnyside Beach is of course a chain of four beaches, three are named Sunnyside, and one is named after Sir Kasmir Guzowski.

No matter which beach you choose for yourself, you will find a narrow stretch of sand backed by an open, lush landscape with a boardwalk, trees, and picnic tables.

This beach is an offshore breakwater. The water remains in a calm state all the time, being protected by it. The breakwater also percolates into the lake water, allowing it to be heated in a shallow enclosure.

A cafe in the historic Sunnyside area with one of the city’s most luxurious and nice beachfront patios. Grab a table here. Enjoy some delicious food while watching the non-stop progress of people parading up and down the Sunnyside Boardwalk.

Parking here is easy as there are lots of working lots. If you want to stay here, take Colborne Lodge Drive north under the Gardiner Expressway and enjoy hiking to High Park, one of Toronto’s best parks.


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